Come Here and Kiss Me Read Online M. Robinson, W. Winters, Willow Winters

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Expensive. Powerful. And entirely fucked up.

That sums up the pretentious - but elite - circle I grew up in. As much as I hate it, this life has its perks. If I want it, it’s mine. It’s as simple as that. Until she showed up; she’s a tempting little vixen I’m not allowed to have.

One intense night changed it all between us, threatening to shatter everything we know. She came up with a lie. I came up with a cover. Because the truth is… I can’t keep my hands off her and one night would never be enough.

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I brush the glass edge of the whiskey bottle against her swollen nub. She writhes and softly moans on the bartop as much as she can.

The silk ties around her wrists don’t allow much movement. She still tries to make herself comfortable, fully aware that her heady movements aren't doing much for her current disposition. She isn’t going anywhere unless I want her to.

She’s at my mercy.


She’s bound to the draft pours with another tie blindfolding her beautiful, bright hazel eyes. The light freckles on her nose only entice my desire to run my tongue over them as her perky breasts are flush against my bare chest. Those gorgeous legs of hers are spread so her ass sits on the edge, right on my hard, throbbing cock, while her red-bottomed heels perch on the bar.

I take another swig of the bottle and wipe my mouth with the back of my hand. She tastes of expensive sin that could cost me everything all at once. Yet I can’t stop myself.

I can’t stop this.

What’s happening between us is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

For a second, I roughly grip her slender waist, and she purrs in response to my frenzied assault. I can’t get enough of her. This little minx obviously likes it rough, and I have no fucking problem showing her a side of me she’s never seen before.

Brooklyn’s dirty-blond hair tosses carelessly as I suck her nipple into my mouth. I fucking want to see those plump, pouty lips part again for me and only me. Give me those little moans and strangled sighs of pleasure as the ecstasy I deliver makes her melt against my touch.

Light filters through the bar, highlighting the rows of colored glass and dark amber woods. A car drives past us, and my heart races at the thought of someone seeing us in this sinful predicament. Looking over my shoulder, I check once more that the blinds are closed. No one should be here since the bar closed over an hour ago.

Despite that, I still risked it all by having her pussy spread wide open for me. Even knowing that, it still doesn’t stop what happened next between us. If anything, it only adds to the heightened emotions lingering in the air and wreaking havoc on our minds as I continue to cross the line from her being my enemy to now my lover.

The thought prompts me to take another swig. I drip the whiskey from my mouth onto her clit and to the opening of her cunt, then take a slow, torturous lick. Sliding two fingers into her warm, welcoming heat, I curve them and finger fuck her until her thighs shake and hips buck, and she’s seconds from calling out my name.

“Stay fucking still and take what I give you, my little whore,” I murmur as I press the weight of my body against hers to keep her pinned against the bar. She obeys like the good girl she is for me.

Ever since I first laid eyes on her, I’ve wanted to fuck her until she screams my name and surrenders to me. My zipper fills the deafening silence, and I let my suit pants pool to the floor beneath me. She swallows, the cords in her throat tightening, and the blush in her chest creeps up her sleek neck to her high, prominent cheekbones and then her temples. I’m silent as I watch her, knowing if we do this, there’s no fucking way anyone can know.

She may think she’s rebelling from her rich prick of a father by having a sordid night and forbidden affair with a professor at her father’s university. Her old man is the dean, so he can never find out.

And it can never happen again…

From the stolen glances that last far too long to the way her lips tilt up when she says my name, it’s as if she’s teasing and taunting me all at the same time. Every little touch she’s tempted me with over the years that no one else sees can never happen again.

Not after what we did tonight.

“Ro.” She moans my name as her body trembles with pleasure. Her back arches slightly, and her hair turns into a messy halo on the bartop as her head falls back with those sweet sounds uttered from her swollen lips.

With the last of the whiskey, I toss back half, then savor the other half, staring down at her gorgeous body laid bare in front of me. Swishing the expensive liquor once, I hover over her, nudging her nose with mine, and let the whiskey fall to her lips. She’s such a good fucking girl, taking what I offer her. Our lips meet, and I kiss her with the desire and torment that’s built up over the years.

The bottle slams to the table as I lose myself in her kiss.