Cameron (Obsessed Alpha #9) Read Online C.M. Steele

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This was a part of the Hot Boy Summer Anthology
Cameron and Elena have danced around their feelings for years, unable to act on them.
One hot vacation in Cabo changes everything.

This is a short, safe HEA romance.

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I watch her drink from the car as Granger stands inside, doing his duty and keeping his distance. She’s twenty-one, and I thought I could handle this, but every moment that she spends in the presence of another man drives me insane. They’re just a bunch of friends and it’s clear from the footage and Granger’s reporting that she has no interest in anyone there. Still, violence beats in my chest as I consider her falling for someone else while I bide my time. It’s only two more months before the company belongs to me and I can claim my queen. Patience has something I’ve learned especially when it comes to the two things I want the most, the family business and my only love, Elena Kostas.

She’s been on my mind for years and wait is nearly at an end. “Sir, we have a problem. She’s too drunk and one of the guys is walking her out of the bar. She can barely stand.” I’m out of my vehicle and down the street to a scene that sends me into a violent rage. Elena’s stumbling and this asshole is trying to take advantage of it.

“Baby girl, how about we go back to my place?” the douche asks her, intentionally pulling her a little too close.

“Um no. I need to go home,” she slurs, shrugging his arm off her shoulder, but it’s useless because he’s too strong.

“You’re too drunk. I’ll take good care of you.” She loses her footing, and he takes his opportunity to cup her ass. I see red. Fury so profound it shuts off all rational thought.

“The fuck you won’t.” I wrench him away from Elena, and she loses her balance, but Granger catches her while I deck the fucker in the gut. “If you ever come near her again, I will end you. Understand?”

“Yes,” he grunts.

I scoop her up into my arms and over to my vehicle. She can’t be alone tonight this intoxicated. Sliding her into the passenger seat, I buckle up my future wife and do my best to avoid touching her.

When I get into the driver’s seat, she asks, “You always follow your employees around to make sure they’re doing their job?” Her words are slurred. Still I make them out. I reach over and brush her hair away from her face.

“No, sweet girl, rest your head.”

“Yes, Cameron,” she sighs, closing her eyes. As we come to a red light, I stare at my wife-to-be and feel a thousand emotions. Rage at that fucker being the top one. He dared to violate her if we hadn’t been watching.

I call Granger and ask, “Did she drink a lot?”

“No more than two drinks, Mr. King. Either she’s extremely lightweight or she’s been drugged.”

My hands wrap around the leather steering wheel, gripping it tightly, until I can hear a slight cracking sound. “Get the footage from inside and find out. Don’t forget to search that punk.”

“I will.”

I pull up to my condo and park in my personal parking spot before getting my little sleeping beauty out of the passenger seat. She easily falls into my cradled arms pressing her face against my chest. We take the elevator up to my two-bedroom condo and I set her down in my bed where she’d belong in just a couple of months.

Sliding off her shoes, I help her undress, but that stirs Elena and she reaches out for my shirt. “Kiss me, my King,” she calls out.

“No, you need to lie down. You’ve had too much to drink.”

Elena bats her gorgeous green eyes at me while pouting her luscious fuckable lips at me. “I haven’t had too much to drink. I want you to take my virginity, Cameron. I saved it just for you.” She lifts up her dress, stripping out of it to reveal her huge tits with this tiny fucking lace bra that makes my mouth water, but she’s wasted and as much as I’d love to dick her down until she’s filled with my kid, now isn’t the time.

“No, Elena. Go to bed. Put these on. Goodnight.” I leave the room, needing an award for resisting such temptation that I’ve been craving for years. Five minutes later, I knock on the bedroom door to check on her with a bottle of water and some pain relievers for the headache she’s going to have in the morning.

“What do you want? Have you changed your mind? I’ve always wanted you to show me how to suck your cock, Cameron. Will you show me how to wrap my lips around your dick?”

“No, little girl. You need to get some sleep and never get drunk like this again.” I kiss her forehead and make her take the meds before leaving the bedroom.