Claimed (The Courtside King #2) Read Online Kora Knight

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Breck wants him more than any championship title, but to win him, he’s got to slam dunk the greatest basket of his life.

With college behind him and the NBA in sight, draft shoo-in Breck Harland should be riding cloud nine with visions of grandeur and glory.
Should be. He’s striven for this his entire life.
But as of late, one all-consuming obstacle has planted itself firmly in the path of his dreams.
The obstacle: Kai Nakado. Martial arts Grandmaster and Breck’s dream-Dom obsession. The wonders he’s shown Breck behind the privacy of closed doors, the feelings he’s elicited inside Breck’s elusive heart, have introduced a whole other side to life that Breck never knew existed.
What starts out as raw, fiery attraction turns to a soul-deep connection—and King Breck of the Court couldn’t be less prepared. No longer does he merely want Kai. Now he needs him, on a level that shakes his foundation
But a future with Kai isn’t possible.
Because Kai refuses to hide with Breck in his closet of fear.
And going public would all but destroy Breck’s hard-won chances of getting signed. He’s worked too hard, has too much at stake. And now his warring emotions have him mentally spiraling.
As Kai teeters on the precipice of cutting his losses, torn by wanting to support Breck but unwilling to tolerate his manic, reckless behavior, Breck is forced to decide which means more: his high-profile basketball career, or a life with Kai - the one and only person on the planet who's managed to claim his heart.

Experience this breathtaking conclusion to the Courtside King Duology, packed with heartfelt struggles and smoldering passion, inside and out of the sheets.

Warning: contains gloriously graphic scenes of guy-on-guy lovin'.

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— ONE —

“Hae cho. Class dismissed.” Kai bowed to his students.

They smiled, returning the gesture, and ambled into the locker rooms to change back into their clothes.

Kai glanced at the time. 4:57 PM. Breck should be arriving any time.

As if in sync with his train of thought, said graduate came into view through the dojang’s front door. Still across the street, his hands were pocketed in his shorts, his long gait loose but not entirely relaxed. Was he excited? Nervous? It was hard to tell. Kai’s body thrummed at the notion of finding out. This session would be different, more intense by its very nature. Shibari expositions were far more elaborate than what he taught in class.

Stepping to the check-in counter, he returned his attention to the departing students, reciprocating their bows as they said goodbye and headed out. Kai peered through the door, expecting to see Breck closing in. Instead, he found no sign of him. He scanned the windows, but Breck was nowhere in sight.

Kai quirked a brow, wondering where he’d gone.

His assistants, Dindy and Jin, packed up to go a few minutes later. “See you tomorrow, Grandmaster Kai.” They gave a bow.

Kai responded in kind, then walked them to the door. “Thanks for your help.”

They cut a right and made their way toward student housing. Kai peered around. Still no Breck. Had he changed his mind and headed home?

Kai retrieved his phone from the reception counter. A notification lit up his screen. He thumbed open Messenger. A text from Breck. Kai frowned. Why would he message him instead of just coming inside?

Had he truly reconsidered and decided to cancel?

Disappointment threatened as Kai pulled up the text.

Hey, Kai. I’m here.

Meet you around back.

Kai exhaled, his worry quickly evaporating.

Jesus. He shouldn’t feel so relieved.

But more to the point, why was Breck waiting out back?

Locking up, he headed to the back of the training hall, exited into the vestibule, then pushed through the building’s rear-entry door. Breck sat on the curb beneath a tree, scrolling idly on his phone. Kai sighed at the sight of him. God, he looked good. A heather-gray t-shirt hugged his sculpted chest, while dark blue basketball shorts hung around his toned, athletic thighs. And that face. Those eyes. That mouth. In the late day sun, he looked as handsome as ever.

Breck met his gaze, then got to his feet and pocketed his cell. “Hey.”

Kai eyed him curiously, motioning over his shoulder. “It’s kinda hot out. You could’ve waited inside.”

“Yeah… I know.” Breck looked away. Gave a shrug.

Kai regarded him further. “So, then… why didn’t you?”

Breck shifted his weight, chewed his lip, inspected the grass. “I uh… didn’t want to slow down the flow of traffic heading out of your building. People like to… you know, stop and talk to me.” He donned a cocky smile. “I’m kind of a big deal around here.”

“Ah.” Kai grinned at him wryly, then swept an arm across his midsection and dramatically bowed. “Your highness. How forgetful of me.”

Not that he was sold by Breck’s explanation. Although, in fairness, it did make sense. Breck was an icon in this college town and definitely attracted attention. Kai gestured for him to enter. “The coast is officially clear.”