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Wes and Gwen want each other more than life itself. As soon as they are able, he whisks her away for an unforgettable weekend in the mountains. Will they ever go back? This is a safe, over-the-top instalove with all the feels.Previously seen in the Still Here Charity Anthology

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Gwen Halstead

I feel like I'm on fire right now. I met the man of my dreams last night, and it figures I'm too young to do anything about it right now. Right when I need to. Now we're arguing in a coat closet, and all I want him to do is kiss me, but he can't. He's a detective with the Boston Police Department. He'd never do anything to jeopardize that, no matter how much I might want him to. And God, do I want him to. Need him to.

"I thought I told you last night you were mine, Gwen. Mine. I'll wait forever to have you, but don't tempt me into action by flirting with waiters. That motherfucker is out there thinking he has a chance with you. Little girls get into trouble when they play with fire."

"You're one to talk about flirting, you asshole. I saw you talking to that woman. And I'm not a little girl, Wesley," I reply, seething. Okay, so I am a super-jealous girl. I didn’t know that, but the woman was my exact opposite, and I didn’t like it. I staked my claim, and he’s mine, even if I can’t prove it yet.

"You are for another ninety-one days, six hours and twenty minutes," he answers after looking at his watch. "And you know my name isn't Wesley, tigress. You should also know that woman was my cousin Sylvia." His name is Westmeath, but Wesley really pisses him off. Why do I know this about him? Why do I feel like I know everything about him? Why do I love him so much after only knowing him for one day? I know all this because we talked all night after last night's rehearsal dinner. We sat on my parent’s front porch and talked about everything under the sun, well, under the moon. Our hopes, dreams, plans for the future, all of it. When he looks at me, he doesn't see the chubby girl nobody wants to be friends with, he sees me, and he likes what he sees. His tuxedo pants don't leave a lot to the imagination; he really likes what he sees. I know that weighs heavily on him because he can’t actually do anything about it.

"Cousin? Wait! You're actually counting down?" I ask once his words sink in.

"If you don't think I'm coming for you the second I can, you've got another thing coming, tigress."

"What am I supposed to do until then?" I ask.

"Wait for me," he says.

"Wait for you? Wait for you?" I yell, throwing my hands up in the air. I didn't know I could be this passionate about something, but he brings out a side of me I didn't know was there. "How the fuck do you expect me to do that knowing you're out there sticking your dick in whoever you want?" I have to get out of here. I feel like the room is closing on me. Just the thought of him with another woman is enough to make me lose my dinner. I don’t understand my feeling for this man yet; I just know they are there, and that they are intense.

"Listen to me, Gwenna. This might be the wrong thing to say to you right now, but you need to hear it. Hear me. My dick hasn't been inside of anyone. Ever. When I was a teenager I made the conscious decision to wait for my wife as I hope she would have done. In case you didn't get the fucking memo last night, that's you. And watch your mouth, no wife of mine is going to talk like a drunken sailor."

"Then maybe you should look for another wife," I shout louder than I ever have before. It doesn't make any sense that this thirty-year-old, gorgeous, gorgeous man isn't out there fucking everything that moves.

"You didn't save yourself?" he asks, taken aback. "Never mind. Don't answer that. I have no business asking you a question like that. Not now." He runs his hands through his hair, pulling at the ends in clear frustration.

"Oh my God. Of course, I did. I thought you meant the cursing… No one tells me what to say or do, but I definitely saved myself for my husband," I say, a little bit of my anger leaving me. He looks me up and down. His mouth opens, then snaps shut. He looks like a fish out of water.

"You've got to be kidding me. Please don't test my fucking patience right now. I'm not above chaining you up in my basement until I can claim you."