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Swallow Me Whole

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Gemma James

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Sadie Sawyer wants to learn how to blow a guy.
She’s my sister’s best friend. The girl I’ve known since grade school. The girl I’ve always considered off-limits.
She’s the girl that crawled under a table in a bar one night and changed everything between us. Now the brain in my pants is more than willing to step up. The rules are simple.
No kissing. No screwing. No falling in love.
But the more I let her use my body in the name of experimentation, the more I know being friends isn’t enough. Is it too much to want it all with her?
The taste of her lips. The sweetness of her innocence. The chance to earn her love.
I might have a real shot with her…if her douchebag ex and my past don’t ruin everything.
Swallow Me Whole is a friends-to-lovers standalone romance. Full-length at 77,000 words.
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Chapter One


Moaning. It’s the first thing assaulting my ears as I approach my boyfriend’s office. My knuckles whiten, fingers tightly gripping the wicker basket I’m carrying. It’s late, and this visit is supposed to be a surprise.

Maybe I’m the one in for a surprise.

I stall outside his door, and there’s no doubt at what I’m hearing. Releasing a soundless breath, I feel my shoulders sag, same as my spirit. God, I feel like a fucking cliché right now—the clueless girlfriend catching her man cheating at the office late at night. It doesn’t help that I have that wholesome girl-next-door appearance bullshit to go along with the overdone trope.

At five feet and three inches tall, with thick red hair that doesn’t know the first thing about behaving, I’m not the poster girl for a man’s wet dream. And don’t get me started on the freckles smattering my nose and cheeks. I’ve been told my freckles are adorable, sexy even, but I’m sure the people who said it are full of shit. Especially now, considering the groans and grunts coming through the door of Jake’s office. I bet whoever she is, she doesn’t have freckles.

Adorable doesn’t get a girl anywhere with someone like Jake Jennings. He’s the epitome of mature and successful. Classic good looks, blond hair never out of place, strong jaw and broad shoulders. The man favors expensive suits, and he wears them well.

Being that I’m several years younger than Jake, dating him made me feel mature. My father approved—how could he not, since Jake is on the fast track to becoming a junior partner at his law firm.

Sounds like he’s on the fast track to getting laid as well.

Betrayal rises in my chest, coils around my heart, threatens to slice and dice. I should be used to betrayal and rejection by now. Guys have proven they can’t be trusted, and as for rejection…

I get enough of that from my father.

But he looks at me differently since Jake and I began dating. I hate the thought of losing that, of disappointing him yet again, but if the sounds on the other side of the door are any indication, I won’t have a choice.

Clutching the bodice of my little black dress, as if I can keep my heart from bleeding hurt, I tell myself to close the remaining steps to the door of his office. But I hesitate, grieving the could’ve been of another relationship down the drain.

Another lost opportunity to work past my fear of sex and intimacy, because tonight was supposed to be the night.

It’s the slimeball’s birthday, and he begged off from celebrating, claiming he had to pull an all-nighter on the case my dad’s had him working on. So I decided to surprise him with a homemade dinner I prepared for the occasion, hoping I could coax him into taking a break.

I’d hoped to take our relationship to the next level by giving him what he’s wanted for weeks.

A blow job.

A real blow job—the kind that involves messy thrusting and sucking, and zero inhibition as his ecstasy spurts down my throat. I’d even convinced myself I had enough courage to give him my fucking V-card.

God, I’m so stupid.

My best friend warned me about him from the get-go.

He’s got the douchebag vibe going on.

How can you tell?

It’s in the eyes, Sadie. The smug bastard thinks he’s better than everyone else.

Guess she was right, but I refused to hear it. A single glance in his direction shattered my brain cells, and I followed his come-hither smile like a cat on the scent of dinner scraps.

“Yes! Oh God, fuck yes, Jake. Your tongue…right there.”

A warm tingle travels down my spine, which is interesting since I’m angry as hell.

Turn away. You don’t want to see this.

I take three steps forward, and my hand stalls halfway to the knob. He left the door ajar—no point in worrying about privacy when everyone in the office has already gone home for the day. One soundless push of that door, and I’ll see for myself that Jake Jennings is scum.

No, he’s the grime that lines the tiles in my shower, the mud caking the soles of my sneakers from our hike last weekend. Thinking about the time we spent together sucker punches me. I draw in even breaths through my nose, trying to remain silent as tears burn my eyes.

The weather’s been mild for fall, even by Pacific Northwest standards, so we took advantage by getting outside for a few hours. Things got heavy up on that deserted hillside, where we’d spread out a blanket to stop for a picnic. His hands explored every inch of me, yet the day ended with a preamble of what was to come.

I should have known.

He’d wanted more, but when it came time to reciprocate, I ended up freezing with uncertainty. And that’s how it always goes with me.