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When you know, you know....Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best Seller L. Wilder brings you a new addition to the Satan’s Fury MC-SG series. We met by chance.It was just a random hook-up.No strings attached.That was supposed to be the end of it.Only it wasn’t.I couldn’t explain it.There was something about her that I just couldn’t shake.Her touch haunted me, and I couldn’t stop myself from wanting more.But I knew nothing about her.I didn’t even know her name.The timing couldn’t have been worse.Things at the club had taken a turn, and powers were shifting.Everything hung in the balance.Still, she invaded my thoughts.As fate would have it, our paths crossed again.And this time, I was determined to make her mine.Rooster is a standalone MC romance that shows love can heal even the deepest wounds. There are some heavy topics in this story, but rest assured, the HEA will have you begging for more. No cliffhanger and no cheating. Enjoy the ride!

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“I don’t do this.”

“Yeah, okay.”

“No, I’m serious.” She motioned her hand between our hips. “I don’t do this. I’m a mom. I’ve got kids. Two of them.”

“You saying you don’t wanna do this?”

“No, no. I’m not saying that.” She raked her teeth over her bottom lip. “I just wanted you to know that I don’t do this sort of thing.”

The movie theater bathroom was a new one for me, too, but I didn’t see any need in telling her that. Besides, she was already feeling a bit leery, and the last thing I wanted to do was scare her off, especially when her hot little body was pressed against mine, and I had a raging hard-on. I gave her one of my most charming smiles and said, “Baby, I don’t care if you do or don’t. It’s not like we’re courtin’ here. We’re just fuu...”

“Yeah, yeah. I got it.”

The crease in her brow faded, and I knew I had her when a smile swept across her face. She nodded, and that was that. I lowered my mouth to hers once again, drawing her closer as I kissed her with everything I had.

She didn’t resist. Instead, she wound her arms around my neck and kissed me back. Need surged throughout me like a fucking wildfire as she eased her hips forward and started grinding against me. It was all I could do to keep from taking her right there in the hallway.

I was on the brink of losing control when she placed her hand on my chest and pulled away from me yet again. “I’m not a bad person for this, right? I mean, people do this kind of thing all the time, don’t they?”

“Yeah, I guess, but that doesn’t mean you gotta do it.”

“I know, but I deserve this. I always take care of everybody else. This time, I’m going to treat myself.” Her eyes skirted over me. “Instead of some chocolate, I’m having the hot guy I met at the movies.”

“Ah, you think I’m hot?”

“Oh yeah.” A wicked smile swept across her face. “You’re way hot.”

“Right back at ya, babe.”

I pulled her closer and pressed my mouth to hers. This kiss was different. This kiss wasn’t laced with doubt or any resistance at all. Instead, it was smoking hot and filled with a hunger that matched my own. Her body melted into me as her tongue brushed against mine, and then it was over. I’d taken all I could take.

I dropped my hands to her waist and started to unbuckle her jeans. “You sure you’re good with this?”

“Oh, yeah. I’m definitely good.”

The tip of her tongue slowly dragged across her bottom lip as she kicked off her boots, then lowered her jeans and panties to the floor. She stood there staring at me with a wanton look in her eyes as I grabbed a condom from my wallet before lowering my jeans and boxers.

From the moment we’d first kissed, she’d had me all tangled up. My cock pulsated against my fingers while I slipped on a condom. I gave it a hard squeeze, trying to relieve some of the throbbing pressure, but it did little to help. I needed her, and I needed her now.

Unable to resist a moment longer, I reached for her, pulling her close. Anticipation flashed through her eyes as my hands dropped to her hips and lifted her up, pressing her back against the wall. She bit her lip and wrapped her legs around me, making my cock grow even harder. My need for her was palpable, burning deep inside my gut.


I didn’t know what it was about this woman, but she had me spiraling out of control. With one hard thrust, I buried myself deep inside her. A rush of air hissed through her teeth as I withdrew and drove into her again and again. With her arms wound tightly around my neck, I growled into her shoulder and started thrusting harder and deeper, building up to a relentless pace.