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Trapped By The CEO (Forbidden Fantasies #47)

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S.E. Law

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Once upon a time, the five Justice cousins were beset by the Justice Curse. Falling in love would doom your beloved to an early death. Collectively, they decided that it was better to live alone than to love, but fate had other plans. One by one they succumbed to the power of love. All of them but one.
Blake Justice. Happily single, Blake spends his days trying to avoid his matchmaking sisters-in-law. Until he found her. But every time he opens his mouth to Reese, he puts his boot right in it.
Reese thought moving to Edison, Texas would be a fresh start. After losing her grandma and finding her sister in bed with her boyfriend, she figures it was just what she needed. Her new friends the Sew Be It sewing circle ladies might be three times her age, but they insist the best way to get over a man is to get under another.
That might be true, but the fact is Reese has never been under any man and her heart wasn’t broken by her ex. It was her sister who did the real damage. Too bad the Sew Be It ladies think they’ve found her perfect match.
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Forbidden Fantasies Series by S.E. Law

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S.E. Law



One Direction and Big Time Rush posters surround me in every direction. It’s not like I’m embarrassed that I had boy band crushes when I was fifteen, but living in the same room where I plastered the walls with the faces of my favorite teenage heart throbs is certainly not where I expected to be now. Twenty-six is too old to live at home with Mom and Dad, but here I am.

I groan and bury my face into my pillow. Come to think of it, I don’t really need the pillow because there are more than enough stuffed animals surrounding me to make for an army. You would think that my parents would throw this stuff out, but no. They’ve kept the place as a shrine to me, and my room is like a time capsule. I groan into the pillow again. It’s so embarrassing to even be here!

After all, living in New York City was a big goal of mine, but things didn’t work out, unfortunately. It’s really sad because I even tried to be an escort for a short while out of desperation. Needless to say, the job fell through and without enough cash, I had to move back home. I’m not sure how anyone can afford to live in Manhattan unless they’re Richie Rich.

Burying my face into a stuffed elephant, I resign myself to moping in bed for a while, or maybe the rest of the day. Yeah, that sounds about right. But then, the sound of my phone on the nightstand fills my ears. Who could that be? Reluctantly, I roll over to see if it’s someone I want to talk to right now, and indeed it is. My friend Angie’s face lights up the screen with an incoming video call, so I sit up and push my curls out of my face. If anyone will get me right now, it’s Angie.

“Hey Ange,” I answer.

My pretty friend smiles back at me with sparkles in her eyes. It’s funny because we actually look very similar. We’re both thick, curvy women with curly brown hair and brown eyes. We met during a City Girls event, which is the escort agency I used to work for. The problem is that I knew we were there to be escorts, but Angie didn’t. She threw a fit when she found out and literally had to be dragged out of the viewing room they’d set up, kicking and screaming like a girl gone wild. But everything worked out because one man was interested in her wildcat ways, and she ended up marrying him of all things! Angie now has a beautiful baby girl with Peter Wilshire, CEO of the Wilshire Hotel, and Lola’s gorgeous.

In fact, Lola’s currently bouncing on Angie’s knee, gurgling. She got black hair and blue eyes just like her dad, but she’s also got my friend’s smile.

“Hey Lola,” I coo, doing a tiny finger-wave. “How’s my favorite girl?”

My buddy laughs and jiggles her daughter a bit.

“She’s good,” she replies. “Just burping up spit bubbles on the reg.”

“Oh fun,” I say without a trace of irony.

“If only you knew the half of it,” Ange says with a huge sigh. “But how are you doing? How are things in New Jersey?”

Rotating my phone, I give her a panoramic view of my teenage room of pale pink walls, stuffed animals, and boy bands.

“This is how New Jersey is,” I say. “Check out my new digs! Or old digs should I say, seeing that I last lived here in high school?”

Angie tries and fails to stifle a loud cackle.

“Sorry,” she apologizes. “My room was just as bad when I was fifteen, but you never told me: what happened with City Girls? I know it wasn’t right for me, but I thought you were giving it a go.”

I sigh as my shoulders slump.

“This is really sad, but apparently I was quote-unquote ‘too dirty’ for the clientele. I mean, seriously? This is an escort agency! So how could I be too dirty?”

Angie giggles.

“I have no idea but please, elucidate.”

Squeezing my eyes shut, I pinch the bridge of my nose.

“Okay, but this is definitely oversharing.”

Angie places pretend earmuffs around Lola’s ears, even though the baby can’t understand.

“Go for it, Em. I really want to know because you know I’m a stay-at-home mom now, so I have to live vicariously through you.”

I sigh and smile.

“Okay, you asked for it. Well, I guess I just really like sex and trying all kinds of things in bed. Like, I enjoy watching porn. Even more than just watching it, I like to do the things I see in porn, and I’m not talking about the sweet stuff. I’m talking dirty, nasty stuff.”

Angie looks puzzled.

“Yeah, but that doesn’t sound like a problem. I mean, men love women who enjoy having sex. So it seems like the perfect combo for a successful career as an escort. Of course I could be wrong because I never really worked for City Girls,” she says hastily. “But you know what I mean.”