Ruthless Kings (Black Hollow Isle #2) Read Online Dani Rene

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The Kings are about to take their thrones, but secrets, lies, and violence threaten it all.

I don’t love her.
I don’t want her.
But we need her.
And now, we have to save her.

There’s no longer denying she belongs to us, but she has to prove her loyalty. And we’re going to ask her to do something far worse than she ever imagined—choose.

Brielle may be strong-willed, and she may fight back, but she’s in the lion’s den now. There’s no more running, no escape, we will devour our prey.

The conclusion to Brielle, Judah, Kai, and Valen’s rollercoaster journey. Please note this is a why choose romance with MM scenes.

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Guest Room - Echos

Sacrificial - Rezz, PVRIS

Contaminated - BANKS

Sweat - ZAYN

Hurt You - Living in Fiction

Roses - Awaken I Am

Into It - Chase Atlantic

Love You Like Me - William Singe

Die For You - The Weeknd

Renegade - Aaryan Shah

Please note this is book two and is the conclusion to Judah, Kai, Valen, and Brielle’s story. There are some scenes that could be triggering, so please proceed with caution.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a why choose romance, and it includes MM scenes as well.



Life doesn’t always bring you what you need when you want it. Fate steps in at times, and it throws shit at you that you least expect. And at that moment, you may think it’s the worst thing that could ever have happened to you. Perhaps it is. But you’ll never receive anything you can’t overcome, or that you can’t handle.

We grow from our darkest moments. Like a seedling planted in the depths of the earth, we wait it out. Humans count life in hours, minutes, days. Weeks and months pass, and we live out those instances with abandon. Some reckless, some not.

But each time we grow through the shadows, through whatever pain and challenge we are given, we come out on the other side. We find the light. Even if we didn’t see it then.

The darkness of my past has followed me for so long, I didn’t think I would ever step out into the light again. But then, I met the two men who changed my life.

I grew up with hatred in my heart. Love wasn’t an option. I didn’t want to feel those emotions for anyone ever again. Even though I convinced myself I would die alone, it was Kai and Judah who forced me into the light.

They came along and made me see I wasn’t wrong. It was those around me who tried to break my spirit. With the actions of others, my soul shattered. And then two men mended it. There may still be cracks, but at least I know who I truly am.

I’ve come to accept my natural instinct.

I’ve come to learn that loving someone outside of the social norm isn’t wrong, it isn’t blasphemous. It doesn’t matter what the world says, they only want to force you into their own perceived notion of what normal is.

I don’t live by those rules or beliefs. And in the future, if I ever have children, they will grow up to learn the same. My story may not be easy to learn, but I know Brielle will soon have to listen to it.

The idea of delving into the past—confessing the memories that haunted me for years as I was growing up—sends revulsion through me. It’s difficult. But nothing in life is easy.

The sun is rising on a new day. And I look forward to the ceremonies. Perhaps the darkness that has followed us for so long will pass.

But with Judah and Brielle, and the challenges they face, I’m sure it’s going to be a bumpy ride to the light.



The gunshot that rings in my ears sends both Judah and I to the ground. His heavy weight on top of me, keeping me pressed into the soft grass. The scent of earth invades my nostrils, but the fragrance of his cologne—spice and warmth—takes over and soon, all I can feel, hear, or smell, is him. It’s as if he’s burrowing himself in my veins. He’s the blood that’s coursing through me, keeping my heart pumping, keeping my lungs filled.

“Get the fuck off me,” I bite out as I push away from the lawn, but he’s too heavy, too strong.

“Remember when I told you that you’d never escape me, that if I found out you’re a lying little spy, I will end you,” he reminds me, and I still all movement. The frozen state of me makes him chuckle. The vibration of his chest against my back sends rage racing through every nerve in my body.

He’s right though. He told me that, and I didn’t listen. I should have come clean, but I was scared. My father didn’t tell me all he wanted from me. There was no conversation between us about his plan. Overthrowing one Boss is difficult, but trying to overthrow three, that’s another story altogether.