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What's good for the gosling is good for the gander...At least according to the sunshine and snowflakes woman whose amnesia episode has her believing she's been assigned to be my daughter's new nanny.And, of course, I can't really fire the fake hire because the last thing I need as the captain of my pro hockey team is to be trending for more drama.I guess you could say this season won't be easy.Especially for me, the veteran.TROPE CHECKGrumpy/SunshineSingle Dad/Nanny Amnesia Romance Plus-Size/Curvy Heroine Possessive Alpha

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Hockey has its own language! And when/if you are not familiar with it, it can be somewhat confusing. While the novel itself defines many of these for you in context, I am also adding this page as a reference point to assist you in the experience.

Apple – An assist

(The) Assist – Assisting in scoring a goal

Barn – Hockey Arena/Hockey Rink

Bardownsky – Type of shot that hit the top bar and goes down into the net, highly impressive

Beauty – Great Player/Skilled Player/Incredible skills (Compliment)

Bench Boss – Coach

Bender – A bad/low skilled player (whose ankles bend poorly while skating) (Insult)

Biscuit – Hockey Puck

Blades – Hockey Skates

Boat Race – High scoring, fast-paced game

Bottle Rocket – When the goaltenders water bottle is bounced into the air by a shot hitting the


Brewskie – Beer

Broad/Broadskie – Female

Bucket – Helmet

Cage – Type of helmet that has face protecting in the front

Cap or “C” – Captain

Celly – Celebrate

Chirp/Chirping – Trash talking

Clapper – Slapshot

(The) Cup – The Stanley Cup, the championship trophy/prize in the league

Deke – Quick move to get around a defensive player or beat a goalie with misdirection

Donnybrook – Fight

Drop the Gloves – Fight

Dub or “W” – Win

Duster – Player who spends most of his time on the bench, collecting dust, never playing (Insult)

Ferda (For The Boys) – Doing what’s best/doing something for the boys/the team

Free Agent (off the ice) – Single/Romantically unattached

Garbage Goal – Lucky shot (Insult)

Gino – Goal

GM – General Manager

Hat Trick or Hatty – Three points scored in a single game by a single player

Lettuce – Hair

Lighting the Lamp – Scoring a goal

LTIR “Long Term Injured Reserve – Players who are injured/expected to miss a lot/most of a

season are placed on this as part of salary cap reasonings

Mitts (on ice) – Gloves or hands (depending on context)

Mitt (off ice) – Pussy/Twat/Snatch

Pest – Pain in the ass player (Insult)

PK – Penalty Kill, when the home team is short one player putting them on the disadvantage

Pigeon – Player who consistently makes garbage goals/garbage plays (Insult)

Pipe-Fitter – Averaged skill player who tends to work a little harder during his shifts

Player’s Only Meeting – Meeting/Session held by the captain and/or alternative captains without

management/coaching around to handle issues, more like a peer mediation session

Plug (on & off the ice) – A useless player/person (Insult)

Puck Bunny – Female/Chick that specifically tries to sleep or date hockey players (think groupie)

Pylon – A cone used for drills

Pylon – A useless player that’s easy to get around (Insult)

Razor – Player in his prime/at his best

Rocket (off the ice) – An attractive/hot female (Compliment)

Sando – Sandwich

Scratch – Player on the roster that’s not going to dress for the game

Shift/Shifts – The stretch of time a player is on the ice

(The) Show – NHL

Ship – Short for Championship

Shutout – The home team wins the game by preventing the away team from scoring at all

Sieve – Goalie who lets in a lot of goals (Insult)

Sin Bin – Penalty Box

Silky Mitts – Great/amazing stickhandling skills (Compliment)

Snipe – A tight shot that scores on the goalie in the tiniest spaces possible

Sniper – A player who makes the aforementioned shot effortlessly (Compliment)

Snipe/Sniper (off the ice) – An attractive/hot female (Compliment)

Snow Showering – Spraying the goalie with ice shavings intentionally

Stud – Great Player/Skilled Player/Incredible skills (Compliment)

Suicide Pass – A pass made that sets up the player receiving it to get smashed by a waiting defenseman

Sweater – Jersey

Tarp – Top/Shirt/Sweater/Jersey

Tendy – Goalie/Goaltender

The Great One – Wayne Gretzky

Top Cheddar/Top Cheese/Top Shelf/Top Cookies/Where Grandma Hides the Cookies – The top section of the net/top shelf/area of the goal between the crossbar and tendy’s shoulders often used in reference of something being “top notch”

Wheel (on the ice) – Skate/Fast skate/Best skating

Wheel (off the ice) – Picking up/having sex with women

Warmies – Warm ups

Zam or Zamboni – Ice Surface Cleaner

Zebra or Zeb – Another name for a referee

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1. I’ll Be Around – The Spinners (R&B)

2. Naked – X Ambassadors (Rock)

3. Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely – Backstreet Boys (Pop)

4. Dime Mi Amory (Texican Rock n’ Roll)

5. Neon You – Don Louis (Country)

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Chapter 1


It turns out the only thing worse than being chewed out in Russian by my old man is being bitched at in English by the woman who literally holds my career in the palm of her claw like hands.

Most people think it’s the bench boss that a player should be afraid of.

Those people?

They’ve clearly never met Harlow “Hot Rocket” Hennington, Owner and GM of the Dalvegan Dragons ice hockey franchise.

And yeah, Hot Rocket would be redundant – since that’s what a rocket is – if it weren’t for the fact hot was in reference to her temper rather than her body.