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From the New York Times bestselling author of A Nordic King and Black Sunshine, comes CITY OF DARKNESS the third book in the Underworld Gods series, a high heat dark fantasy adult romance series.

When mortal Hanna agreed to marry Tuoni, the God of Death, in exchange for her father's life, the last thing she expected was to fall for the morally grey anti-hero. But it's not only her heart that's in danger now. As she navigates her new role as the Goddess of Death in the spooky and macabre underworld of Tuonela, Hanna discovers that Death has many enemies in his kingdom, none more powerful than his half-demon ex-wife, Louhi. With an uprising of Old Gods at her fingertips, and skeleton armies ready to do her bidding, Hanna and Death must work together to make sure the underworld isn't lost forever, even if it means losing each other and all they hold dear.

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“God Games” - The Kills

“I am not a woman, I’m a god” – Halsey

“Going to Heaven” - The Kills

“Welcome Oblivion” - How to Destroy Angels

“Death’s Head Tattoo” - Mark Lanegan Band

“Always You” - Depeche Mode

“Kingdom Come” - The Kills

“Last Rites” - +++ (Crosses)

“Gatekeeper” - Torii Wolf

“Castle” - Halsey

“Meet Your Master” – Nine Inch Nails

“Runner” - +++ (Crosses)

“Welcome to My World” – Depeche Mode

“Goddess” – Banks

“Various Methods of Escape” – Nine Inch Nails

“Last Cup of Sorrow” – Faith No More

“Master of Puppets” – Metallica

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“Lantern Room” - Torii Wolf

“Immigrant Song” – Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Karen O

“Sin” – Nine Inch Nails

“The Epilogue” - +++ (Crosses)

“This Place is Death” - Deftones

Glossary and Pronunciation

Tuonela (too-oh-nella)

Realm or Land of the Dead. It is a large island that floats between worlds, with varied geography and terrain. The recently deceased travel via the River of Shadows to the City of Death, where they are divided into factions (Amaranthus, the Golden Mean, and Inmost) and admitted into the afterlife. Outside the City of Death, Gods, Goddesses, spirits, shamans, and the dead who have escaped the city can be found.

Tuoni (too-oh-nee)

The God of Death, otherwise called Death, and King of Tuonela, who rules over the realm from his castle at Shadow’s End.

Louhi (low-hee)

Ex-wife of Death, former Goddess, half-demon daughter of Rangaista.

Loviatar (low-vee-ah-tar)

The Lesser Goddess of Death and Death’s daughter. Her job is to ferry the dead down the River of Shadows to the City of Death, a role she shares with her brother Tuonen.

Tuonen (too-oh-nen)

The Lesser God of Death and Death’s Son. He shares ferrying duties with his sister, Loviatar. Tuonen is also a lord in the City of Death and helps oversee things in the afterlife.

Sarvi (sar-vih)

Short for Yksisarvinen, Sarvi is a relic from the times of the Old Gods and originally from another world. Sarvi is a unicorn with bat-like wings who died a long time ago and is composed of skin and bone. Sentient, Sarvi is able to communicate telepathically. While he is a loyal and refined servant to Death, he is also vicious, violent, and bloodthirsty by nature, as all unicorns are.

Ilmarinen (ill-mar-ee-nen)

Louhi’s consort, the demigod shaman she left Death for. He lives with Louhi in their castle by the Star Swamps.

Eero (ay-ro)

A powerful shaman from Northern Finland.

Väinämöinen (vah-ee-nah-moy-nen)

Death’s past adversary and legendary shaman, who became a Finnish folk-hero. Väinämöinen has supposedly been dead for centuries.

Ukko (oo-koh)

A supreme God and the father of Tuoni, Ahto, and Ilmatar. Husband to Akka.

Akka (ah-ka)

A supreme Goddess, wife to Ukko, and the mother of Tuoni, Ahto, and Ilmatar.

Ilmatar (ill-mah-tar)

Goddess of the Air, sister to Tuoni and Ahto.

Vellamo (vell-ah-mo)

Goddess of the Deep, wife of Ahto. Protector of mermaids. Vellamo can be found in the Great Inland Sea.

Ahto (ah-to)

God of the Oceans and Seas, husband of Vellamo, brother of Tuoni and Ilmatar.

Kuutar (koo-tar)

Goddess of the Moon, Mother of Stars, protector of sea creatures.

Päivätär (pah-ee-vah-tar)

Goddess of the Sun, protector of birds.

Kalma (kahl-ma)

God of Graves and Tuoni’s right-hand man and advisor.

Surma (soor-mah)

A relic from the days of the Old Gods and the personification of killing.

Raila (ray-lah)

Hanna’s personal Deadmaiden.

Pyry (pee-ree)

Deadmaiden. Head cook and gardener of Shadow’s End.

Harma (har-mah)

Deadmaiden. Head of the Shadow’s End servants.

Tapio (tah-pee-oh)

God of the Forest.

Tellervo (tell-air-voh)

Lesser Goddess of the Forest and daughter of Tapio.

Hiisi (hee-si)

Demons and goblins of Tuonela, spawns of Rangaista.

Rangaista (ran-gais-tah)

A powerful demon and Old God, father of Louhi.

Liekkiö (lehk-kio)

The spirits of murdered children who haunt the Leikkio Plains. They are made of bones and burn eternally.

Vipunen (vee-pooh-nen)

An unseen giant who lives in the Caves of Vipunen near Shadow’s End. The most ancient and wise being in Tuonela from before the time of the Old Gods.

Previously, On Underworld Gods

Hello, dear reader,

Thank you for your patience with this book. I know it’s been a long time coming, with every issue under the sun impacting the writing and release of it. Since it’s been so long and you may not have had time to re-read River of Shadows and Crown of Crimson, I’ve decided to do a little recap for you to catch you up to speed. Keep in mind, it won’t be that comprehensive, but hopefully, it’ll do the job!

Our story started off with River of Shadows.

Twenty-four-year-old Hanna Heikkinen gets word that her beloved (yet mysterious and estranged) father is dead. Heartbroken, she flies to Northern Finland for his funeral. There, she finds out that he’s not dead and is attacked by two Shamans, Noora and Eero. She’s rescued by Rasmus and taken through a portal under a frozen waterfall into Tuonela, the Land of the Dead. The objective? Get back her father, who has been captured by the God of Death.