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Fire in His Embrace (Fireblood Dragon #3)

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Ruby Dixon

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There’s only one way to tame a dragon.
Emma Arroyo knows this. She also knows that the big golden dragon captured by her brother’s biker gang is in trouble, and it’s all her fault. He followed her scent, and now his life is in danger.
She has to fix this, somehow. If she could talk to the dragon, they could form a plan to escape, both of them. But the dragon’s mind is wild and full of uncontrollable, killing rage. There’s no reasoning with him. There’s certainly no freeing him, not when he’s like this. But Emma can’t leave without him.
There’s only one way to solve this problem - a mating. When Emma approaches Zohr to claim him as hers, she realizes just what it means to be a dragon’s mate, and how much she’s in over her head…
And she learns how fiercely possessive a drakoni male can be.
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Fireblood Dragon Series by Ruby Dixon

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The year is 2023, seven years after the destruction of the known world. Back in 2016, a Rift opened in the heavens and dragons poured forth, as terrible and violent as the beasts of legend. Like ants, they swarmed over the human cities, destroying everything in their wake. Buildings crumbled, countries fell, and within a matter of months, humankind was broken. Guns had no effect on the unearthly creatures from another dimension. Planes and missiles were too slow. Riots broke out as men were forced to fight not only for their survival against the dragons, but against each other.

The people who survived those first brutal days took to hiding. Eventually, small groups of survivors banded together and formed forts where they could live safely and securely. In the After, concrete is the building material of choice, and people freely give up their rights in exchange for protection for their families. The forts themselves are isolated and corrupt, run by a power-hungry militia. The guns they carry might not be useful against dragons, but they’re more than enough to keep the people of the fort in line. Those who cannot obey a fort’s rules are cast out, to live as nomads. They are considered scum by fort-dwellers and view themselves as dead men walking. Without shelter or a permanent place to call home, they might as well be.

For seven years, humanity continues on, living in the cracks and hiding in the shadows.

Then, things begin to slowly change. CLAUDIA, a thief from Fort Dallas, is left in the wild, abandoned streets of the former city, now known as the Scavenge Lands, as bait to tame a dragon. No one expects her to live…or for it to work. Her dragon KAEL is fierce and possessive, his mind broken by the constant madness that eats at the drakoni. Despite this, he is an intelligent being and can be as kind and loving as he is brutal. After a time, Claudia stops seeing him as the enemy and starts seeing him as a partner, and a powerful one. With Kael’s help, she hatches a plan to rescue her sister AMY and her friend SASHA from Fort Dallas and its corrupt militia. (Book 1 - Fire in His Blood)

In the process, Sasha is snatched away by DAKH, a crazed male dragon who seeks a mate to fix his mind. Though it takes time for the fearful Sasha to trust Dakh, she eventually realizes that the dragon would do anything for her and that he can love just as fiercely as any male human. When Sasha is captured by local bandits, she learns that not only are the nomads working with an old enemy of hers, but the bandits are led by a mysterious stranger named AZAR.

Azar claims to be drakoni, but not like the others. He’s not crazed, he can’t (or won’t) shift to dragon form, and he has a plan to return to his homeworld. He needs someone to go back through the rift that was created between worlds, but since no one knows if it can be done, he needs a volunteer. If he can’t get one, he’ll force someone through. He holds Sasha hostage in the hopes that she can persuade Dakh to go through the Rift, even if it costs him his life. To make matters even more dangerous, Azar’s captured ZOHR, another dragon, but he remains too crazed to be useful.

Sasha refuses to pull Dakh into Azar’s dangerous games. With the help of Emma, she breaks free from captivity and escapes into Dakh’s waiting arms. (Book 2 - Fire in His Kiss)

Meanwhile, Emma remains behind with Azar’s people to try to free Zohr.

It’s only fair, since she’s the one who got him captured in the first place…



No one expects the apocalypse to be quiet.

At least, I never did. But it’s the thing that continues to surprise me the most, the silence of it all. When you grow up in the city, you expect to hear sounds. The hum of electricity. The muffled chug of a distant train. Cars. Dogs barking. Someone playing their radio far too loud. You hear people and their things. People living, laughing, existing.

That’s all gone in an apocalypse.

Now, the power’s long gone and there’s no endless hum. The cars are dead. The dogs have wandered away, and all the people who used to live in the city? Most of them are dead, too. Even though the silence is unnerving, you eventually get used to it.

Until it’s not so silent anymore. And then that’s when you get worried.

I’m used to the silence, myself. It’s become a good thing. Silence means there’s no dragon taking flight overhead, roaring and flaming. It means there are no people nearby. It means I’m left alone, with nothing but peace and quiet for company.