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How far will you go to get what you want, princess?
Those are the words he whispers in my ear as he gets me pregnant.
Sleeping with Baptist Thompkins right before going into business together is the worst idea I’ve ever had, but there’s no taking it back.
I’m pregnant with his baby, and when he finds out, he’s going to ruin my life.
Baptist is passionate, stupidly gorgeous, overly cocky, and a total control freak.
We’re starting a new film production studio together, and our first client is this totally deranged but brilliant director that’s determined to put us through hell.
Baptist will never let me around this crazy director with his baby in me. Which is why I have to keep it a secret.
How far will I go?
I have to keep my hands off Baptist and focus on work, but every time we’re thrown deeper into this wild ride, I find myself turning to him for comfort—and for a lot more.
I’ll go further than he ever imagined I would. I have to be free—from my oppressive father, from my self-imposed failures, from the nightmare of my life.

Welcome to Sunset Savage! Baptist and Blair’s story is over the top and deliciously dark with all the steam you expect and then some. It’s the follow-up to Ice King, but can be read on its own with no issues.

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Chapter 1


I throw back my fourth champagne of the night and watch the happy people down below mill around the dance floor, laughing, joking, kissing, grinding away to a slow jam by the Backstreet Boys, and I wonder why I’m not in that crowd.

I should be ecstatic. My good friend Marie’s getting married to my boss, the Ice King himself Ansell Drake, and I’m lucky enough to be one of her bridesmaids. The whole wedding’s been a dream, bankrolled by Ansell’s endless cash, from designer shoes and dresses to an entire week of activities, to this absurdly gorgeous mansion venue complete with a second-floor balcony.

It’s been amazing, almost like heaven. I grip the railing and make myself smile—but I don’t feel it.

It’s hard to understand. Blair Webb, daughter of the famous Alexander Webb, given everything and wanting for nothing. My whole life is supposed be a charmed masterpiece of luxury and joy, like birds appear at my window every morning to get me dressed and do my hair and tweet about how beautiful and perfect I am.

Except that’s only the fake image my dad loves to show the press.

While the reality is much worse.

“You look grim.”

I glance sideways. Baptist stands nearby, arms crossed over his chest. I feel a small shiver run down my back at the way he’s watching me carefully. He’s the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome, and he looks like a model in that expensive suit. He’s Ansell’s best man and the most eligible bachelor in this room—and maybe all of Philadelphia—and he’s not my favorite person in the world.

There’s a danger lurking beneath his surface.

Most people don’t notice it. All they see is the happy-go-lucky Baptist he presents to the world, the guy that can make an entire room sit still and pay attention to him like he’s the center of the universe.

But I know better.

Although I don’t mind looking at him. Baptist has a smile that could win a beauty contest and the muscular arms of an athlete, and I know there are tattoos hidden under that crisp white shirt inking his smooth, muscular skin. So yeah, Baptist is hot, insanely hot, and yes, I am very attracted to him—but looks aren’t everything.

As I well know.

Nice clothes easily cover up scars.

“I’m not grim. I’m having a wonderful time.” I go to take a sip of my drink and find it empty.

“Allow me.” He sneaks a glass from a nearby waiter’s tray and hands it to me before placing my empty on a high top. “There you are. The finest champagne money can buy.”

“Really? It’s wasted on me then.”

“I’m just kidding, Ansell saves the high-end stuff for him and his new wife. He’s too cheap to spread it around.”

“None of this screams cheap.”

“You’d know.” He smiles slightly and sighs, leaning his elbow on the railing. I glare at him and he shrugs. “Well, you would, why bother pretending?”

“You love to remind me about money, don’t you?”

“Only every chance I get.” His smirk slowly disappears. “Why are you standing up here alone, anyway? The party’s only getting started.”

How am I supposed to explain that one to him? My mom ran off to England again to be with her boyfriend and my father’s in one of his violent moods, which means my little brother’s living with me in my tiny apartment, oh, and he’s practically falling apart too. He’d only smile and laugh the way Baptist does and I’d feel like I’m being dismissed, because surely someone with money can’t possibly have problems.

Not that any of the money is mine.

Which my father endlessly enjoys reminding me about.

I shrug instead. “Tired. Too drunk. Take your pick.”

“I hope you’re not too drunk. I actually came up here to ask you about something important.”

I raise an eyebrow. “Really? Why, I thought you spent most of your life avoiding me. And I didn’t know you cared about important things.”

He doesn’t take the bait. Normally, Baptist loves to spar with me, and he’s all smiles and laughter and charm. He’s the opposite of Ansell—Baptist burns hot and he burns brightly. Entire rooms turn to face him when he walks through a door. Where Ansell’s cold and calculating, Baptist is all rage and passion and heat.

He’s the sort of man that would burn down a city to get what he wants.

“Not tonight,” he says, leaning both arms on the railing, and looks down at the party. I stand closer and sip my drink. “I’ve been thinking about leaving Drake Entertainment.”

That gets my attention. “Are you kidding?” I’m not sure why he’d tell me that, but he’s right, this is a huge deal.

“I’ve been talking to Ansell about it, so he’s aware, but please don’t mention this to anyone.”

I’m not sure what to say. Baptist and I aren’t friends—I’d describe our relationship as workplace frenemies at best—and I have no clue why he’d give me a secret like that. But I’ll admit, I’m curious. I lean down so we’re on the same level, both of us looking out at the revelers below. I spot Marie in the crowd, dancing with an awkward-looking Ansell, and smile to myself. This isn’t the Ice King’s scene, but he’s trying hard for Marie, and that counts for something.