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When she steps off the plane and into my charge, I know she will be the temptation I can't resist.

Years ago, I retreated from the world to run a school for wayward girls. My work has only served to solidify my belief that females are unholy, lying, cheating creatures and my celibacy has never been tested.

Until Kitty arrives. The second our eyes meet, my vows begin to crumble. Dark desires from the past rise inside me, begging for release upon her lush curves and dimpled cheeks. I will mark her as mine and teach her the meaning of devotion.

She will call me Father at first, but before long, she will know me only as Daddy. I will risk everything to make her mine. But, when she finds out who I really am, the vows we made to each other are tested and if it takes moving heaven and earth to get her back...

I will.

Author’s Note: When Kitty’s parents send her away to stay with her stepbrother where he’s the headmaster of a very special church school she has no idea her wild child ways are about to be tamed by the ultimate holy-moly bad boy. It’s forbidden fruit and juicy cherry picking from these dual first timers on an altar of sin you won’t soon forget!

Wanting What’s Wrong Series: Step right up if you want to get down with some "No, no, we can't, it's so wrong." action! Enjoy all books in the series as standalones.

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“I’ll never get used to you wearing that.” Giovanni snaps his tongue over his front teeth, waving at my black robe as I blow at the steam rising from my coffee mug. “Do the robes keep you warm? Because it would freeze the tits off a heretic in here.”

The comforting smell of coffee and the warmth of the mug in my palms doesn’t change that it’s butt ass cold in the mornings in my office at the rectory. The two-hundred-year-old stone walls and floor have a persistent chill. The ancient as fuck heating system hisses and sputters and the woven tapestries on the ten-foot-tall leaded glass windows do nothing to keep the heat in.

I point my index fingers that are wrapped around the mug toward my friend’s blue Brooks Brothers tie. “I’ll never get used to you wearing that. In college, you used to cut off guys ties in the bar telling them they were sheep.”

He scoffs but doesn’t bother to deny it. “Only when I was drunk.”

“That was most of the time.” I draw a sip of the dark liquid between my lips, closing my eyes as it scalds my tongue, burning its way down my throat. Giovanni called last night, letting me know he was passing through on his way to a meeting with some over-paid chemists turned execs at Winthrop PharmCo.

No doubt to sell them a multi-million-dollar package of the new nanopore microscopes his company is producing from an exclusive patent he secured last year.

“Whatever.” He shakes his head. “You may not have enjoyed the company of the ladies in school, but you sure enjoyed the company of Johnnie Walker.”

I swallow, setting my mug down on the walnut surface of my desk where Giovanni pokes at my name placard.

Father Martin Louis, Headmaster.

“Goodbye, Father Martin.” A singsong voice drifts in from the open door as a young woman in a plaid skirt flicks a finger wave my way, drawing Giovanni’s eyes.

She flutters her lashes with a teasing arch of her back.

“Goodbye, Fawn,” I say, my voice flat.

Giovanni watches the doorway as she disappears. “Damn, how do you keep your dick in your pants?”

Truth is, all I feel is relief. Fawn is the last of my charges to leave the dormitory before the renovations begin. I’ll have two to three months without the burden of watching over a flock of black sheep sent here by parents hoping for a miracle.

I raise my eyebrows. “You know why.”

Giovanni was my roommate in freshman year at Regent Overton University where we were both majoring in chemistry by day and mayhem by night. Drinking and fighting, trying to shed the academic nerd cloak that most that take on our scientific interests are forced to wear.

Out of everyone in the world, I’m closest to him but that’s not saying much.

“Besides,” I continue, “most of them would get you a one-way ticket to the sex offender registry. That doesn’t deter most of them, mind you. Last Tuesday, that one showed up for her last assessment session commando. How do I know? Because she sat right where you are now, toes together, knees spread, leaning back showing me what God gave her. Wanted me to give her a five-star review for the final report I was sending to her parents.”

“Damn… Did it work?”

“Did it fuck. I wrote a six-page oratory of her offenses while she was here. No amount of consequences or encouragement moved her. She knows the power of what she has between her legs, at least on most men, and she will undoubtedly continue to use it to her advantage.”

They all try to use what they have to get what they want. But I’m not buying what they are selling.

I reach down and slide open the bottom drawer on the century old carved desk and pull out a bottle of blue label Johnnie, unscrewing the cap before adding a short pour into both our coffee mugs.

“I never did understand when you went in this direction. I mean, damn, stuck here in the middle of Nowheresville, Maine? I’d go stir crazy. Still, your job has its perks. Legal or not.”

“There’s nothing about them that perks me,” I bite back, thinking of all the sneaking lies they try to put past me and my staff. All the tricks and snide remarks they think I don’t know about. The marijuana and booze I’ve confiscated over the years and the occasional boyfriend I throw out the front door after he’s snuck into the dorm.

They offer their fake smiles and fluttering lashes when they are caught. Dropping to their knees, eyes up, hands pressed together, mouths open. Please, Father Martin, I’ll do anything...

Little do they know, I abhor them and no offer of their sexual collateral makes my blood flow hot.

“Your track record with the fairer sex has been fucked, you have every right to be salty. I guess you found your calling.”