Obeying His Rules Read Online Jenna Rose

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When Rain Lauren spies CEO Marlon Carnell at a Manhattan bar, sparks do not fly. In fact, Marlon tells her to walk away, saying she really does not know what she’s getting herself into. But Rain works for the toughest woman in the fashion industry and is not one to back down. She insists Marlon asks her out, and he agrees, under one she’s not allowed to fall in love with him after he blows her mind.

His arrogance drives her wild, and their night together opens her mind to a whole new world. She feels her resolve slipping, and her curiosity about this incredible man growing. But then come Marlon’s no personal questions, and never ask him anything about his past.

Rain agrees, believing she can manage a friends-with-benefits situation like this, but it’s not long before she realizes she’s in completely over her head and this man may be more than she can handle.

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“There’s no way I’m going over there!” I protest. “Look at the girl he’s talking to right now. She’s a solid ten! Maybe even an eleven! She breaks the hotness scale!”

I look across the bar at the tall brunette with modelesque features and a body that seems physically impossible, doing her best to chat up an equally gorgeous man in in the well-tailored gray suit, who seems entirely disinterested in her.

He’s easily the best-looking man in the bar. Everything about him screams money and power, and while the woman is undeniably gorgeous, it’s pretty clear what she’s looking for in him.

“Oh, come on, Rain,” Jasmine giggles from beside me, sipping her cucumber margarita. “Guys like him are so sick of girls like her. He’d take a girl like you in a second!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I reply. “A girl like me? What? Plain-Jane and boring? Not stunning like her?”

“I’m sure that’s not what Jaz meant,” Taylor, my almost-too-gay-to-exist bestie chimes in, wrapping a comforting arm around my shoulders. He pecks me lovingly on the cheek, instantly making me feel better. “What I’m sure she meant is that guy, who looks like he owns Microsoft or Apple or something, is tired of gold-diggers like Miss Instagram-Queen over there, and would probably enjoy an actual honest conversation with someone like you!”

“Precisely!” Jasmine replies, snapping her fingers.

I smile and glance back across the bar at the two impossibly good-looking people and wonder what it’s like going through life looking that beautiful. Do people just trip over themselves trying to make you happy? Do they just end up being nice to you without even realizing it?

“Just go and talk to him, Rain,” Jasmine laughs, rubbing her elbow into my arm. “Barge into that bitch and say, ‘Hey, sweetie. I need to talk to my boyfriend! Can you get lost?’ And I bet you dollars to donuts she will!”

I groan. “Listen, you guys were able to convince me to come out with you tonight. But I’m not rubbing shoulders with the next Adriana Lima, okay?”

“Hey, we brought you out here for your own good,” Taylor replies. “There’s only so long a girl like you can hang onto her v-card before people start to wonder what’s wrong with you.”

“What’s wrong with me?” I repeat.

Jasmine nods. “They say girls like you, with everything going for them–looks, brains, drive, a sweet personality–and no man? Well, she must be a dark witch.”

I almost spit up my drink and quickly reach for a napkin.

“A dark witch?”

“That sounds sexy to me.” Tommy smirks. “But I don’t think you’ll have to barge in on that girl any longer. Look.”

He points, and I follow his finger across the bar and see the gorgeous future Victoria’s Secret Angel walking away from the suited man in a huff, clearly having just been rejected.

The man takes a deep sip from his glass of what looks to be whiskey and goes back to spinning something around in his hand. From where I’m seated, I can’t quite make out what it is, but it’s something small and clearly has his attention more than the model who now has her purse and is on her way out of the bar, looking like she’s just been told she’s been evicted from her apartment.

“See? He’s sick of girls like her,” Jasmine says, placing both hands on my back, doing her best to shove me out of my seat. “Now it’s your turn! Get over there and go talk to him!”

“Oh, so I can be the second girl he rejects tonight? No thank you!”

“What did we say when we agreed to let you come out with us tonight?” Taylor asks in that sassy tone of his he loves to put on.

“Agreed to let me come out with you?” I laugh. “You two made me come out with you!”

“Well…yea! But only because you desperately need to find yourself a man!” Taylor replies, adding his hands to Jasmine’s on my back, increasing the pressure to expel me from our booth.

It only takes a couple of seconds before I’m standing amidst the crowd, tugging down the hem of my dress, and the two of them are shifting over in their seats, making it impossible for me to sit back down again.

Jasmine points over at the mysterious, well-dressed businessman.

“Go ask him out. Tell him you’ve come to the conclusion that he’s the best-looking man in the bar, and you’ve decided he can buy you a drink.”

“Oh God, a cheesy pickup line? Seriously?” I shake my head at them and sigh. “You two are the worst.”

“You mean the best!” Taylor calls after me as I turn my back on them and start my long voyage through the throng of people toward my conquest.

He’s just a dude, I tell myself as I walk, doing my best not to trip in the pair of heels I’ve worn less than five times in my life.