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Eden High Series 2 Book 6

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After the explosion that could’ve taken Sian’s life, Jace is at the end of his rope. No longer willing to leave Mandy in the same town, he’s set things in motion to see to her removal. But first he has to protect the people around him, some from Mandy’s wrath once she’s cornered, and others, from retaliating against her.
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* * *

I woke up this morning, still furious about what happened at the restaurant the night before. I’d spent a good chunk of my morning routine throwing around ideas in my head about what I would do for revenge. What would satisfy me most.

There were more than a few things I’d like to do to that snarky bitch and her insignificant friends. But I’d had to satisfy myself with some of the better ideas I came up with for now, until I could do the real thing. It was the only way to quell some of my anger, and I did come up with some beauties.

But none gave me life more than imagining the look on her ugly face when things go back to the way they used to be, the way they’re supposed to be. Namely, Jace and I back together and her, who cares where the hell the little nobody ends up? As long as it’s not here.

I can already imagine how it was going to happen. Could almost see the day when Jace finally opens his eyes and stops listening to his parents and maybe his friends, and sees her for what she is and comes running back to me.

Everyone knows we’re the perfect couple. Didn’t everyone use to comment on just that when we were together for that brief moment in time? That seems so far away now, like a whole lifetime ago. The one and only time my life had been almost complete.

It was the first time I felt like more than the daughter of a mistress turned wife. For once I was the one in that lofty position, able to look down on everyone else. It’s not like I didn’t I know about the whispers. I’ve spent a lifetime blocking them out.

I knew that as far as we’d come, mother and I, that to these people we were never going to be anything more than the trash we once were. But for that brief time when we were a couple, that dark cloud had been lifted.

I’d seen a whole new way of life. Even though my stepdad had wealth and position in this town, I was never more aware of Jace’s family’s complete dominance in that area.

I knew then that as long as I was with him, just his name alone, who he is, could wipe away the taint of my birth. It’s true I hadn’t planned on falling in love with him.

I never wanted to be that weak. But he’s hard not to love. And maybe that’s part of my problem. The reason I can’t let go. He’s just too perfect to belong to anyone else but me.

I’d been so excited, so giddy in love that for the first time I didn’t use any of my usual tricks. Even though I’d warned myself what could happen if I left myself open, in the end I had no choice. I’d fallen hard and fast

I’d started building castles in the sky from our first week together. I just knew as good as we looked together, that we were meant to be. And seeing the envy of everyone around us, especially my friends, just made it that much better.

But then it had all gone wrong and still to this day I have no idea how or why. I’m still reeling from the whiplash like effect of our break-up. There was no warning, no lead up.

I just know that one day we were fine and the next, it was as if I’d never existed for him. Seriously, that’s how he did it. He didn’t even have the decency to tell me we were over.

I saw him one night for dinner, and the next day when I ran into him, running to his side all smiles and genuinely excited to see him, he’d looked right through me.

I’ve never been treated so coldly in my life by anyone, not even when I was nothing more than the daughter of a prostitute. His behavior had cut deep. It’s a wound that still has yet to heal.

As hard as I wracked my brain then and now, I still can’t figure it out. It wasn’t possible that he could’ve found out about my little side action. That had nothing to do with us, those men that I was using had been in the picture long before he and I became a thing.

They were just the backup I needed just in case. There’s nothing wrong with that is there? After all, I’d suffered enough loss and disappointment in life to know you always need to have a backup plan. I won’t endure what my mother had before she landed on her feet, or back more like.

But as for Jace I’d been too careful for him to have found out, so that couldn’t be it. Though I could think of nothing else that would’ve made him cut me out of his life so coldly, and without an explanation at that.