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His Wants (Taking What He Wants 0.5)

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Jordan Silver

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Chase Thornton is not the kind of man you cross; so when he learns something damaging about his fiancé the dominant male sets his sights on her much younger sister Delia to exact sweet revenge in a way that will tear an already shattered family apart while thrusting the young innocent Delia into a world of sensual bliss at the hands of the man who wants to own her completely.
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She has no idea what she’s doing; that’s what I kept telling myself as I watched her. If only she knew what she inspired in me she’d run for parts unknown. Those sly little girl

flirtatious looks; that infectious girlish grin, I wonder if she knew just what they did to a red-blooded man? She’s young yet so I’m sure she’s more used to high school boys who barely

knew how to find their dicks much less how to use them.

That’s what’s so wrong about this little foreplay we’ve got going on here, that and the fact that I’m engaged to her sister; well her sister is still operating under the delusion that

we’re engaged but things have come to light lately that have caused me to change my plans on that score but that’s for another time. Right now I’m battling my conscience over the

decision I’ve just made, the decision to take her consequences be damned.

I didn't really have anything to lose, I'd almost walked into a trap but thank heavens I'd wizened up before it was too late. I'm not an immoral man, I never would've even contemplated

fucking the teenage sister of my fiancé, a soon to be ex fiancé, now that was a different story.

She flitted through the room one last time in her low hanging jeans that hugged her ass like a second skin and her too tight tee. I'm sure the reason her shirt was too tight is because

her bitch of a mother refused to buy her new ones. For as long as I'd known this warped family they've treated her differently almost like a stepchild, who knows why?

I should probably go fishing in a different pond after having to throw back the first one I'd caught, but the truth is Delia and Celine are two completely different animals, like night

and day. Delia was dark and exotic with her long curly black locks that hung wildly down her back, while Celine is a pale blonde with arctic blue eyes, eyes as cold as her fucking soul.

I wondered not for the first time if the sweet Delia would live up to her appearance? Was she perchance hiding a hot sensual being behind all that little girl innocence? My cock couldn't

wait to find out.

There was just one thing that gave me pause, no it wasn't the fact the Delia was so young she’s legal in the state and that was good enough for me. No what pricked my conscience somewhat

was the fact that I was about to use the already used and abused girl if her family's not too well veiled treatment of her was anything to go by. This is something I never would've done

in a million years except she was perfect for my purposes. To top it all off she was the only thing that had gotten a rise out of my dick in a very long time and that beats it all.

“Chase what’re you doing sitting here in the dark all alone like this?” The viper that had sunk her fangs into me came into the room where I’d been sitting alone for some time

contemplating my next move. I had to be careful here couldn't show my hand too soon things where forming and reforming in my mind. The seething anger I felt was not allowed to show in

anyway, not yet not until I was ready to unleash it on the unsuspecting.

I’m Dr. Chase Thornton no one who knew me would ever mistake me for a sap so why the fuck this bitch thought she could pull the wool over my eyes was anyone’s guess.

“I’m just rearranging some things in my head.”

“Oh like what? Nothing to do with the wedding I hope because everything has already been set.”

“Oh no not to worry the wedding’s all yours.”

I was sure she’d miss the cryptic message behind my words.

“Go on up to bed Celine I’ll be going to bed soon myself.” Not mine and definitely not yours but you don’t need to know that, not yet at least.

“I wish you’d give up this silly idea of yours it’s just so archaic.”

‘It’s what I want.”

There, I saw the slight pull back, she knew better than to push me, even when things had been good between us in the beginning she’d known not to cross the line, how she’d found he

gumption to cross me I’d never know but that was neither here nor there, she’d fucked herself royally the minute she’d betrayed me.

“Okay then I guess I’ll see you in the morning.” She slithered out the same way she came in without trying for another goodnight kiss the last attempt hadn’t gone over so well. There was

only so much pretending I could do, having that snake coil her tongue around mine wasn’t in the cards.