Prison Christmas with Daddy Read Online Alexa Riley

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She’s going behind bars to save him. Who will save her?

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Holding the box closer to my chest, I look up at the cold concrete building, and my heart breaks. I can’t believe my daddy is locked up over Christmas. It’s the worst place to be during the holidays but most especially because he’s the only person I have left.

The loud buzz of the door startles me, and I almost drop the present. When the guard steps out, he takes a look at me and the other family members waiting to be let in. I’m surprised there’s not more people because this is the only time they allow visitors on Christmas, but I guess that’s just the way things go.

I don’t miss the way the guard looks back at me and his eyes linger on my chest. In Daddy’s last letter, he told me to dress real pretty for him since it was Christmas, but now I’m wondering if maybe I dressed a little too pretty.

The guard steps back and lets us all come through the gates as they check us in and take down our information. I glance over my shoulder one last time when I hear the sound of the steel door sealing shut.

“What’s your name, sweetie?” the guard asks, and I nearly jump out of my skin. I didn’t see him move so close, and I have to take a second to think about what he asked.

“Um, Cinnamon.”

The grin that slowly spreads across his lips is scary. “You’re Walt’s girl, aren’t you?” He licks his lips as his eyes once again move over my body and then linger on my chest.

I nod and bite my lip as I try to use the present to cover my breasts. It’s probably no use since they’ve always gotten attention. Ever since they came in, I can’t keep people from staring at me.

“He told me you’d be here today.” While all the other family members are led into the main visitation room, he eyes the box in my arms. “Is that what I think it is?”

I nod again, unable to form words. I’m too scared and too afraid that I’ll say the wrong thing. Daddy gave me very clear instructions, and he said that I shouldn’t talk too much. Maybe he knows it’s because I’ll ramble if I get nervous. He’s not wrong.

Ever since he’s been locked up, I’ve had to take on more responsibilities at home. He’s done a lot even behind bars, but it’s given me a chance to grow up a little. After turning eighteen, he transferred all the money into my account and told me how to pay all the bills. It’s been a learning experience, which was great, but I’m ready for him to be home and to take over again. As much as I love the tiny amount of independence it gave me, I much prefer Daddy to take care of me.

“Then let’s take you to see your daddy,” the guard says, and when I walk by him I feel his hand move to my back as he leads me down the hall to the visitation area.

The more steps we take, the lower his hands goes, and right before we walk in I can feel his big palm on my ass. My cheeks are red from embarrassment, but Daddy told me not to argue with them or make a scene. He wants today to go perfectly, and I do too.

When I see Daddy on the other side of the room cuffed to a table, I’m both happy to see him and sad all at once. The guard's hand falls away from my ass as he takes his post by the door and I run over to Daddy.

It’s instinct to want to fall into his arms, but when he’s cuffed like this, he can’t hold me. Not the way I want him to. I can’t even sit in his lap, which has always been my favorite thing. Daddy’s bright orange jumpsuit reminds me that we’re not at home.

“It’s okay, baby girl, come here and let me see you. I want to get a real good look.”

“Do you like it?” I ask as I place his gift on the table and do a little twirl for him.

The Santa Claus dress seemed to cover more of the mannequin than me, but I thought it would cheer him up to see me in Christmas colors. The skirt is way shorter than I usually wear, but the white fur around the bottom was so soft I couldn’t resist. The sweetheart neckline is cut extra low too, but it was the biggest size they had, and I didn’t have much time to find something else.

He makes a humming sound of appreciation, and I see his knees widen. He probably wants me to sit on his lap, and I wish I could. I miss how close we used to be, and since he’s been gone I’ve longed for that affection.