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One look at this bartender, and everyone gets thirsty...

With thirteen years separating them, Amber has always known that Rio is off limits. Not only does her father forbid such a relationship, but Rio himself seems intent on keeping her at arm's length. If only that was enough to quench her desire for the handsome older man.

Hired for his good looks, charismatic personality, and bartending skills, Rio makes Amber's father a lot of money by drawing women into the establishment. Watching the boss's daughter grow from an enchanting imp into a beautiful woman was never in the job description, but as Amber approaches her eighteenth birthday, Rio can't ignore her any longer. Will a promise and a duty force this drink-slinging Daddy to wonder forever what coulda been, or will he find a way to serve up a happy ending for them both?

For some, there is a second chance at having Mr. Right. Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda explores a world of connections that can't exist... until they do. Forbidden love abounds when these Daddy Doms refuse to live with regret and claim the women who own their hearts.

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In the beginning

Third grade began as all years did. A class full of unique personalities and abilities burst into a cheerfully decorated room to meet their teacher and see who would be in the same class. In one particular classroom, students paused at the doorway looking for the new teacher at school. Would she be nice or strict?

Their worlds were upended when they found a quirky-looking male teacher wearing a big bow tie. Meeting them with a big smile, Mr. Chamberlain encouraged everyone to find the desk with their name on it. Clumped together in small groups, the students slowly slid into their assigned seats.

Maisie, Amber, Harper, Beau, and Colt discovered they were group five, arranged the farthest from the teacher’s desk. Despite the boys giving each other cootie shots when they found out they were sitting with girls, the group bonded quickly and spent the rest of the year begging him to let them remain together. Thankfully, the phenomenal teacher responded to their good behavior and positive support for each other and hadn’t separated them.

Avondale High School – Home of the Dragons


Squealing with excitement, Amber Murphy flailed her pompons as the star running back of the Dragons’ football team ran out of the end zone with the football held over his head in triumph.

“You did it!” she screamed as he headed her way.

Built like a powerful machine, Colt slowed just before he reached her and wrapped one arm around Amber’s waist to lift the head cheerleader into the air. Whirling in a circle, he celebrated his winning touchdown with one of his closest friends.

“We won!” he cheered, his deep voice carrying into the stands where the crowd stomped and celebrated.

“They’re coming,” Amber warned when she saw the entire team and coaches racing their way.

“Hold onto this for me!” he said as he set her gently on the ground before handing her the football.

Amber watched him turn to the stands and exchange an air high five with the two other members of their close-knit group. She grinned at the excitement on their faces before waving the football at the quarterback who raced forward to join the celebration. Amber knew Beau had placed that ball perfectly for Colt to snatch it from the air so skillfully.

Crap! A motion caught her eye. Seeing the cheerleading coach frantically waving her hands, Amber reached down, set the football in front of her, and grabbed her pompons as the other cheerleaders milled around, unorganized in the festivities.

“Come on, girls. Let’s show them the Dragon spirit!” Amber launched into her favorite cheer and the squad followed.

Her gaze found Harper in the bleachers. Even from here, Amber could see the tears in her eyes as the curvy blonde rooted for Colt. No matter how hard Harper tried to cover her love for their friend, Amber could see right through her.


“That was a wicked run, Colt!” Maisie congratulated. “You ran like your ass was on fire.”

“It had to be.” Colt laughed and hugged her close for a few seconds before stepping back to look at the only people he really wanted to hang with tonight.

“I think the team wants you to come celebrate with them,” Maisie pointed out as she moved away, nodding at the large gathering of athletes who chanted his name.

“I hang out with them for hours all the time. Besides, you all smell so much better,” Colt said, tugging Harper to his side despite her attempts to keep her distance.

“Stay here. I want to enjoy this night with you.” He looked around the small gathering on a quieter side of the bonfire, a celebration of the team’s state win. “With all of you. We won’t have many more of these celebrations.”

“Colt, don’t you want to come hang out with the Dragonettes?” Miranda inserted herself into their conversation, nodding at the dance squad she led. All the carefully made-up beauties in the elite group stared their way.

“Hi, Miranda. I’ll catch up with you in art on Monday,” Colt answered, nicely putting her off.

He avoided high school drama, and the cliques that spawned many of them, like the plague. Life was too short to select his friends based on their appearance, class rank, or social status. His trusted friends had bonded in third grade. It was pure coincidence that there were three girls and two boys in the group.

Now looking at the sullen face of one of the popular girls at school, Colt was glad the five of them had stuck together through thick and thin. He’d hate to rely on Miranda for support when things got tough. Colt suspected she’d bail if he got a bad haircut. He smiled at her when she didn’t move away, trying to charm her into going away quietly. When she propped her hands on her hips with a huff, he knew that wouldn’t happen.