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Mark and Cecilia have big plans for Valentine's Day- overnight at a hotel with no kids and no interruptions. Mark just has to finish one job before they can make it happen. When he leaves, he promises that he'll be back in time for their date. Providing security for a pop singer should be a piece of cake. Easy money.All their plans change when the job turns out to be far more dangerous than anyone had anticipated.Say hello to old friends and meet some new ones when the Aces MC and Mark's team come together once again.

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Chapter 1


“You have approximately—” I glanced over his shoulder at the clock. “Fifteen minutes, max, before the girls are knocking on our door.”

“I locked it,” Mark mumbled, his face in my neck. “They can’t get in.”

“It’s not going to matter.” I laughed as he jerked my panties down my legs under the blankets. “Neither one of us will finish if they’re outside knocking and yelling for us.”

“Well then, I guess we’ll have to hurry,” he replied, completely unconcerned. “The question is, how do we maximize the time allotted?”

“I love it when you talk all smart to me,” I joked, poking at his leg with my toes.

“Get those talons away from me,” he teased, shoving at my leg.

“Talons!” I whisper hissed. “I get pedicures. You’re the one with talons!”

“Sure,” he replied, yanking down my tank top to pull one of my nipples into his mouth.


Mark just shrugged, but the pressure of his mouth lessened as he licked the tip. “God, I love you.”

“I love you, too,” I moaned, running my fingers through his hair.

“I was talking to your tits.”

“They love you, too. But we better get moving or that’s the only thing that’s going to love you this morning,” I warned.

I sucked in a rough breath as first one, then two fingers slid inside me. No preamble. No hesitation. Mark knew my body almost as well as I did. While we’d had plenty of quiet nights with plenty of time to explore, lately, this had been more our speed. Literally. Sneaking around, a little touch here, a little touch there, and by the time we had a minute alone, all of those touches, every single one, had already built me so high that even the slightest brush of his fingers set me off. The minute his thumb found my clit, everything inside me pulled tight.

“Hold that thought,” Mark whispered against my nipple, giving it a quick kiss.

“I’m going to kill you,” I hissed as he flipped me over. My irritation didn’t stop me from scrambling up onto my knees, though, my arms and head flat on the bed.

“So sexy,” he whispered, kissing the small of my back. I felt him move, and then suddenly he was surging inside, the force of it making me jerk. “Good?”

“Good,” I breathed as his hands gripped my ass.

I pressed my face against the mattress and moaned with each thrust. The feel of him behind me, his thighs rubbing against mine, his fingers digging into my ass cheeks and his cock powering in and out made my entire body heat, my skin tingling.

When he leaned forward, his back pressed against mine, I shuddered, knowing that in less than a second… inhaling sharply as his fingers slid between my legs. I focused on the spots we were connected, his fingers thrumming my clit, his cock hitting the perfect spot inside me, the feel of his breath on my neck, and came with a muffled cry.

“Goddamn,” he whispered against my neck. “Fuckin’ hell, Cecilia.”

A few thrusts later, he came with a shudder. Leaning back, he ran his hand down my spine.

“Mama?” A little fist banged on the door. “Mama, I’m awake!”

“Okay,” I called, turning my head away from the bed, glad that Mark had thought to lock the door before he woke me up. “I’ll be right out! Is sister awake?”

“Yeah, she’s with Ferest!”

“Okay, give me just a second!”

Little feet pounded down the hallway and Mark laughed.

“You know, you’re going to have to pull out, so I can get up,” I reminded him, looking at him over my shoulder.

“But this is my favorite place.” He grinned.

“Off,” I ordered, shoving back with my hips. We both moaned. Okay, probably not my best move when I had to get out of bed.

“I’ll get them,” he said as he pulled away, giving my ass a slap. “You go clean up.”

“Thanks,” I grumbled, tossing his boxers at him. “Do you mind if I take a quick shower?”

“If you must,” he teased, grabbing me by the waist as I tried to pass him. He looked down at my chest. “You may want to hurry though.”

“I know I’m leaking.” Wiping my hands over my breasts, I flicked the moisture at him. “Check out the bed.”

He started laughing at the wet breast-shaped imprints on the sheet.

“I’ll change it later,” I called as I hurried toward the bathroom. “If you give Forrest some oatmeal, he won’t lose his mind before I get there to nurse him!”

“Take your time,” he said, poking his head into the bathroom. “I can handle the kids.”

Just then, a screech rang out from somewhere.


“Hurry up,” I yelled, snickering as I turned on the shower. I usually tried to be quick in the shower since inevitably one of the kids would come in asking for something, but if he was offering to hold down the fort, I was going to make the best of it. With a sigh of appreciation, I walked in under the spray and let it pour over me.