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Seven men... one woman.

When I sought refuge here in this clubhouse, I never expected to come across seven men all in a relationship together.

On top of that, I never expected them to want to share me, too.

I'm doted on. Cared for. Absolutely adored.

Which means when danger comes knocking, my men go above and beyond to protect me.

Come after them, and they'll toy with you...

But come after me? They'll rain hellfire upon you.

And the person targeting me is about to find out just how lethal my men are when it comes to protecting me.

**Previously published on Kindle Vella as Property of Chaos Keepers MC. This book has been extended.
**This is a STANDALONE why choose MC romance.

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If there was one thing I loved in this world, it was fucking one of my men, and when there were five of them to sink my cock into… It was like being submerged into Heaven on Earth.

There would be six, but Smokey wasn’t interested in sex, which was fine. I loved him regardless of his lack of sex drive. He got my affection in other ways.

With five men to fuck plus a woman, one might think I’d get my fill, but nope. I was an insatiable beast.

And the only thing better than sinking into one of my men was sinking into our woman or watching her get railed by one of them. And fuck, if I thought we were insatiable? Our woman could take cock all day long and never get tired of it. The only reason she didn’t was that we forced aftercare on her and made sure she took care of herself.

April watched over her shoulder with half-lidded eyes, her dark hair a fucking mess, as she watched River grip the sheets in his fists, grunting as I slid inside of his tight ass. River was slim with tattoos everywhere. But he was lethal as fuck if I needed him to be, and he loved getting fucked hard with complete abandon. He wanted it to hurt, to burn. And fuck, I loved being the one to inflict pain upon him.

“Shit. Shit. Shit,” he hissed, his eyes no doubt rolling back in his head as I brushed against his prostate.

I leaned over him, my fingertips digging into his hips. “She’s waiting,” I rumbled in his ear before sucking his lobe into my mouth. I gripped his cock in my hand to the point it hurt, groaning when his ass clenched around me. Shit, it felt so damn good when he did that. “Don’t leave our woman waiting, River. She’s always such a good girl for us.”

April whimpered at the praise, and I flashed her a soft smile. The rest of us were harsh and brutal with each other, but April? She was our soft spot—our weak link but also the one who made us strong. And we protected her and loved her like she was the most fragile thing in the fucking world. Because to us, she was.

“On your back,” River gruffly told her. “Let us watch you while I fuck you raw.”

I shivered, and I wasn’t even the one he was talking to. Fuck, my boy had a way with words.

I dug my fingers into his hips, grunting as I slid out and pushed back into him, unable to help himself. He hissed a breath through his teeth, and we both watched as April flipped her curvy, soft, tattooed body onto her back, spreading her thighs for River, giving both of us a perfect view of her pretty, pink pussy.

“God, look at how wet she is,” River growled, sliding his fingers between her folds, sliding her juices all over her, coating her in her own slickness. “How bad do you want me inside you, tat?”

She sank her teeth into her bottom lip at the sound of his special nickname for her falling off his lips. River was our tattoo artist, and the first time he’d tattooed her, he’d called her tat, and it stuck for them.

“So bad,” she whispered. “It hurts, River. Make it stop hurting. I’m aching.”

“Godfuckingdammit,” I growled in one breath. I both loved and hated hearing her beg so fucking sweetly. Loved it because despite her acting like a whore most of the time, she was still so sweet and innocent when she begged. Hated it because it took every bit of my restraint not to spill inside River’s tight ass. “Get inside of her so I can fuck you properly, boy,” I snarled.

He leaned over her, bending his body, his hands planted on either side of her head. With my hand wrapped around his girth, I angled him into her pussy, groaning when I felt just how wet she was. Christ, I loved how much she wanted us. She was so unashamed of it, too, which just made it so much hotter. So much better.

And just to think, she once told us she wasn’t sure if she could take all of us since she hardly ever got wet for her piece-of-shit ex.

Baby girl just hadn’t been with real men before. Men that cared about her. Loved her. Worshipped her. Took care of her.

“Yes, yes, yes,” April chanted, her ankles hooking around River’s slim waist. I gripped those ankles in my hand, keeping her just like that as River fucked into her and I fucked into him. Their mouths found each other in a wet, messy kiss, their moans and groans fueling me as I wrecked River’s tight hole.

Leaning over River’s back, I slipped my tongue between their mouths, licking both of them. “Come,” I snarled. “Now.”