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Tie Me Up Daddy

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Cassandra Dee

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He's a domineering, commanding alpha who tells me to bend over, open wide, and reach high. I joined the ballet in NYC.
Living my dream in the big city, the bright lights dazzled. But then I met Thorn Channing – the CEO of my ballet company.
When he invites me to his private studio, I don’t know what to say.
He’s the boss. He wants to own my body. I can’t say no. But what if I don’t want to say no?
What if all I want to say is, “Yes sir.”
Yes, take me. Yes, tie me up. Yes, make me yours.
What happens then?
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“Unnh,” the woman moaned under me. “Unnnh, oh yeah Thorn.”

I pushed harder, burying my dick up that snatch, but it wasn’t great to be honest. The blonde beneath me was skinny as fuck and as my dick edged its way up, her sharp hip bones ground against mine. Shit, it was like rocks on sandpaper, stinging and rough, but I powered through, shoving again.

The blonde whimpered away, her face a mask of ecstasy.

“Yeah Thorn, yeah yeah yeah! Give it to me!”

I grunted, pushing forwards like a piledriver. Give me some good dirty talk, I appreciate it as much as the next guy. But this chick’s words were weird, she cheered like a booster at a football game.

“More!” the blonde shrieked, elbows flailing wildly now, one almost catching me in the face. “More, more, more, block it, block it, yeah!”

Block it? What the fuck was that? And why was her elbow so sharp, it was like this girl had razors instead of bones? But it didn’t matter because Minky or Pinky, whatever her name was, came then. Oh yeah, that dry little cunt seized on my dick, pulsing with spasms as her face grew rigid. Her red lips formed a thin line, eyes squeezed shut as she screamed, “GOAL!!!!!!!”

What the fuck? What the fucking fuck? We were in my apartment for crying out loud, going at it like rabbits. This wasn’t some soccer game, this wasn’t some stupid football shit. What the hell was wrong with this chick? So I pulled out in a flash.

“Minky,” I ground out, getting up, my full six four looming over the bed. “I gotta run some errands.”

“Ummm?” she murmured, still panting hard. “Ummm?”

“Yeah, that’s right,” I rumbled. “Errands. Time for you to jet.”

The girl looked like a hammer had just hit her on the head. Errands? Now? What in the world? She was probably used to guys falling at her feet, worshipping those bony limbs, but that wasn’t happening here.

Because I’m a fucking heartless asshole, for sure. The girl had just creamed, although there was little cream to speak of. The blonde was dry down there, just a few drops rolling around, but still, what dude kicks a girl out of bed seconds after orgasm? What guy gives a woman the boot like she’s fucking radioactive waste? Me, that’s who. Thorn Channing, asshole in chief.

And I didn’t give a flying fuck.

“I’ll be outside,” I ground out, getting dressed in a flash. “Just get up, here’s your stuff, and I’ll meet you outside.”

The girl sat up hastily, blonde hair tousled, summoning a seductive look while trying to hide her confusion.

“But Thorn,” she purred. “Didn’t you like it? Didn’t you have fun?”

I was already halfway out the door, long form just a shadow on the carpet.

“Meet me outside,” came my disinterested reply. “Stat.”

And with that, I strode into the living room, shutting the bedroom door with a click. The fact is, I had no interest in this woman whatsoever. Like I said, I’m Thorn Channing, asshole extraordinaire, and I fuck women non-stop. I give them sloppy wet orgasms, making those bodies spasm and shake until their eyes roll back, teeth chattering.

And this chick had been no exception. She’d come like a fucking siren on max, wailing and screaming, cunt spasming like an epileptic having a seizure. Sure, I’d miscalculated because under that designer dress, the blonde been a little thinner than anticipated. But the fucking was done now, the girl had her big O, and it was time to show her the door.

So lowering myself onto the couch, I looked around. Yeah, my pad is sweet. Double height ceilings soared into the sky, a giant chandelier dripping with crystal. The interior was professionally done with suede gray couches, a marble countertop, and of course, priceless artwork everywhere. It was simple, elegant, and discreet, suitable for a billionaire.

And at the moment, I was gonna put those dollars to work. The blonde had just reappeared from the bedroom, hair still messed up, her clothes a little rumpled. But chalk it up to my money and looks, because she threw a simpering smile my way.

“Oh Thorn, that was amazing,” she cooed. “I haven’t had an orgasm in years, it’s been soooo long,” she gushed. “But with you, it came almost immediately! It’s your stick, your big magic stick.”

I grunted. Maybe, but I’d barely had it in her before pulling out for good.

“Naw, I’m sure you’re just stressed or something,” I rumbled, rising smoothly to my feet. “Where’s your coat?”

But Minky or Pinky couldn’t be deterred. She winked flirtatiously at me, cocking one hip to the side.

“Oh didn’t you want to grab a nightcap or something?” the woman purred. “I could definitely use a drink, you make me thirsty big boy.”

I raised an eyebrow at her.

“Sorry, but my liquor cabinet’s empty,” I rumbled. “Housekeeper hasn’t had a chance to get to the store.” Of course, I was lying through my teeth. Not only did I have a fully stocked liquor cabinet, but there was a basement in the cellar as well, filled with thousand dollar wines.