Leashed – An Alien Pet Romance Read Online Loki Renard

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I've been abducted by a filthy rich alien who thinks I'll make a good pet.
He catches me, cages me, and flies me light years away to a whole new world.
He fastens his collar around my neck and marks me as his.
But he's abducted the wrong woman. My alien master thinks he can tame me.
He's wrong.
He can punish me.
He can use advanced alien submission technology on me.
He can even seduce me.
I’ll never submit to his leash.

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The little bell at the door of the human pet shop rings inside my mind. I hear the creaking of the hinges, and then a great deal of psychic cursing and physical scuffling as some previous customers attempt to make a return. The psychic sound of the doorbell and the hushed telepathic whispers of a good family man trying to handle a wild human is quickly overridden by the sound of that human female’s voice.

“Let me go, assholes! I’ll bite your whole goddamn family!”

A smile crosses my face, a broad and excited expression that I must immediately school into composure.

She’s back.

My brother sold her, assuming she was stock like any other. He did not know I had any attachment to the human woman who, by the psychic grunts of pain and calls for help is unloading every bit of her small human female fury on the unsuspecting and undeserving family who bought her. They thought she was cute. She is. They thought she would make a good family pet. They were wrong.

I emerge from the back of the shop where I was feeding a freshly caught male, to discover a young human female named Jennifer making a huge scene both in my shop and out on the street at the same time. Quite an impressive feat for a relatively small creature.

Her hands and arms are wrapped around the door frame. Her head is stuck out into the street, and her owner has her by the legs and is trying to pull her off the door and into the shop, which is going to end badly for the human if they are not more careful. They have dressed her in a style which I can only describe as a sweet little ballerina. She has a tutu on and a pink legging bodysuit to match. The rear of it snugs extra tight over her shapely human haunches, which have always been in dire need of spanking, and are even more so now.

Her owners are a couple of well-dressed Euphorians, both with cascading raven hair and highly polished scales. The woman stands back, keeping her distance with an air of haughty disapproval on her face. She is beautiful, as are all women and men of our species. She is wearing a casual floor-length gown spun in skeins of highly reflective glittering fabric, as is the fashion. Her hair has been swept into a coiled updo and is adorned with a pin denoting her as a descendent of one of the original families of Euphoria. There is an expression of pure disgust on her elegant face as she is forced to confront a display of pure animal rebellion in the human.

The man, such as he is, is also dark haired. I do believe that these two are lesser members of the Wrathelder clan. They are a family not known for patience or kindness, and most of their wealth has come from the new construction in the central city. He has cut his hair short and chooses to wear silver tips on his lower mandibular tusks. His clothing is not as formal as his wife’s. He has chosen a cross between a pretense at warrior attire, with a hint of construction. His clothing is made of fake animal skin tailored to fit him perfectly, beige trousers, high brown boots, and a jerkin with mesh sewn into the fabric in various places to create an appearance of flesh and metal meeting. Together they make an absolutely disparate sight. There is nothing coherent about this little family.

He wanted to play beast master, I think. His wife probably wanted a pet for the children. The children, it seems, wanted a ballerina. My brother may have sold him a beast, but it takes more than money or privilege to tame one, and as for the other roles, this particular human was never going to be suited to any of them.

This unfortunate pet’s owners are silently screaming at her to comply and obey, but the human has no telepathic powers. We Euphorians are a hyper-intelligent, advanced race of aliens who by all accounts have put aside the many petty tribulations of most civilizations. We know no war and little conflict. We are also very tall, and relative to humans, incredibly strong. It is quite remarkable then, that this one young human female in her mid-twenties is managing to best an entire family of our species.

It might help if they remembered any of the human language commands they are supposed to use when interacting with their human pet, but like many families who buy a cute human without thinking about all the responsibilities and work that comes with forging a true bond with an intelligent creature from another world, they have clearly not followed a single shred of the Human Pet Book, sold at the front and back of our store for a very reasonable 3.99.