Malone’s Pride – Haven Texas Read Online Laylah Roberts

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Crazy, charismatic Raid Malone didn’t think he was ready to settle down. But now that most of his brothers have found their women, he thinks it might be time to claim his.

And he knows just who he is going to claim.

Sweet, submissive Hannah.

If he could just get her to stop running from him . . .

Hannah has had a crush on Raid Malone for a long time, but he’s way out of her league.

Plus, he’s kind of wild.

Maybe it’s time she finds a Dominant who can give her what she needs. However, when she goes looking. . . she finds herself in more trouble than she bargained for.

Hannah might just discover that an angry, protective Malone man is more than she can handle.

But also, exactly what she needs.

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Blood poured down his arm.

Hannah’s heart skipped as panic held her frozen.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

He was bleeding.

Raid was standing there, bleeding. Right in front of her.

“Hannah? Hey, Hannah! You okay?”

She stared up into his hazel-green eyes. “Sure, I’m all right. A bit tired today, but good. I . . . oh shit! You’re bleeding!”

“Yeah, darlin’, sliced myself while fixing a darn fence. You think the Doc could see me for a minute?”

“See you for a minute? You’re bleeding!”

Way to state the obvious, Hannah.

He had a shirt pressed to his arm. Not his shirt. Which was too bad, really.

She wouldn’t mind seeing his bare chest.

She bet his bare chest would be mighty fine.

“Hey, can one of the doc’s see you?”

Glancing over, she saw Tanner, Raid’s younger brother, walk in. He was in the process of pulling on a T-shirt.

And wow . . . he might not be built as big as Raid, but his chest was definitely very nice.

“Hannah, yo, darlin’? You mind looking at me?” Raid sounded annoyed for some strange reason as he ran his hand through the air in front of her face.

Maybe he’s annoyed because he’s bleeding and you’re standing there like an idiot ogling his brother.

“Oh my God! You’re bleeding!”

“What’s wrong with Hannah?” Tanner asked. “She’s gone all pale and looks like she’s gonna puke. Shit, she’s not scared of the blood, is she?”

“I’m not scared of blood,” she replied, offended.

“That’s good, honey, because I’d have to tell you that you’re in the wrong job if you are,” Tanner replied. “Now, you think you can get one of the docs to see my idiot brother? I told him I’d take him to the emergency room, but he insisted on coming here.”

Crap! She needed to get a doctor out here now!

“I’ve got to get a doctor!” She stood and turned to run off, only she somehow tripped over the foot of her chair, falling onto her hands and knees with a thump.

Ouch. Shit. That hurt.

But what hurt more was the blow to her pride. She’d just fallen over . . . right in front of Tanner and Raid Malone.

Raid Malone.

The man she’d had a crush on for years yet had never had the courage to do anything about. The guy that featured in her dirtiest dreams.

That Raid Malone.

“Hannah!” he called out.

Tears filled her eyes. Could this get any more humiliating? It was too much.

“Are you all right? Hannah?”

She glanced up to see he’d rounded the counter.

“You’re not supposed to be back here.”

“You okay, darlin’?”

Shit. She loved it when he called her darlin’. She didn’t know why. It wasn’t special. He called lots of people that.

You don’t mean anything to him, Hannah. Remember that.


“I’m fine. Guess I’m just falling for you.”

Shoot. Why’d she say that? Because this was what they did. They flirted. For Raid, it was a fun game.

For Hannah, it was like a form of torture.

Raid smiled wickedly. “Well, you’re only human, darlin’, so don’t beat yourself up. It’s hard to resist this much handsome.”

Right. Good. She had herself under control now.

“I’ll just go get the doctor.” She started crawling along the floor.

“Hannah!” he barked. “You want to get off the fucking floor first?”

Why did he sound so irritated? She had no idea what she’d done.

Was he mad at her? It wasn’t her fault she was super clumsy.

She was only ever clumsy around him. For some reason, her brain and her body would disconnect from one another and she’d end up either running away to avoid him, or doing something stupid like what she’d done right now.

“Hannah,” Raid said in a low, commanding voice. Whoa. That was a tone she’d never heard from him before. He sounded so dominant.

Now she knew she was dreaming. That was another reason they’d never work. Even if she could get past tripping up over her own feet and actually manage to have a normal conversation with him, and even if he genuinely liked her in return, there was still the issue of her being a submissive.

And Raid wasn’t a Dom.

His brother, Alec, was. In fact, a couple of the Malone brothers might also be. But as far as she was aware, Raid wasn’t.

And Hannah wasn’t sure that she could be with someone who wasn’t a Dom.

Crap. She was still on her knees.

Get up.

“Is everything all right out here?” a feminine voice asked.

She closed her eyes. Great, now Jenna, her close friend and boss, was here to witness her humiliation. Along with everyone else in the waiting room.

“Hannah? What’s wrong? Did you fall? Oh, Raid. What did you do?” Jenna asked. She was a petite, curvy brunette. She and her husband, Curt, had moved to Haven a few years ago. Both of them were busy between Curt’s security company, Jenna’s job, and the two children they’d adopted.


“I just cut myself. Hannah fell. She might need you to check her over. Hannah, can you get up?”