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Pregnant & Lush: Sam (Pregnant & Lush Book 1)

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Jordan Silver

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When Sam met Vanessa he wouldn't have given the frumpily dressed baker a second glance until she took off her glasses and he saw her eyes. From that moment on he was spellbound. So enraptured was he, that two weeks after their first date he gets her pregnant. Now the insecure woman who was now his bride has even, more hang-ups because of her burgeoning tummy. Little does she know that her new husband finds her new shape and the fact that she was carrying his child, irresistible.
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I put a pillow beneath her ass to keep it in the air while I laid between her spread thighs. I held her pussy open for my tongue, but spent some time admiring the beauty of her plump pink folds. I teased the entrance to her asshole with the fat head of the silicone cock I’d had made as a replica of my fully erect ten inch cock, veins and all.

They’d used a new technology that made the fake cock look and feel more real, so she got maximum pleasure with her freaky ass when I ass fucked her with it while pile driving her deep wet cunt with the real thing.

I lowered my head and sunk my tongue into her wet open gash, taking her essence into my mouth. At the first sign of her pussy juice coating my tongue, I slipped the head of the fake dick past her tight sphincter until she was taking five inches easy. Since it was made exactly to scale, I knew this was about as much as she would be able to take until I widened her asshole a bit, so I got down to eating her pussy like a starving hound.

“Yes, Sam, yes, more, give me more.” She could hardly reach me around her pregnant tummy, as she tried grabbing at my head so her fingers barely grazed my scalp. I gnawed gently on her clit while driving the dildo deeper into her bowels and her pussy overflowed. “Fuck me now Sam don’t make me wait.” I lapped at her pussy teasingly and eased the cock from her ass as punishment for trying to rush me.

“Hold your legs open for me beautiful.” Her hands rushed to do my bidding and her pussy winked at me as she spread her legs as wide as they would go while up in the air. I left the pillow under her ass for better access, and nosed my cock up to her pussy slit.

I watched as the broad head speared her and timed the cock in her ass to my deep stroke. I slid into her pussy going full tilt until my balls slapped against her ass. I pulled the cock from her ass and fed her pussy my whole dick, setting up a rhythm of back and forth until we were both ready to howl at the moon.

“Your pussy’s wet as fuck.” Not that she wasn’t usually dripping whenever I got near her, but pregnancy seems to have busted a pipe or some shit inside her waterworks. I felt her juices tickle my balls and run down onto the dildo I had working in and out of her ass, making it slicker and easier to drive into her.

The sight of her protruding tummy made my cock iron hard and it wasn’t long before I was pounding her pussy the way I had the night I bred her. When you were this attracted to your woman there was only one way to fuck her. Hard, deep and fast. It was rare indeed for me to make slow passionate love to her. I always have the best of intentions when we climb into bed together, but as soon as the pussy comes into view I lose all rationality and those good intentions fly out the window.

That’s how she got her ass bred two weeks after we met, and even now, with her belly swollen with my child, I can’t seem to hold onto my resolve to be gentle long enough to make it a reality. There’s no more beautiful sight than watching my meat split her pussy open. No better feeling than the way that warm succulent flesh grabs onto my cock like it belongs there and she’ll never let go.

Bending over her pregnant belly, I sucked her nipple into my mouth and felt my cock spit pre-cum in her. Her breasts were already milky, which only added to the madness. “Fuck, so good, so fuck….” I lost all thought as she worked my cock with her pussy muscles in her effort to drain my balls. She’s a cum junkie, no doubt about it, and had I not seen her virgin blood on my cock and my sheets that first night, I never would’ve believed her innocent. She loves fucking too much.

Everything about her drives me crazy. Her beauty, her manner, her innocence that I had taken when so many others had tried and failed, and most importantly, the way she takes my cock, the way she loves me fucking her, only me. It all made for a very heady cocktail that keeps my lust and my love burning bright.

“You’re cumming on my cock aren’t you little girl?” I held the fake cock still in her ass and fucked her slow and deep while she squealed and her legs shook. “Put them around my neck.” I lowered my head to make it easier for her to get her short legs around my neck. I moved from one tit to the next, draining her milk as her pussy worked overtime to get her quota of cock juice for this round.