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VISIONS OF FLESH AND BLOOD: a Blood and Ash/Flesh and Fire Compendium is a comprehensive companion guide for background, history, reader-favorite information, art, and reference materials. Combined with original short stories and scenes from some of the world’s most beloved characters, as well as never-before-seen visual enticements, it’s a treat for the senses.

Told from the point of view of Miss Willa herself, the compendium acts like research material but reads like a journal and cache of personal notes, allowing the reader to revisit the characters and history they so love yet view things in a different way.

VISIONS OF FLESH AND BLOOD by Jennifer L. Armentrout with Rayvn Salvador is a must-add addition to the series that any Blood and Ash/Flesh and Fire fan will enjoy.

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Aios – AY-ohs

Alastir Davenwell – AL-ahs-tir DAV-en-well

Andreia – ahn-DRAY-ah

Antonis – an-TOH-nis

Arden – AHR-den

Attes – AT-tayz

Aurelia – aw-REL-ee-ah

Baines – baynz

Basilia – bah-SILL-ee-ah

Beckett – BEK-et

Bele – bel

Blaz – blayz

Brandole Mazeen – bran-dohl mah-ZEEN

Braylon Holland – BRAY-lon HAH-luhnd

Britta – brit-tah

Callum – KAL-um

Clariza – klar-itzah

Coralena – kohr-ah-LEE-nuh

Coulton – KOHL-ton

Casteel Da’Neer – ka-STEEL DA-neer

Crolee – KROH-lee

Dafina – da-FEE-nuh

Daniil – da-NEEL

Davina – dah-VEE-nuh

Delano Amicu – dee-LAY-noh AM-ik-kyoo

Diaval – dee-AH-vuhl

Dorcan – dohr-kan

Dorian Teerman – DOHR-ee-uhn TEER-man

Duchess and Duke Ravarel – duch-ess and dook RAV-ah-rell

Dyses – DIGH-seez

Ector – EHK-tohr

Effie – EH-fee

Ehthawn – EE-thawn

Elian Da’Neer – EL-ee-ahn DA-neer

Elias – el-IGH-us

Elijah Payne – ee-LIGH-jah payn

Eloana Da’Neer – EEL-oh-nah DA-neer

Embris – EM-bris

Emil Da’Lahr – EE-mil DA-lar

Erlina – Er-LEE-nah

Ernald – ER-nald

Evander – eh-VAN-der

Eythos – EE-thos

Ezmeria – ez-MAYR-ee-ah

Gemma – jeh-muh

General Aylard – gen-ER-ahl AY-lard

Gianna Davenwell – jee-AH-nuh DA-ven-well

Griffith Jansen – grif-ITH JAN-sen

Halayna – hah-LAY-nah

Hanan – HAY-nan

Hawke Flynn – hawk flin

Hisa Fa’Mar – hee-SAH FAH-mar

Holland – HAH-luhnd

Ian Balfour – EE-uhn BAL-fohr

Iason – IGH-son

Ione – IGH-on

Ivan – IGH-van

Isbeth – iz-BITH

Jacinda Teerman – juh-SIN-dah TEER-man

Jadis – JAY-dis

Jasper Contou – JAS-per KON-too

Jericho – JAYR-i-koh

Joshalynn – joshah-lyn

Kayleigh Balfour – KAY-lee BAL-fohr

Keella – KEE-lah

Kieran Contou – KEE-ren KON-too

King Jalara – king jah-LAH-ruh

King Saegar – king SAY-gar

Kirha Contou – KAH-ruh KON-too

Kolis – KOH-lis

Kyn – kin

Lady Cambria – lay-dee KAM-bree-uh

Lailah – LAY-lah

Lathan – LAY-THahN

Leopold – LEE-ah-pohld

Lev Barron – lehv BAYR-uhn

Lizeth Damron – lih-ZEHTH DAM-ron

Loimus – loy-moos

Lord Ambrose – lohrd AM-brohz

Lord Chaney – lohrd chay-NEE

Lord Gregori – lohrd GREHG-ohr-ree

Lord Haverton – lohrd HAY-ver-ton

Loren – LOH-ren

Luddie – LUHD-dee

Lyra – lee-RAH

Mac – mak

Madis – mad-is

Magda – mahg-dah

Mahiil – mah-HEEL

Maia – MIGH-ah

Malec O’Meer – mah-LEEK Oh-meer

Malessa Axton – MAH-les-sah ax-TON

Malik Da’Neer – MA-lick DA-neer

Marisol Faber – MAYR-i-sohl FAY-ber

Millicent – mil-uh-SUHNT

Mycella – MIGH-sell-AH

Naberius – nah-BAYR-ee-us

Naill – Nigh-il

Nektas – NEK-tahs

Nithe – NIGHth

Noah – noh-AH

Nova – NOH-vah

Nyktos – NIK-tohs

Odell Cyr – OH-dell seer

Odetta – oh-DET-ah

Orphine – OHR-feen

Peinea – payn-ee-ah

Penellaphe – pen-NELL-uh-fee

Penellaphe Balfour – pen-NELL-uh-fee BAL-fohr

Perry – PAYR-ree

Perus – payr-UHS

Phanos – FAN-ohs

Polemus – pohl-eh-mus

Preela – PREE-lah

Pulus – POO-loos

Priestess Analia – pree-stes an-NAH-lee-ah

Queen Calliphe – queen KAL-ih-fee

Queen Ileana – queen uh-lee-AH-nuh

Reaver – REE-ver

Rhahar – RUH-har

Rhain – rayn

Rolf – rohlf

Rune – roon

Rylan Keal – RIGH-lan keel

Sage – sayj

Saion – SIGH-on

Sera – SEE-rah

Seraphena Mierel – SEE-rah-fee-nah MEER-el

Shae Davenwell – shay DAV-en-well

Sotoria – soh-TOHR-ee-ah

Sven – svehn

Talia – TAH-lee-uh

Taric – tay-rik

Tavius – TAY-vee-us

Tawny Lyon – TAW-nee LIGH-uhn

Thad – thad

Theon – thEE-awn

Tulis [Family] – TOO-lees

Uros– OO-rohs

Valyn Da’Neer – VAH-lyn DA-neer

Veses – VES-eez

Vikter Wardwell – VIK-ter WARD-well

Vonetta Contou – vah-NET-tah KON-too

Wilhelmina Colyns – wil-hel-MEE-nuh KOHL-lynz


Aegea – ay-JEE-uh

Atheneum – ath-uh-NEE-uhm

Atlantia – at-LAN-tee-ah

Barren Plains – bayr-uhn playnz

Berkton – BERK-ton

Callasta Isles – cah-LAS-tuh ighlz

Carcers [The] – KAR-serz

Carsodonia – kar-soh-DOHN-uh

Cauldra Manor – kawl-drah [manor]

Chambers of Nyktos – chaym-berz of nik-TOHS

Cor Palace – kohr pal-is

Dalos – day-lohs

Elysium Peaks – ihl-LEES-ee-uhm peeks

Evaemon – EHV-eh-mahn

High Hills of Thronos – high hilz of THROH-nohs

House of Haides – hows of HAY-deez

Hygeia – high-JEE-uh

Iliseeum – AH-lee-see-um

Isles of Bele – IGHLZ of bel

Kithreia – kith-REE-ah

Lasania – lah-SAHN-ee-uh

Lotho – LOH-thoh

Masadonia – mah-sah-DOH-nuh

Massene – mah-SEE-nuh

Mountains of Nyktos – MOWNT-enz of nik-TOHS

New Haven – noo HAY-ven

Niel Valley – nighl val-ee

Oak Ambler – ohk AM-bler

Padonia – pah-DOH-nee-ah

Pensdurth – PENS-durth

Pillars of Asphodel – [pillars of] ASS-foh-del

Pinelands – PIGHN-lands

Pompay – pom-PAY

Seas of Saion – SEEZ of SIGH-on

Skotos Mountains – SKOH-tohs MOWNT-enz

Solis – soh-LIS

Spessa’s End – SPES-ahz end

Sirta – SIR-tah

Saion’s Cove – SIGH-onz kohv

Stygian Bay – sti-JEE-uhn bay

Tadous – TAHD-oos

Temple of Perses – TEM-puhl of PUR-seez

The Three Jackals – thuh three JAK-uhlz

Three Rivers – THREE ri-verz

Thyia Plains – THIGH-ah playnz

Triton Isles – TRIGH-ton ighlz

Undying Hills – UN-digh-ing hillz

Vathi – VAY-thee

Vita – VEE-tah

Vodina Isles – voh-DEE-nuh ighlz

Western Pass – WEHST-tern pass

Whitebridge – WIGHT-brij

Willow Plains – WIL-oh playnz


Arae – ayr-ree

benada – ben-NAH-dah

ceeren – SEE-rehn

chora – KOH-rah

Cimmerian – sim-MAYR-ee-in

dakkai – DAY-kigh

demis – dem-EEZ

eather – ee-thohr

graeca – gray-kah

Gyrm – germ

imprimen – IM-prim-ehn

kardia – KAR-dee-ah

kiyou wolf/wolves – kee-yoo [wolf/wolves]

lamaea – lahm-ee-ah

laruea – lah-ROO-ee-ah

meyaah Liessa – MEE-yah LEE-sah

nota – NOH-tah

notam – NOH-tam

sekya – sek-yah

so’lis – SOH-lis

sparanea – SPAYR-ah-nay-ah

tulpa – tool-PAH

wivern – WIGH-vern


Before I get into relaying what I know about the world and the important people of note in both this timeline and the one that came before, I feel it necessary to give some background on some of the terms used throughout my notes. I likely use others not defined here, but this should be helpful to those using this in the future.

Abyss: Where souls pay for every evil deed they committed while alive. Houses the Pit of Endless Flames that burns continuously, turning the sky iron-hued from the smoke.

Ancients: Pure energy that fell as stars, creating the realms. They eventually rose to walk amongst their creations, creating the Primals as a way to limit their power and maintain balance.

Arae: Another word for the Fates. They reside on Mount Lotho.

Arcadia: Another realm where the gods take their eternal rest. Denoted by pillars with bright light shining between them.

Atlantians: Citizens of Atlantia with varying bloodlines. Born mortal until the ages of nineteen to twenty-one, upon which time they enter their Culling and mature, allowing their strength and abilities to manifest fully. All Atlantians have two fangs and some shade of amber eyes; however, only Elemental Atlantians have pure gold irises. Must drink Atlantian blood to thrive. They won’t die without it, but they become something that is not quite alive. Full-blooded Atlantians are essentially immortal.