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Ever hear the story about the gal who got dumped with this parting shot? “And, maybe you need some lessons in the bedroom.”

Sure, I wanted to shout at my “You suck in bed too.”

But I’m a lady. I didn’t say that.

I do, however, share the whole sorry story over drinks to my best guy friend—the hockey star who’s been my bestie forever.

And he’s suddenly intensely curious about these bedroom lessons. He’s so damn interested, he says, “I’d be willing to be your test subject.”

If I say yes, it'll change our lifelong friendship in the next twenty-four hours…

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When I lock up the lab on Friday night, I leave the ocean research behind and walk into the San Francisco evening with self-care research on my mind instead. I’m in the mood to look out for me. Maybe even get myself a little something.

I’m six months post-breakup after all and doing much better. Feels like a milestone.

As I walk along Fillmore Street, I pass some of my favorite stores till I spot Bling and Baubles, a cute jewelry shop my sister told me about.


I head inside and check out a display of trendy artsy jewelry—boho necklaces, chunky bracelets, cool rings as the woman smiles from the counter, then says, “A Christmas present for you, Katie?”

That’s Rachel, and I’ve gotten to know her since I’ve been back.

“Yes. I need something that says—no, that declares—I’m better off alone, dammit.”

She gives me a sympathetic smile. “I was once there. I call this the Treat Yourself line.” She ushers me over to some bold necklaces with all sorts of pendants—a star, a snake, a skull, a winged dragon, then to another shelf with a collection of chunky metal bracelets alongside vegan leather ones too.

“These all say I can open my own pickle jars, thank you very much,” I tell her, then spot a chunky bracelet shining under the chandelier lighting in the store. “It’s very Wonder Woman.”

“Kind of makes you feel like you’re warding off all the bad romance vibes.”

“Exactly,” I say, liking that approach. “I am happily single now.”

“I can tell,” Rachel says.

I’m so stinking thrilled that Henry is no longer in my life. I’m so damn glad I got out of that going-nowhere-fast relationship. Now, he’s pretty much in the rearview mirror.

Except for one little thing that’s been nagging at me.

His parting words.

But I try not to let his insult get to me.

Instead, I take the bracelet, snapping it on my wrist, then pay and thank Rachel. “I’ll see you at The Spotted Zebra in a little bit?”

“I’ll be there. Carter and I go every year,” she says.

I smile. She and her guy have the best time dating all over town. She’s the one who told me about the annual Christmas party there. “See you soon,” I say, then head out, my gaze turning to the bracelet.

A reminder of where I’ve been and where I am.

Once outside, I take a moment to enjoy this change in my life. After I finished college, I moved to Seattle for my masters. A few months ago, I moved back home—here—to be closer to family. My sister lives and works in the city as the mascot for the Golden State Foxes hockey team. My brother plays for the other hockey team—the Sea Dogs. My mom and grandma are here too. And I have a great job working as a scientist at a lab studying how to improve ocean health and conservation.

My best friend from forever lives here too, and I’ll be seeing him soon—Fisher Hendrix, who just got signed to the city’s Golden State Foxes team.

We’ve been best friends since high school. And I’ll meet him in thirty minutes at The Spotted Zebra for the bar’s annual hot cocoa tasting party. I text him that I’m on my way.

He replies quickly with a Can’t wait, Giraffe.

I laugh at the nickname he gave me when we were younger and I was taller than him for a few months.

That sure changed.

He shot all the way up and bulked out pretty nicely too. You have to be strong and sturdy to be the winger for an NHL team.

But as I’m walking down the street in the foggy evening, silver and gold lights twinkling on the shop windows, the only thing that still feels off are those parting words from Henry.

I really need to let them go.

But they keep replaying. Like my head’s stuck on a loop of the last thing my ex said to me.

Maybe I do just need to tell somebody. If I blurt it out, perhaps I can finally let it go.




The second I walk into the quirky gift shop, Effing Stuff, I spot what I want on a shelf by the counter. Boom. “That one,” I say to my friend Hayes as I point to the snow globe I’m going to snag. Like I can pass up this bad boy. Under the globe, there’s a squirrel spinning on its tail in front of a tree.

Hayes shakes his head, snort laughing. “That’s what you’re getting Katie for the spiked-hot-cocoa party? AKA the get-drunk-and-make-out-under-the-mistletoe-and-blame-the-whiskey party?”

I park my hands on my hips and give him a look. “One, I’m not even going to address that last remark. But two, yes,” I say emphatically. “She’ll love it.”

“Because she’s a squirrel?”

I smack my teammate on the shoulder. “Keep up with me. She likes snow globes, she likes animals, and she likes quirky things. And I need a gift for her.”