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The harmony they create together may not be enough…Rocker Jesse Pike’s chance at fame may be ruined when his drummer ends up out of commission. Jesse blames himself. If he’d been with his friend instead of shacking up with Brianna Steel, none of this would be happening. Now their big break as the opening act for Emerald Phoenix on a hugely publicized tour of Europe may end as they’re technically in breach of contract.Brianna also blames herself. She put herself between Jesse and his band for purely selfish reasons, and now Jesse and his drummer are paying the price. She desperately wants to fix things, but she doesn’t know how.Circumstances aren’t always what they seem, though, and a surprise admission from a trusted friend plus the arrival of a newcomer upend Jesse’s world. But the worst is yet to come…

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“It’s Dragon,” Jesse says, his voice low, slightly shaking.

“What happened?” Maddie asks.

“I don’t know. He may have OD’d on something. I’ll keep you all posted as well as I can.”

I reach out to touch Jesse’s arm, but he yanks it away.

I’m hurt, but we had this chat.

No distractions.

And this—whatever just happened to Dragon—is a major distraction. Jesse doesn’t need me on top of that.

The elevator doors close, and Maddie clasps her hand to her mouth. “Is Dragon going to make it?”

“God, I hope so.” My heart is racing.

“What are they going to do for a drummer?”

“I don’t know. Brock used to play the drums. He and David and a couple other guys had a garage band.”

“Were they any good?”

“Hell no. They sucked.”

“Then how is that going to do us any good?”

I shake my head. “I don’t know, Mads. But Brock may be all we have.”

“Maybe Dragon’s okay. Maybe he’s just drunk or something.”

“God, I hope so,” I say again.

I stand against the wall, trying not to hyperventilate. I don’t know Dragon well. No one does, really.

Except Jesse. I’ve spotted him and Dragon alone and talking many times—mainly because I’m always watching Jesse. The two of them seem to be close friends.

This must be killing Jesse.

“It’s eight thirty,” Maddie says. “We’re supposed to meet Brock, Callie, and Donny for sightseeing in half an hour.”

“Right. I guess I forgot to set my alarm.”

“Me too. I was so angry after Jesse broke up that date—or whatever it was—with Zane that I came up here and pouted. None of that seems important now.”

“No, it’s not important. In fact, it never was. We should be thanking your brother, Maddie, and we’ve got to fix this for him.”

“How are we supposed to fix this? We can’t go back in time and make sure Dragon stays away from whatever he took.”

“No. But we can find a drummer. What floor is Emerald Phoenix on?”

“What are you suggesting?”

“We have no choice. We have to see if their drummer can fill in for Dragon.”

“Emerald Phoenix’s drummer is not going to fill in for Dragon,” Maddie says. “He has his own band.”

I sigh. Maddie’s right. “Then Brock is their only choice.”

“If they have to cancel this tour… Jesse and Rory are going to be so disappointed. This tour could have meant their careers, and it meant so much to our family.”

“I understand more than you know. I’m going to fix this, Maddie. If it’s the last thing I do, I’m going to fix this for your brother.”

Chapter One


Emergency rooms in the UK apparently aren’t called emergency rooms. They’re called A&E, or the accident and emergency department, part of the National Health Service hospitals. They also don’t require any up-front payment.

Still, someone—I’m so hazy I couldn’t pick him or her out of a lineup—hands me a clipboard of paperwork to fill out for Dragon.

And it hits me—how very little I know about him. I know his age but not his date of birth. I know his first name and his last name. I’m not even sure of his address. I know where he lives, but I never think about the number on the house where he rents a room.

But one thing I can state as fact.

He’s had a drug problem in the past, and he’s been through rehab at least once.

I fill in as much information as I can, and then I take the clipboard back to the clerk on duty. “I’m sorry. This is all I have. We’re from the United States.”

“Good enough, then.” She takes it from me and wrinkles her brow. “Dragon?”

“That’s his name. He claims it’s on his birth certificate, though I have to admit I’ve never seen it.”

“Do you have his passport, dear?”

His passport. That would help. “It’s probably back in the hotel room. I wasn’t exactly thinking about grabbing it when he was passed out cold.”

“Not a problem.” She flips through the papers on the clipboard. “We’ll get all the information eventually. Go ahead and have a seat. The doctors will keep you updated.”

“Thank you.”

I turn, but her voice interrupts me once more.

“Sorry. What’s your relationship to the patient?”

I shrug. “Friend. Roommate.”

She cocks her head, and for the first time I notice she’s gray-haired with blue eyes. “He’s your roommate, and you don’t know his address?”

“Sorry.” My vision blurs for a second, and I blink to refocus. “I meant roommate here, in London. Not at home. I wrote the name of our hotel on the form, but again, I don’t know the address. I could look it up for you.”

“You don’t need to do that. Very good, then.” She removes the papers from the clipboard and begins tapping on her computer.

Apparently that means I’m done this time.

I’m not even sure what time it is.

I pull out my phone and check. Still morning. I haven’t had any breakfast, but I can’t eat.