Fall In Love With Me (Fall In Love Again #1) Read Online W. Winters, Willow Winters

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Series: Willow Winters

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From Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author Willow Winters comes a steamy, small town romance.

The Fall in Love Again series will feature Bennet and Bree falling in love on the small-town fictional street of Cedar Lane over and over again while the real world has had other plans for them.

Because love is endless and this is what forever means.

In any and every life, their love was meant to be. And there’s so much to tell in the dreams where they get to meet again for the first time every night.

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“I could lie here forever.” I’m barely able to murmur the words. Naked and sated, enveloped in warmth and comforted by his strong arm, holding me close to him. As if he’d need to hold me there to keep me close. My body molds to his easily, comfortably, as if this is where I’ve always belonged.

There’s a hint of a gruff inhale, one tinged with the masculine approval of a deep rumble. Instantly, a simper pulls at my lips.

“If that’s what you want,” he decides. He smirks down at me before turning on his side and lifting the sheet to hover over me.

He buries his head in the crook of my neck, leaving openmouthed kisses and letting his stubble tickle along my tender skin. My body bows on its own and my head pushes into the plush pillow as I let out a small laugh. With my palms weakly pressing against his hard chest, he nips my neck and I let out a gasp. Every nerve ending in my body lights on fire, all of that pleasure coming back to the surface, but exhaustion holds me back … that and something else.

“You wore me out,” I protest with a smile and peer up at him. I’m caught in his gaze, in a way I don’t expect, in a way that sears my soul.

It was just a fling, it was just fun, but as my heart races and my blood heats, I can’t deny it’s something else now. Something more. Something that feels like it was meant to be. Like I always belonged to him and he to me.

“Will you hold me, though?” I whisper and there’s something so delicate, so easily broken between us. A moment passes and I’m far too aware of the fragility of it all.

I love this man. I love him and he could so easily break my heart. Is it rare to know the moment? To have such certainty? The moment I begin to question it, Bennet brushes the tip of his nose against mine and then closes his eyes, resting his forehead against mine as he kisses my lips.

It all happens far too quickly before he says, “Of course I will, my sweetheart.”

I know then for sure, as the bed groans and he settles in beside me … very much more awake than I was a moment ago, this man took my heart. His to have and his to break. I didn’t give it to him. Not with conscious consent.

With one last kiss, he tells me to sleep well and to dream of him. All the while I can barely breathe with the realization. How did it happen so quickly?

How the hell did I let that happen at all?


“Miss Peters?” The deep voice I recognize easily from the other side of my front door belongs to Stewart.

With a stripe of hair removal cream on my right leg, my left a bit pink from rubbing it down a moment ago, I carefully make my way to the door, practically hobbling and yell, “Coming!”

It’s a small town; everyone knows everyone else and I’ve known Stew since he was ten years old and his family moved to Cedar Lane from the West Coast.

Cedar Lane is the epitome of East Coast suburbia tucked away in the lower bit of Pennsylvania. It’s the perfect location for peace and quiet, although there’s always something to gossip about over a cup of coffee on a neighbor’s porch.

The leaky pipe in my kitchen isn’t one of those things, or at least I didn’t think it was … until I open the door. My damp hair falls down my shoulders as I fist my robe, making sure it’s closed tight.

“Hey Stew—” My greeting is cut short. Suddenly I’m unable to tell him to come on in and that I’ll just be upstairs, staying out of his way.

My heart hammers as pale blue eyes gaze back at me. They’re accompanied by rough stubble, and kissable lips I remember all too well.

“You brought help?” I barely get out the words that are stuck in my throat. I will myself to stop staring, but I can’t. My heart skips a beat as I recognize a man I haven’t seen for years.

“You remember Bennet?” Stew asks me and I choke on a “yup” before clearing my throat and shaking off my rattled nerves.

Bennet Thompson is tall, dark and handsome, with a charming smile that would make any woman’s legs weak. “Nice to see you, Miss Peters,” he greets me and offers a courteous nod.

I swallow down a lump in my throat and give him a polite reply.

“You too. Thanks so much for coming.”

Stewart makes his way in and I have to step to the side. It’s then that the scent of the hair removal cream hits me and I realize I’ve only just gotten out of the shower so my long brunette hair is still wet. Without a drop of makeup on, I’m wearing an old cotton robe and I smell like … scorched hair.