Grim Read Online Olivia T. Turner

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For one hundred and fifty years, I've been a Grim Reaper.
Wandering the earth and rendering souls for the Soul Collector.
People die, their souls must be gathered.
Millions of souls. I did it without fail. Until I saw her.
The demon of the underworld is not getting this one.
Her sweet soul is mine.
I keep her for myself.
It causes a bit of a stir.
The underworld is in a tizzy.
Reapers come out of the woodwork to take me down.
Not to mention the big bad Soul Collector. He's a little pissed.
So, I make a deal.

Ready to get freaky this Halloween? Just because our alpha hero is undead, doesn't mean he won't fall for a living soul. One look at his girl and this possessive Grim Reaper will be all-out obsessed! Rules of the underworld be damned. He's taking what's his!
SAFE, no cheating, and a sweet HEA that will have you grinning and blushing! Enjoy!

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* * *

Life is pretty lonely when you’re the harbinger of death.

It doesn’t exactly make you popular at parties.

So, what do you do?

Oh, I just collect dead wandering souls and escort them to the afterlife. No vacations, but at least I get to work outside.

You can clear a room pretty fast.

Not that I go to any parties. The last one I attended was in 1874. Back when I was human.

I can still remember it like it was yesterday. In a way, it was. Time is irrelevant to Grim Reapers. We don’t feel the thick slog of ticking seconds. Time blurs together when you pick up the scythe, whether it’s minutes, hours, days, years, decades, centuries, millennia—it all bleeds together into one long hazy moment.

My only concept of time is remembered from my years as a human and even that is fuzzy.

But I do remember that night. How could I forget?

October 31st, 1874. All Hallows' Eve.

My chap Albert was throwing a Halloween ball at his summer residence beside a lake. I was dressed as King Louis XVI with a bloody red line traced around my neck and a powdered wig on my head.

The band was cranking out hits and everyone was dancing and having a great time. Margaret, a girl I’d known from town, was flirting with me and trying to get me to dance. I wasn’t interested. In fact, I wasn’t interested in any of the girls vying for my eye.

I was drinking heavily that night. A dangerous mix of Whiskey and cider. By the time the band had packed up and left, almost all of the guests were gone, and Margaret was curled up in the arms of some other man, I was drunk as a skunk.

Foolishly, I wandered to the lake and decided to go for a late-night swim. I stripped off my costume and dove into the chilly water with only the silvery light of the full moon reflecting off the clear still surface.

I guess I went too far, or maybe I got a leg cramp, or maybe a part of my pathetic soul wanted to end the misery and sink to the mucky bottom of the lake, but whatever the case, I had drowned.

I just didn’t know it.

My soul was wandering on the shore, clueless to the fact that my body was floating behind me in the middle of the lake, lifeless, soulless, and bloated with inhaled water.

That’s when I saw him coming out of the shadows.

Black hood covering his weathered pale face, long wooden handle of his scythe dragging through the dirt, long curved blade sharp as a guillotine.

The air chilled wherever he went. I shivered as I watched him approach.

I remember the horror at seeing him.

Even with the heavy burden of the millions of souls I’ve gathered throughout my time in black weighing me down, I can still remember.

The Reaper who came for me was an evil one. He relished my terror. He toyed with his victims. He traumatized their souls before sending them off to the afterlife.

These types of Reapers give the rest of us a bad name. Terrorizing is not in the job description. We have to collect souls, not horrify them.

But just like in life, in death there are assholes who relish in the pain of others. And my Reaper was one of them.

“Your soul belongs to me,” he hissed in a ghoulishly sinister voice.

“Quit mucking about,” I shouted, thinking it was Henry or another of my chaps playing a lame joke.

But as the air chilled around me, my breath coming out in a white misty cloud, I knew something was wrong. I turned and saw my body in the lake, my grandfather’s powdered wig floating beside me like a drowned rat.

Flashes of the drowning came back to me. The panic. The thrashing. The cold water being forced into my lungs. The heaviness as I was pulled under. The sight of the bright moon fading as the life left my eyes.

I knew. I knew I was dead. I knew what this was.

And I wasn’t about to give in without a battle.

You see, my Reaper was sloppy. In his foolish attempt to terrify me, he left himself vulnerable. He didn’t have to do it. He could have just sliced me with his scythe, sent me to the afterlife, and been on his way. But no. This fucker was all about the theatrics.

I was stunned and shivering as he raised his gray hand and pointed his long crooked finger at me.

“Your soul is mine,” he whispered in his raspy voice once again.

He speared the butt of his scythe into the dirt and slowly, carefully, peeled back the hood. I could see the enjoyment on his leathery face, the skin pulled tight against his skull. Who knows how long he was wearing the black? From the looks of him, he might have been one of the first.