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Tis the season to NOT be lonely, falalalala.....

Spencer Underwood would rather celebrate National Sock Day than Christmas or any other holiday that centers around friends, family, or good tidings. The sudden death of his parents took any joy he’d once felt for the season.

Now, it’s just him, his memories, and his Holiday Grinches Facebook group.

Spencer has always done a poor job of hiding his loneliness this time of year. And the sweet—albeit unrealistic—encounter with a pushy jewelry salesman in the mall reminds him exactly why he hates this time of year.

Coleman Burbank the Sixth is the artistic genius behind the billion-dollar jewelry empire his family built and owned. But all the money in the world can’t buy him what he wants for Christmas. The holidays are always roughest for Cole, and he’s looking forward to it all being over. Especially since the sexy customer with the sad eyes he asked out earlier turned him down cold.

Cole’s best friend takes him to a gentlemen’s lounge to boost his mood, and he is more than stunned when Spencer approaches their table to wait on them.

Cole didn’t think it was possible to find a man who could understand his loss or his disdain for the season, but the more he learns of the heartbroken man serving him, the more he wants to take it all away… for both of them.

Because no one should be alone for the holidays.

PLEASE This title is a completely revised, re-edited, short story , PREVIOUSLY released in a 2020 Anthology. It has never been published wide UNTIL NOW.

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“We’re gonna be late for our shift Spencer, if we don’t get going. The mall is closing soon, and here comes that goddamn security guard again,” Brent fussed.

Spencer ignored his best friend, continuing to lead them in the opposite direction of the exit. He craned his head toward Burbank Jewelers to see if they were still open.


“I just wanna see if the bracelet is still there.”

Brent rolled his green eyes. “Of course it’s still there. No one has that kind of money for a freakin’ bracelet.”

Spencer passed an extravagant Christmas setup in the center of the mall, complete with a gaudy fifteen-foot tree and a goddamn Polar Express train. There were miles of red velvet ropes where parents had stood in line for hours with their snot-nosed kids for a thirty-second photo op with a fake Santa.

He almost wanted to kick the massive ornaments decorating the floor, but he refrained.

It wasn’t quite six yet, and since they’d finally shut off that annoying version of ‘Sleigh Ride’ blasting from the PA system, he could hear himself think.

Spencer tried to get into a better mood while his friend dragged him around the mall to shop for the perfect gift for his partner. He didn’t want to piss on anyone else’s happiness, but the term “misery loves company” was resonating deep within him.

He hated this time of year. All he wanted to do was stay home and fuck around on his Holiday Grinches group he’d started on Facebook three years ago. He had no parents, no siblings, no family, no boyfriend—at least not for some time—and no prospects. But he did have almost ten thousand members, so that was something.

“Spencer, come on, man. You know how grumpy Mr. Belvedere gets when we’re not on time.”

Spencer rolled his eyes. Mr. Belvedere was the nickname they’d given their pompous boss, who believed being prepared and prompt was a trait of a disciplined man.

“We’ll be on time,” Spencer murmured.

The gate to the jewelry store was still up, which meant he had at least a couple of minutes to stare at his baby. His eyes adjusted to the warm, ambient lighting of the jewelry store while he stood in front of the main display case.

“Great. Why don’t you just go to the bank on Monday and take out a loan the size of Egypt and buy the darn thing? Then you can stop gawking at it every time we come in here.”

Brent stood beside him, tapping his foot, with his Macy’s bag slung over his shoulder.

Spencer ran his finger over the pristine glass. If only they had a layaway plan or something.

“We’re just about to close, sir,” a tall man said, coming around the corner.

He was older but handsome, with a stern jaw and a corporate haircut, with graying temples.

“Are you picking up an order or needing assistance with a new purchase?”

“No, he was just leaving.”

Before Spencer could respond, Brent gripped his elbow and tugged him backward.

Spencer dug his heels in and glared at his friend over his shoulder.

“Um, no, but I would like to see the marble stone bracelet with the literary owl.”

The salesman smiled and brushed his manicured fingers over the stark midnight beads with pearl velvet stones. The man removed it from the display and laid the bracelet on a piece of white leather padding on top of the counter.