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My Son’s Girlfriend

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Cassandra Dee

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The sweet girl is dating my son. But that’s not going to stop me.

Katie’s a shy, unassuming student at City College. She’s got everything going for her except one thing: a boyfriend who can deliver. The guy she’s currently seeing, Jimmy Marks, just doesn’t seem to have the chops. But when she meets Jimmy’s dad, everything changes.

Jordan Marks is a powerful, wealthy CEO. He can get any woman he wants, including models, actresses, and even minor nobility. But when his son’s girlfriend walks into his life, suddenly the Earth shakes. Because who knew a sassy BBW could steal his heart? Sure, Katie’s his son’s girlfriend … but that’s not going to stop the billionaire from taking what he wants.
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Chapter 1


I admire my reflection in the full-length mirror of my dorm. A curvy girl wearing a brand-new lingerie set, accessorized with an insecure expression, is staring back at me. If I’m going to seduce my boyfriend, I better fix that because confidence is sexy. Or at least, that’s what I read in those women’s magazines. Mom says I should stop reading them because the mags are full of nonsense and unrealistic expectations for our bodies, as well as drivel about men and relationships. But still, it’s hard to keep from fingering the glossy pages and glancing at the photos inside, unrealistic as they are. I sigh, turning to get a better look at my wide hips, big ass, huge tits, and soft rolls in all their glory. Nope, definitely not magazine-worthy. Not by a long shot.

But I thought dating Jimmy Marks would finally help me feel beautiful. And at first, it really did. I couldn’t believe that Hudson University’s star lacrosse player was into me, a straight A student here on a scholarship. No one as hot and popular as Jimmy had ever shown any interest in me. With my curly brown hair, brown eyes, and curvy body, I always felt inferior to the pretty, thin, blue-eyed blondes the boys chased after. I’d even decided to stay a virgin until I met someone special who would appreciate me for me.

And yet, that doesn’t seem to be Jimmy, either. We’ve been dating for a couple of months now, but he hasn’t really shown much interest in me sexually. We’ve kissed and stuff, but there’s never much passion to it. It’s just lacking that oomph, you know? He’s sweet and respectful, and he knows I’m a virgin, so I figure he’s just waiting for me to take the first step. Although with all the girls constantly vying for his attention, it’s a mystery why he would be this patient.

So today I’m going to take the plunge and show him I’m ready to lose my virginity. I’ve bought a brand-new lingerie set and I’m going to surprise him in his dorm for a session of sexy-time. As a star athlete, he has a single room so at least we won’t be disturbed.

Realizing I’m probably never going to feel like a vixen as I come onto my lacrosse-playing boyfriend, I give up the mirror antics. I’ll just have to go for it. I throw my summer dress on over the lingerie set and start focusing on my hair and make-up. Light and easy does it because the natural look has always been more my thing, as opposed to heavy and artificial.

Finally ready, I leave my dorm before my roommate, Nicole, comes home. She’s my best friend and I love her, but with her thin frame, long blonde hair and blue eyes, she’s also conventionally pretty. I know I shouldn’t, but I often find myself comparing myself to her in my head. And right now, I don’t need any more doubts about my body flooding my mind. Not with such high stakes.

My heart pounds in my chest as I leave my building and cross the campus grounds to the dorm where Jimmy lives. It’s the first beautiful spring day after a long, slushy winter, and absolutely everyone is outside enjoying the sun. It suddenly occurs to me that with the weather this great, I may not find Jimmy in his room. I hope for the best as I skulk through the empty hallways. As I get closer to his door, I hear strange sounds. Are they … omg, sexual sounds? A man is definitely moaning in pleasure.

Taken off-guard, I continue quietly towards Jimmy’s door and see that not only his door not closed properly, but the sounds are coming from inside his room. My heart skips a beat as I stop in my tracks, dread flooding through me. Clearly, Jimmy is watching porn. But can I blame him? He’s been dating a virgin and he’s been so respectful in his abstinence, he surely needs to blow off steam somehow. It’s silly for me to be annoyed at him, and I immediately push the thought away. I had been thinking of turning around and leaving him to it because it would be so awkward for me to surprise him with this visit now. But actually, what better way to come inside and tell him he doesn’t need to watch porn anymore? After all, today is his lucky day.

Giggling a little, I take a deep breath and push the door open, and then immediately freeze. Jimmy instinctively slams his laptop shut, staring at me in shock, but not before I see what was on the screen - the man I had heard moaning was actually two men! One man had been drilling the other in the ass, while that recipient’s cock stood up big and hard, cum squirting from the tip. What the hell? Why is my gorgeous, lacrosse playing boyfriend watching gay porn? Suddenly Jimmy bursts out laughing, trying to look relaxed.