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Mya is Ethan’s dream girl. She walked into his office one day for an interview and he knew he’d met the love of his life. Ethan knows Mya loves him too, but there’s a big problem. Someone hurt her in her past and now she’s afraid to commit. He knows if he pushes too hard, he’ll only end up pushing her away. But Ethan’s not going to give up. Mya is his true love and he’ll do anything to get her to stay, even if it means crossing a line he never thought he would cross…

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“I mean, I can learn to like plants. And I can learn all about flowers and whatever too, I promise you that,” the kid sitting across from me says with the fakest smile I’ve ever seen in my life. I could tell three minutes into this interview that he cared as much about this job as he did about working at McDonald’s or Pizza Hut.

“I’m sure you could,” I say, rising from my seat. I extend my hand for him to shake. He manages to somehow only shake my middle two fingers, and I have to keep myself from visibly cringing. “I’ll let you know.”

“Thanks, boss,” he replies.

Ah, yes, the old tactic of referring to your interviewer as boss as a psychological tactic like you’ve already gotten the job. Sorry, kid, not gonna work on me.

I lead him to the door and breathe a sigh of relief as he walks out to his car. I was hoping this guy, fresh out of high school, would be the one—the one I could hire today to replace Michael, the guy I’d had working for me for fourteen months and caught stealing from the cash drawer three weeks ago and fired on the spot.

I built this plant nursery and landscaping business up on my own from nothing, and I won’t be employing people I can’t trust. I also won’t be giving second chances to thieves. But so far, finding a replacement for him, someone to handle the orders at the greenhouse and someone to manage the day-to-day operations, has been tough. I’ve only got one more interview before the day is over, and if she’s anything like the people I’ve seen so far, I’m not hopeful.

I check my phone. Five minutes until she arrives. Her name is Mya, no college diploma and in fact only has a GED, but she claimed to be very passionate about plants and flowers on her application and said she’s a very hard worker, so I said I’d see her. Plus, with the kind of guys I’ve been seeing lately, maybe it’s time to give a girl a shot at the job.

I head back into the office, crack open a Mandarin seltzer, but just as I’m putting my feet up, I see a rusty old sedan pull up out front. For a brief moment I’m annoyed, but then I smile. Better early than late. That shows something, I guess.

Standing up, I go over to the window and watch as she pulls up and parks. I sip my seltzer and watch as the door to the beat-up old car opens. Instantly, I feel a tightness in my pants as the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen in my life steps out.

“Holy shit…”

My palms are sweaty, and I feel a sudden urge to catch my breath. She’s wearing a pair of skin-tight light-wash jeans that hug her birthing hips like they were tailor made for her. Instead of thinking about what kind of employee she would be, I’m suddenly thinking about what kind of mother she would make to my future children.

I’m also gripping the window frame tight with both hands thinking about the fact that my men, and anyone else who might come in to do business with me today, will also get a look at her magnificent body. And all that does is cause a fiery hot jealousy to flare inside of me.

As she walks up the parking lot toward my office, I watch the meat of her ass move, and all I can think is that this girl needs a spanking right now, and she needs it badly. And I’m just the man to give it to her.

Christ, how am I supposed to conduct an interview with this raging hard-on that’s just sprung up between my legs? How am I supposed to do anything but bend her over my desk and drill her when she shows up looking like that?

It’s not my fault for reacting like this. Normally I’m able to keep myself under control around the opposite sex. But this is different. She is different. She is beyond any woman I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Not wanting to come off as some creepy, predator boss, I step away from the window and go back to my desk. A few seconds later, I hear a knock on the door and feel my heart skip a beat and my balls tighten.

“Yes, come on!” I call out. I hate interviews. I’d rather just run my business or even go out on a delivery myself with the boys on the trucks, but I’m actually looking forward to this one.

I hear the latch on the door click and the sound of the door scraping on the rug as it opens inwards, followed by the sound of feminine footsteps coming toward me. And then I see her.