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When her grouchy neighbor decides she’s the one for him, this curvy girl gives him a run for his money.

When my new neighbor comes storming out of his house complaining about the way I’m dressed, I give him a piece of my mind and vow to forget all about him.
I spend the next week avoiding him at all costs until my luck runs out.
There’s no escaping him since Scrooge McJerk is opening the sporting goods store two doors down from my own boutique.
He says he’s going to “woo” me but I’m not going to make it easy for him.
If Will Riordan wants to win my heart, he’s going to have to bring on his best game.

My new neighbor is trying to drive me out of my mind.
Seeing her running half-dressed through the neighborhood was too much to bear and I let my emotions get control of me and end up ticking her off. Royally.
Now, she’s avoiding me like the plague while I try to figure out how to win her heart.
Because there’s no way I can live without Jazzy.

If you like OTT, curvy girl, older man/younger woman, romance, this Loni Ree short instalove is the book for you!
The stockings were hung, the presents were wrapped. But not everyone was filled with cheer…
This season a group of grumpy scrooge’s are about to learn that the perfect gift isn’t under the tree at all. Instead, one special woman will unlock the true spirit of the holidays—love.

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Chapter 1


“Are you fucking sure?” Dare frowns at me and drops down onto the sofa we dragged through a ridiculously small door.

“No.” No use lying to my twin. He knows me better than anyone else. “But I’m still doing it.”

“Amelia is going to miss her favorite uncle.” He’s pulling out all the tools in his guilt arsenal.

“I distinctly remember you telling Saint he’s Amelia’s favorite uncle last week.” I stare at him with a raised eyebrow, daring him to tell me I’m wrong.

He leans back and throws his arms over the back of the sofa. “I can’t believe you’re going to be happy running a sporting goods store.”

It’s the same thing I’ve been telling myself for the last three months since I decided to uproot my life and move to Silver Spoon Falls, Texas.

If I’m honest with myself, I’ll admit Dare and Saint are part of the reason for my move. I love my family more than anything in the world, but I’ve been… restless. Watching the two of them find and marry their soulmates and have children, while I remained single and lonely, sucked monkey balls. I love my brothers and their families, but I want a family of my own.

Eight years ago, I retired from professional football within months of Dare retiring from professional baseball. It didn’t take us long to realize the nomad life wasn’t for us.

We returned home to Riordan Cove to take over our family business, Riordan Enterprises. The challenge kept me satisfied for a while, but restlessness started to worm its way into my soul with each family gathering I attended by myself.

“I’m looking forward to the change.” I’m truly hoping the fucking “magic” water in this town does its trick and brings my soulmate to me. I’m goddamn desperate enough to believe the silly fairytale the town’s residents love to spread.

One of my old college buddies moved to the small Texas town to coach the high school football team and found his soulmate within months.

When Garrett told me about his new relationship, envy cut through my soul. While I’m happy my good friend found the woman who completes his world, I want the same for me.

Not that I’d admit to anyone my desire to find my soulmate is the real reason I packed my bags and moved halfway across the country.

“Uh-huh.” Dare isn’t fooled, but he lets the subject drop. “Saint got the easy part of this move. Fucker.” Our younger brother stayed back in Riordan Cove since his wife is due to give birth any day now.

“I don’t know about that.” I fake shudder. “He’s got a fucking houseful of kids under eight to take care of.” While Dare only has two kids, Saint is trying to populate the entire country with four kids under eight and one more on the way.

Who am I kidding? I’m fucking jealous as hell.

Dare’s sigh answers for him.

Moving here and opening up The Golden Goal appealed to me after so many years of loneliness.

“Are you positive this is what you want?” Dare walks over to the refrigerator and pulls out a beer for each of us.

“I am.” I take the bottle from his hand and sip on it as I stare out the front picture window. A flash of honey-colored hair draws my attention. The rest of my response dies away while I watch the curvy blonde walk across the lawn to check her mailbox. Fuck me, she’s goddamn perfect and way the hell too goddamn young, but my unruly cock doesn’t give a fuck.