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Revived (The Dungeon Black Duology #2)

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Kora Knight

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Love unearthed his heart from the cold, hard ground. Now comes the fight to revive it.

Love. Just when Max Kelley thought he’d eradicated it from his life for good it snuck back in, in the form of his beautiful new sub, Sean. Something that Max is far from happy about. In fact, he fights it tooth and nail. Having his world decimated was hell on earth, an experience he’d go to any lengths to avoid repeating. Problem is, while his head is determined to protect his heart, his heart can’t stop thinking about Sean. Sean, his perfect sub, his perfect match, his perfect everything. Which makes him that much more of a threat. Were Max to claim him and then lose him, the devastation would be far greater than even Kevin’s death. So, in order to ensure his heart and soul stay intact, he must once again eradicate love from his life. Eradicate Sean from his world. But Sean is a scrapper, just like Max, and refuses to give up without a fight. In their final showdown of fiery passion and wills, whose heart will come out in one piece?

Warning: This erotic, gay, BDSM romance contains intensely explicit sexual scenes both inside and out of the dungeon. ** Note from the author: In keeping with the promise I made to my Upending Tad devotees, I've included a small side story with Tad and Scott in book 2 where we delve a bit further into the developments of their relationship, and all the wonderful ways they've been keeping each other's hearts pounding. So, be prepared for a few more character point of views! Tad and Scott aren't going anywhere. XXO
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The Dungeon Black Duology Series by Kora Knight

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“You sure about this?” Max frowned, tugging open his truck’s door. “I mean, the guy hasn’t contacted you in a fucking month. Sounds like a blow-off to me.”