Tempting Her Guardian (Forbidden Fantasies #70) Read Online S.E. Law

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Piper: I showed up for cheerleading camp excited and breathless, but everything got screwed up when it came to sleeping arrangements. They were short on housing, so me and my best friend Romy have to share a cabin with two gorgeous, older men with rippling six packs, broad shoulders, and all-too-knowing blue eyes … who also happen to be our camp chaperones.

Stan: I just want to say that I offered to chaperone for Camp Cheer with good intentions. But when me and my best friend George show up to find that we’ll be bunking with a pair of nubile teenage girls, let’s just say good intentions fly out the window … as the two women show us what it means to be tempted by utter filth.

This is a follow-up to Babysitter of Sin. In this book, the saucy girl who lives down the block from Tracy is back! Piper was rumored to be hooking up with her guardian, but are the rumors true, or all they all hogwash? Read and find out, but be sure to bring a tall glass of lemonade because this story will have you sweating as you get a look at the utter debauchery that takes place at Camp Cheer. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always a HEA for my readers.

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“Romy, you’re killing me,” I groan.

“Why?” my friend asks, not even looking up from her magazine. “This is good stuff, Piper. These guys are so hot and mm-mm. They’re definitely finger-lickin’ good. Or they can lick me wherever, whenever they want!”

I groan again while flopping down on Romy’s bed. My brown curls cover my face, but I don’t bother to brush them away because my cheeks are pink and flushed from amusement, not to mention semi-embarrassment.

“Yeah, but Romes, where did you even get this magazine? I mean, most girls pick up Playgirl or I don’t know, Penthouse for Girls, but you picked up Advocate Men. How did you even get your hands on this esteemed publication?”

Romy’s still avidly staring at the photos of nude men, her mouth hanging open as her blue eyes eat up their chiseled bodies.

“It was just at the magazine store that’s on the block between Hester Avenue and Q Street. You know, the one that looks super-shady with weird guys going in and out all the time? But I’m not intimidated by that shit, and it was either this or that other magazine called Snazzers. Don’t even get me started on Snazzers, Piper. The dude on the cover was hot, but I flipped through the pages just to get a sense of what was inside and other than the centerfold, the models were only so-so. Their physiques weren’t chiseled, and I swear, I saw some flab on the guys’ waistlines.”

That makes me blink with surprise.

“Seriously? They didn’t at least photoshop the spreads?”

Romy merely shakes her head, still staring at the glossy pages while licking her strawberry lipsticked pout. “Nope, not at all. I guess no filters and no airbrushing is the latest thing because people want to see models who are quote-unquote “authentic,” but Snazzers was too authentic. It wasn’t just the flab, Piper. I swear, I saw some hair coming out of one guy’s buttcrack, even if he did have buns of steel.”

I flop back down and giggle because my friend is ridiculous. Romy is one of the sassiest girls at our school with an hourglass figure and a round rear end that guys regularly whistle at in the halls. But whereas I’m always embarrassed when they do that to me, my friend flaunts it. She parades around in pleated mini-skirts as well as tiny, barely-there crop tops. I know Principal Jefferies even talked to Romy about covering up a bit more, but I don’t think it worked because my friend wore a bra-top to Fairlawn High the very next day. It was purple and didn’t cover much of her huge ta-tas, and paired with a matching purple mini-skirt, she had our history teacher Mr. Leventhal practically drooling during third period.

But that’s what I love about my buddy. Romy doesn’t give a shit and always marches to the beat of her own drum.

“So did you hang out with Johnny Thayer last week at all?” I ask, changing the subject. As a bodacious blonde, Romy always has a ton of guys after her, and Johnny’s the quarterback of the football team. Any other woman would be beyond excited to catch the athlete’s eye, but my buddy merely shrugs, still perusing the magazine.

“Nah. He wanted to hang out, but I bailed.”

I frown, blinking with surprise once more.

“Really? But I thought you liked him.”

Romy merely yawns while stretching her arms over her head lazily like a cat.

“Nah, Johnny’s just a boy and you know I don’t like the young ‘uns. I want a man.”