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Come visit Sanctuary Ranch and the Iron Shadows for fun, shenanigans, engagements and weddings. Daddy's Naughty DarlingIt was all the damn bunny’s fault. . .Okay, so it wasn’t actually the bunny’s fault that she’d wandered off the path, gotten lost, and had to be rescued by Rambo. But it was better than blaming herself. Or imagining exactly what was going to happen once Daddy returned home. She needed more of his time. . .Clint was a busy man, running Sanctuary and looking after the people who lived there. But nothing was more important to him than his Little girl. Whatever she needed he would give her. His time. His attention. More time over his knee. . . His Little CowgirlGigi is settling into life on Sanctuary Ranch. She’s made friends with the other Littles, gotten herself a pair of cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat.Too bad she hasn’t learned to listen when Daddy gives her orders. That’s going to land her in a whole lot of trouble.Daddy's Little BrideClint and Charlie's wedding is getting closer.But will illness ruin the big day or will it be Daddy to the rescue?A Little EngagementSomeone is getting engaged...who is it going to be?A Little WeddingIt's wedding time ...Finally, the big day is close for Sunny and Duke.Their wedding day.There are just a few issues standing in the way of their happiness.Sunny's absent parents.And a certain assassin who seems to have crossed sides.Will the big day ever come about?This boxed set contains five novellas from the Montana Daddies and MC Daddies series. They aren't meant to be read on their own, but as part of these two series.

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It was all the damn bunny’s fault.

If it hadn’t jumped across her path, looking so adorable, then she wouldn’t have tried to follow it to get that perfect photo. And now she wouldn’t be completely lost.

Charlie sighed, trying to figure what direction to take. But all around her there was just trees, trees, and more freaking trees. Crap.

She rubbed her hands up and down her arms, wishing Clint was here. But he’d headed out yesterday to round up some cattle in the northern pasture and wasn’t due back for a few days.

Why hadn’t she told anyone where she was going?

Because she’d wanted to be on her own, and if she’d told any of the men who lived on the ranch, they would have insisted on coming with her. Damn overprotective Neanderthals.

She really wished one of them was with her right now. She wasn’t used to living in the country. She was a city girl.

She was in so much trouble.

The wind whistled through the trees, rustling the leaves, and she shivered, letting out a low whimper. It wouldn’t be long until the sun went down and then it would grow really cold. She wasn’t wearing enough clothing to be out here at night.

Clint was going to be furious when he found out. And he would find out, nothing got past him.

And then her ass was toast.

She kicked at a rock on the ground. Well, at least then he might spend some time with her. She sighed. That wasn’t fair.

Logically, she knew that he was just busy at work. But logic didn’t always rule. Sometimes her insecurities got the best of her, and that horrible voice inside her got its claws into her, telling her all the ways she wasn’t good enough. She took a steadying breath as she realized she was on the verge of tears. Before meeting Clint, she’d hardly ever cried. He’d broken down so many of her barriers. Taught her that it was safe to be herself around him. Promised that he’d never let her go.

He was more than just her boyfriend, than just the head of their little family, he was also her Daddy.

She rubbed at her head. Right now, she had bigger worries than her relationship.

Damn stupid bunny.

All right, so it wasn’t the bunny’s fault. But still. She had to blame someone and she’d rather it be the bunny’s fault than hers. Wasn’t like the bunny was going to get its butt roasted by its boyfriend.

Although considering how cold she was, a hot ass might be a welcome thing right now. She bounced up and down, wishing she’d put on her heavier winter jacket. And brought a flashlight since it was going to get dark soon.

That knot in her stomach grew tighter. She wasn’t really fond of the dark. And being outside in the dark, on her own, with trees looming over her like giant monsters, their branches like claws reaching for her…

Shit. Stop. She was letting her imagination get away from her.

Time to bite the bullet and call for help. She’d just have to worry about the spanking she’d get later. She reached her hand into her pocket for her phone. Her heart lurched.

No. No. No.

She shoved her hand in her other pocket. Where the hell was her phone? She’d definitely put it in her pocket, hadn’t she?

“Fuck. Oh, fuck. Fuck.” Because she couldn’t remember putting her phone in her pocket. Instead, she remembered it sitting on the bedside table, connected to the charger because it had started running low last night after Clint called her.


Why hadn’t she grabbed one of the sat phones instead? Clint kept a spare one in his office and it probably would have worked better out here than her cell anyway.

Because she was an idiot.

And she wasn’t going to be able to sit comfortably for a week once she got home.

“She’s not going to be able to sit down for a month once I’m through with her.”

Kent pinched the top of his nose, feeling a headache coming on. His day had already been shit and that was before he’d discovered that Charlie was missing. Now he had his brother roaring down the phone at him, he had no idea where Charlie was, and it was getting dark.

Fuck. Where could she possibly be? Why hadn’t she taken her phone? As far as he could tell, the last time she’d been seen was at the stables three hours ago.

“She could be anywhere! It’s getting dark and cold. What if she’s not wearing enough clothing? What if she doesn’t have a flashlight or water or food? What if she’s scared?”

Charlie meant everything to his brother. She was his world. And now she was missing. On Kent’s watch, since he’d been left in charge of her while Clint was away. Once she was found, she wasn’t leaving his sight until Clint returned.