His to Own (The Rowdy Johnson Brothers #3) Read Online Tory Baker

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The woman I crave more than anything wants nothing to do with me. I’m going to do whatever it takes to change her mind.

One night with Juniper and I hardly remember any of it. No wonder she’s pissed as hell, won’t talk to me or barely look at me.

I do what any Johnson worth his salt would. I take her away to my cabin until she’s ready to talk. One thing is for certain we won’t be leaving until I own Juni like she already owns me.

Who doesn’t love a work-roughened cowboy who finds a woman that will have him falling to his knees? Tory is back with the third brother in The Rowdy Johnson Brothers with an over-the-top alpha that sets the bar high in this insta-love, forced proximity, and accidental pregnancy romance.

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Six Weeks Earlier

“Fucking fuck.” My hand meets my cock, fisting it as a vision of Juniper Cartwright appears behind my closed eyes. I use the precum at the tip as lube with each pass of my hand and go back to imagining what I’m doing to the woman I’ve taken in every position in my head every damn night for months now.

Juniper on her knees, her lips plump from sucking my cock, tears streaming down her cheeks, and she’s got one hand at the base of my length as the other one cups my balls.

My body holding her up as I rock my hips in and out of her tight cunt while the backs of her knees hang in the crooks of my elbows. She's unable to move, helpless to the way I swivel my hips, hitting her clit the way I know she needs in order to come for me. And I’m the only damn man who will ever make her orgasm this hot and fast.

I’ve thought about how Juniper would look like riding my dick, allowing her to take over and find hers. My hands would be full of her tits, giving her the added pleasure in order for her to come before I ever did.

The fucking list is endless and enough to have me fucking my hand more than I care to admit. And my cock is getting damn tired of it not being Juni’s mouth, cunt, or ass. My dick pulses as I think about how tight she’ll feel wrapped around me.

“Son of a bitch.” A flashback of last night takes hold. We’re on the dance floor. Juniper is in my arms, my leg wedged between her thighs, and I watch as her eyes shutter closed. I could feel her heat through my jeans and her flimsy excuse of a skirt. Shit, that’s where things get fuzzy. Did she come for me in a crowded room full of people? Damn, if I missed her moaning my name, I’ll be kicking my own ass.

I imagine Juniper in my personal favorite position, fantasizing about taking her from behind. That’s not this particular moment though, I’ll have to save that for another time. I would’ve already had my way with her mouth, kissing her until she was breathless and leaving her lips plump and full. Juniper’s body would be arching into mine, rubbing her bare and glistening cunt along my abdomen, reaching for an orgasm only I can give her. Only when she’s consumed with need would I leave her lips. I’d taste her skin, nipping and licking my way to what I’m sure are the prettiest pebbled nipples my eyes ever saw. The rasp from my five-o’clock shadow leaving beard marks along the silky soft skin of her neck, marking her in a way every fucking man can see. I’d do similar to her tits, rubbing my chin and cheeks around each nipple, making it my mission to see if I can make her come while playing without anything else but my mouth and fingers on her tits. While my mouth works one nipple, my fingers would pinch and pull on the other.

“Juniper.” My body locks up, the base of my spine tingling in that all too fucking familiar feeling. I’m not ready to lose this sensation. There’s no way I’m rushing, not when I turn my head and smell her on my sheets.

Juniper Cartwright smells like a sultry summer night, spicy and sweet, with the slightest undertone of jasmine. All fucking woman and all fucking mine.

I don’t stop what I’m doing. There’s no damn way I’m not going to see this all the way through. I go back to jacking my cock. I’d work myself into her slowly, an inch at a time. I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve got length and girth going for me, and I damn sure know Juniper can take me.

“Juniper,” I groan her name once again, more from the need to sink my dick inside of her than the need to come all over my stomach. Except there’s no stopping the build-up. My body isn’t my own when it comes to her. The need to protect her from herself, to watch over her, and to make her become mine is always simmering just below the surface. One day soon, I’m going to make her see exactly what she does to me. And I’ll do it while I’m buried deep inside her.