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Seline has a secret crush on her coworker, Nox—the huge Dark Kindred warrior assigned to protect her on diplomatic missions. Once his Dominant side comes out, can she learn to submit? And will the two of them ever escape The Halls of Pain? You’ll have to read Trapped to find out.

Seline Kennison has a secret crush on the huge Dark Kindred warrior who acts as her Protector. Nox watches over her when she goes on diplomatic missions for the Kindred and keeps her safe when they are on strange planets together. There’s just one problem—Dark Kindred don’t have emotions. So how can Nox ever return her feelings when he has no feelings to return?

Nox the Dark Kindred warrior is having a problem—he has started having dreams of the curvy human woman he’s supposed to protect. And all the dreams are sexual in nature. Nox doesn’t know what to make of this—he’s never had emotions before but the feelings of tenderness, protectiveness, and desire seem to be growing inside him and they are all aimed at Seline. What is he going to do?

Things come to a head when the two are assigned a new mission—to go and bargain for the other half of the Far Box, an ancient artifact that is said to be able to control time and space. They have the first half but the entire artifact is needed for it to work—or so they think. But as they fly through the fold in space something strange happens…and they find themselves in an alternate universe.

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“What brings you in to see me today, Nox? Are you well? Are you well?”

Yipper, the Tolleg surgeon, looked up at Nox with worry in his big, brown eyes.

Some of the humans aboard the Mother Ship said that Yipper looked like a cross between a hound dog and a baboon or possibly a chimpanzee. He had the aforementioned large, brown eyes, long, floppy ears, a compact, furry body, and nimble fingers.

But though he looked like a cross of several Earth animals, Nox had found him to be an extremely competent surgeon and physician. In fact, Yipper was the only one he would trust to speak to about his current problem…well, if it was a problem. He still wasn’t sure.

“Well? Well?” Yipper asked, since Nox hadn’t answered his question. He had a habit of repeating himself frequently. It might have irritated a human—or anyone really, who was capable of being irritated.

Happily, Nox didn’t count himself in that group since he had no emotions.

“I think I am well,” he said at last, running a hand through his thick black hair. “But something strange has been happening of late.”

“Strange? In what way? In what way?” Yipper asked, frowning.

“I have been having…dreams,” Nox admitted at last. That alone was problematic—he had never had dreams before. Or if he had, he had never remembered them. But it was the nature of these dreams that troubled him.

“Dreams? What kind of dreams?” Yipper asked, for once not repeating himself.

Nox winced. If he’d been able to have emotions, he might have felt shame at this point. But even though he couldn’t feel such a negative emotion, he was still reluctant to discuss the exact details of his nighttime encounters.

“They are…sexual in nature,” he said at last. “And…they all seem to involve my charge—the human female I have been tasked with protecting.”

“Oh yes indeed, yes indeed.” Yipper nodded rapidly, his long ears flopping. “What is her name again?” he asked.

“Seline Kennison,” Nox answered. It was a name that made no sense—to his mind, anyway. He had chosen his own name, Nox, because it meant “night” or “darkness.” And since he was a Dark Kindred this made sense.

Of course, back on his home planet, he had been known simply as “Nine,” which was the number indicating how close he was to The Collective—the advanced computer system which ran the entire world. But he had been told when he moved to the Mother Ship that he could not use a numerical designation, and so “Nox” had seemed a logical choice—unlike a name like “Seline” with no meaning, even if it did roll off the tongue musically.

But logical or not, Seline Kennison, had somehow “gotten under his epidermis” as the humans said, and now he was actually dreaming of her. And had been for some time, if he was honest. But it was only when the dreams became sexual in nature that he felt the need to seek help.

“Sexual you say?” Yipper asked, furrowing his furry brow.

“Yes—extremely,” Nox said shortly. He didn’t care to go into details.

“And this bothers you? Yes it does? Yes it does?” Yipper asked.

“Well…” Nox frowned. He didn’t find the dreams unpleasant. But the fact that he was having them at all just seemed…wrong.

He had never had sexual thoughts or dreams in the past, though his body did sometimes require a release. But even when giving himself a sexual release, he had never thought of anything or anyone in particular.

Now, however, it was Seline’s face he saw when he woke in the middle of the night and took himself in hand. It was her large brown eyes and long, silky hair which was a shade the humans called “auburn,” and her luscious, curvy figure that he pictured when he brought himself to completion.

Seline was what the other Kindred called an “Elite” meaning she had been blessed by the Goddess with fuller curves than other females. She had especially lovely full breasts and in one of the dreams he kept having, he found himself sucking her ripe, pink nipples while she moaned loudly and ran her fingers through his hair.

There were other dreams too—mostly inspired, Nox thought, by their recent trip to Yonnie Six. Seline was a Public Relations specialist and had been working as a liaison for the Kindred on the female dominated world. Nox had to stay near her to protect her at all times, which required that he pose as her bodyslave in this particular case.

As per the Yonnite customs, he had been required to drop to his knees and “kiss his Mistress’s panties” whenever they were formally introduced. Nox didn’t mind this at all—in fact, it was certainly one of the more pleasant duties having to do with protecting Seline. (Although was it his imagination, or had her panties gotten smaller and smaller with each successive outfit she wore to the formal occasions when he was required to do this?)