The Good Side of Wrong – Blurred Lines Read Online Jenika Snow

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Hades was my guardian. I was his ward.

He was cruel. I was too innocent.

It was wrong--forbidden--to be together, but Hades knew what he wanted and refused to give it up.


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“Hiding yourself from me only makes me harder.” I shifted and spread my legs slightly, letting her see the hard length of my cock punching against my slacks. “You’re so innocent, not wanting Daddy to see those perfect little breasts.”

“Now, sweetheart, here’s what’s going to happen.” I took another long drink and watched her over the rim. “I’m going to speak. You’re going to listen.” Her cheeks turned pink from her anger, but she kept that pretty mouth shut. “You’re going to do every single thing I say without sass, without backtalk.” Her eyes widened and her mouth parted. “And I’m going to watch you obey.”

“E-Excuse me?” A look of shock was rooted on her face.

The flash of defiance in her eyes had my cock throbbing in response.

She was strong, but I was stronger. And we both knew this was what she wanted and needed.

But I welcomed the fight she’d give me. It turned me on more.

“And you are going to be a good girl and give me this because deep down, you want to please me. Understand?”

She opened her mouth and closed it repeatedly. My girl was at a loss for words.

Corrupting her is going to feel so fucking good. I just wish Zachariah was here to see it.

But as that thought slammed into my head, it was quickly whisked away. Things were shifting, changing, completely rearranging inside of me so profoundly I didn’t feel like myself when I was around her.

I’d wanted to use her, ruin her for anyone else. I wanted her to cling to me, like I was the air in her lungs and the blood in her veins. All I’d been able to think about was leaving her cold, broken-hearted, and penniless. And I hadn’t planned on looking back.

But now… now none of that made sense.

“Go on, Bunny,” I cooed. “Show Daddy how perfect you are.” Her cheeks turned pink from embarrassment.

I smoothed my fingers back and forth over the leather armrest. I was excited, so fucking eager to see how far I could push her.

“I-I’ve never been naked in front of anyone before,” Persephone whispered in a frightened voice.

“Oh, darling,” I said with a grin, my arousal because of her fear of the unknown heightening. “That changes here and now. Show Daddy what’s his.”

After I told Persephone to stay and strip, a long minute of silence passed. The only sound filling the room was of the fire licking over the logs in the hearth.

I leaned back in the chair. I’d been waiting for this moment. The very fucking thought of her at my mercy, of doing what I said without hesitation, had me beating off morning and night. Fuck, even that wasn’t enough to sate my need for her.

I was constantly hard, my cock at half-mast until I was in private. And then the fucker got rock hard, knowing it was time to ease some of the pressure as I fantasized about Persephone and what I was about to make her do.

She stood and stared at me, her eyes wide, the long fall of her dark hair cascading over her shoulders. She was afraid. It was like an aphrodisiac to me. The ends of her hair were still damp from her shower, soft waves framing her face.

And she was breathing hard, the tight beads of her nipples stabbing through the threadbare sweater she wore.

I was already hard, harder than I ever remembered being in my fucking life.

Maybe she needed little inspiration, a little nudge?

Without saying a word, I rose and walked over to my desk, pulled open the large drawer at the bottom, and removed the gift I’d gotten her that day we’d gone shopping.

Or maybe it’s my gift. I was, after all, the one who’d get the most enjoyment out of it.

When I was back in my chair, relaxed, content to just watch her, I held out the brown box with the white script scrawled along the top.

She eyed it for a second, her shapely brows pulling down in confusion before she hesitantly took it. And when she saw the brand scrawled on the top, her brows lifted to her hairline.

“What are these?”

I slowly smiled and let her wait before I responded, letting her wonder what I’d say.

“You need someone to rein you in, Bunny. You need me to be in control so you don’t have to think. You only have to feel.”

Chapter 1


I hated it here, the fakeness all these people exuded as they wore their expensive outfits, their necks and wrists dripping with gold and diamonds.

I didn’t know why my parents associated with them. I hated the way they looked at me, as if I were a nuisance, as if they couldn’t believe Mother and Father would allow a mere child to attend such a lavish gathering.

God, I wished I didn’t have to come.