Here Kitty Kitty Read Online Jenika Snow

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I made a living by selling myself online.

As soon as I saw the money in my account, I gave the viewer whatever they wanted.

A sneak peek at what was under my skirt.

A little roleplay with my kitty ears on.

Or maybe they wanted something darker, more obscene, that only happened after the lights went out, when no one saw the lengths I would go to pay my bills.

But when a client becomes obsessed, I realize how far he's willing to go to get what he wanted.

And there wasn’t just one but two, and they were greedy for not just me… but for each other as well.

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“Turn your camera on and take the panties off. Let me see just a peek,” Charles, a subscriber who was Client 5 of the night, said through my computer.

“That’s not how this works,” I replied and sucked on my lollipop, staring at myself on the laptop screen. The camera was always off in a private chat until the client made their deposit into my account.

It’s ShowTime was an internet subscription platform. I joined just five months ago to make some fast cash to help pay for my college education.

At twenty-one years old, I had big plans and dreams of getting my marketing degree and working at some Fortune 500 company. Would that ever really happen? Who knew, but I’d try my hardest to make it a reality.

And if I failed? That was just part of life, and I’d found a new path to take.

So when my waitressing job wasn’t cutting it, I overheard my coworkers talking about It’s ShowTime. Five months later, and here I was making double what I made working a below-minimum-wage job and surviving on tips.

It took a little bit of finessing to see what worked for me. But I found what my niche was on the platform—and what made me the most income. And that was taking on my “Kitten” persona and allowing my subscribers to request just about anything sexual they wanted while I intermittently meowed.

Some wanted me to lap milk up from a bowl. Others wanted me to meow while they jerked off and looked at my pussy. That was Client 5’s kink.

In my day-to-day life, I had always been a pretty open woman sexually.

I had hard limits, of course… but a little pussy shot for a hefty payment? I was down. Or maybe they wanted to watch me masturbate while I ate an ice-cream cone and purred. I also consented to that.

I had a few regulars who just wanted to pay a fixed fee per minute to watch me eat tuna out of a can. They were lucky I loved tuna.

I had a few potential clients who wanted more than I was willing to give. And when I knew things would go too far—that they were asking too much—it was easy to withdraw my consent and say no, then boot them from having access to private chats. They could choose to remain a subscriber, but if they decided to spam my community posts with comments about being unhappy with my rejection of their request, I could block them all together.

“Come on, Kitten,” Client 5 begged.

“Pay up, or I’m booting you, Charles.” I dragged my tongue over the sugary stick and stared at the laptop screen.

I knew that wasn’t his real name, but then again, Kitten wasn’t mine either. As long as he paid, he could be whoever the hell he wanted to be.


A second later, I got a notification on my phone that he made his payment.

Setting the lollipop aside, I made sure my kitty ears were straight and put my eye mask on. The bright-pink bob-cut wig was securely in place, and my outfit of choice for the night was a little leopard-print skirt and bralette that showed too much skin and was tighter than hell.

In other words, it left nearly nothing to the imagination. It was that “nearly nothing” they really paid to see though.

I propped up the pillows behind me and turned on the neon string lights that hung on my wall. It made the entire room glow pink and matched my wig.

And then I turned the camera on.

My subscribers never saw my actual face. I always wore the cat ears and a half-face kitty mask that had a cute little nose and whiskers, even during private sessions. But that’s what they wanted… the Kitten character I created.

And that was exactly what I wanted.

Charles paid for a solid five minutes, so for that entire time, I let Charles see my completely waxed pussy while I gave him a few “meows.”

I didn’t touch myself, because that’s not what he wanted. All Charles desired for his sessions was to look at my pussy as he jerked off.

And so I let my mind wander and thought about other things. I went over things I had to do for the rest of the week. I made sure I had classwork done and remembered I had an English paper due at the end of next week.

When his session was up, I disconnected his private chat and took a few minutes to myself without my camera being on in my livestream before accepting the next client in line.

I drank some water, checked social media, and then peeked to see who was next. The majority in line were regulars, subscribers who made private requests often, but it was a new subscriber request that popped up that piqued my interest.