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Enthralled With You (Sibling Rivalry)

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Her mother destroyed his parents' marriage and he had vowed to destroy her before they even met. She was the enemy's daughter after all. But their first meeting didn't go as planned. Instead of the manipulative little schemer he'd been expecting, he found an innocent little lamb instead. Or was that too an act? Part of her ploy to draw him in and make a fool out of him, the way her mother had done to his old man? Whatever her game he couldn't seem to resist her and it wasn't long before he was caught under her spell, trapped in the same lure that had brought down his dad, or was she what she seemed? An innocent caught in a web of lies and deceit?
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Sibling Rivalry Series by Jordan Silver

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It started the second I first laid eyes on her. It began with that punched in the gut feeling. That feeling like your whole world is being slightly tilted off course. Like dropping headfirst into the abyss or off of a very steep cliff.

For a few seconds there it even felt like I was going in and out of consciousness. My head grew light, my sight dimmed and I had to shake it off to escape the feeling. Only then did everything become clear again.

And now that I’d come out of the strange out of body state, my senses seemed sharper, more heightened and more on edge. I felt more awake, more alive than I have in a very long time. Almost like waking from a coma.

All around me everything seemed brighter, and outside the window that I found myself staring out of as I tried to make sense of my feelings, of what had just happened to me, the day had lost some of its gloom.

This hadn’t been part of the plan. From the moment I heard about her I’d been plotting her demise, hers and her mother, the home wrecking bitch. But now, as I look down from my place at the window on the top floor of the mansion, everything changed in the blink of an eye.

I recognized the signs, understood that my body wanted what my eyes were seeing. But it was so unexpected, how could it be happening now? With her? And what the fuck is all this extra shit?

I’m a man of huge appetites; some have said a selfish bastard. Since I’m not inclined to give a fuck what some say, I tend to go after life with both barrels blazing. It was the only way to survive for a man like me.

As such a man, I never deny myself anything. I don’t question my wants and likes the way most people do. In other words, if I see something I want, I obtain it no matter the cost because I can always afford it.

It’s been this way since I was about sixteen or seventeen, and until now, I have never wanted anything that I knew I shouldn’t or couldn’t have. The latter was a no-no, there wasn’t much that I couldn’t have.

But at this very moment, I’d venture to guess that what I was staring at out the window was definitely something I shouldn’t have. That didn’t stop my eyes from tracking my prey. Or my cock from beginning to rise with a sudden incessant need.

“They’re here.” The old man came bustling into the room. I can’t remember the last time I’d seen him move that fast. I kept my true feelings well hidden behind the mask that I’d been wearing for so long now. Ever since he’d ripped my mother’s heart out of her chest with his betrayal.

He’d had an answer for it of course, for his treatment of the woman who’d loved and adored him for most of his life. According to him, it just happened. He’d just fallen out of love with her and into bed with someone else.

In the beginning the anger and rage I’d felt on her behalf was all consuming. The shit had come from so far out of left field that it had blindsided us both, my mother and I, and I had not been equipped to handle it.

I couldn’t bear to see the woman who’d nurtured me all my life in such a state of despair at another’s hands. And so I’d reacted badly and set about my course of utter destruction of all those involved. If the bitch had had a pet dog I’d have added him to the list too.

Now I wonder as he stands there in the doorway with that stupid look on his face if he knew, truly knew how much I detested him in that moment. Not only because he’d hurt my mother, but because of the way in which he’d done it.

He’d used his high profile lawyers and financial advisors to cheat her out of her rightful share. The woman, who’d stood by him for the past thirty-five years, had given him a son and heir and had always put him before herself.

It wasn’t the money. I had made plenty of that on my own. Since I had some of him in me I was a natural at making the shit. And as long as I have, mom will never know need.

It was the principle, the fact that he’d humiliated the one woman I loved more than life itself, so that he could be with his two-penny bitch of a slag.

I bit back the rage that still, after all this time, was never too far beneath the surface, but which I had come to accept would not serve my purpose.