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Buttons and Pain (Buttons #3)

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When I saw my escape, I took it. Now I'm in New York City and trying to get my life back on track. Despite the tracker in my ankle, Crow hasn't come for me. He hasn't even called me. I told him the depth of my feelings but he cruelly rejected them.

Maybe he's forgotten about me. One day, I walk into my apartment and spot the pile of buttons on the counter. I never left them there, and there's only one explanation for their presence.

Maybe Crow hasn't forgotten me after all.
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Buttons Series by Penelope Sky

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Chapter One


“Oh, baby. Didn’t you miss me?” I cocked my head to the side and pursed my lips. My voice came out high-pitched and affectionate, and my disdain added a nice ring to it.

Jacob’s jaw dropped when he saw me on his doorstep. Shirtless and with messy hair, he looked like he’d been hitting the sheets with some poor girl who had no idea her boyfriend was the biggest piece of shit on the planet. “Pearl…oh my god. You’re okay.” Once the shock subsided he pretended to give a damn. “I’m so glad you’re okay. I was so worried—”

I kneed him right in the balls. “Save it.”

He cupped his balls and leaned forward, moaning under his breath. He gripped the door frame for balance and breathed hard through the pain.

“I’m sorry. Did that hurt?”

He closed his eyes and gripped the frame harder. His knuckles began to turn white.

“Try getting fucked in the ass.” I pushed past him and walked into the apartment I used to live in. All I had was the purse I snatched from that woman. I had a driver’s license and a passport and some Euros. But that was it. I opened the fridge and took out an old box of pizza. Since I was starving I ate a slice cold.

A woman appeared from the hallway wearing nothing but one of his t-shirts. “Who the hell are you?”

I gave her a quick wave and finished my pizza. “I’m Pearl, Jacob’s ex-girlfriend.”

“He never told me about anyone named Pearl.”

“Probably because he sold me into sex-trafficking to pay off his gambling debts.”

Her eyes dilated but her reaction didn’t change. She glanced at Jacob, who was still hunched over by the door, and then turned back to me. She couldn’t decide if she believed me or not. I couldn’t blame her. The story was so ridiculous I couldn’t believe it actually happened.

Jacob finally recovered from the hit to his balls and stood upright. His cheeks were flooded with blood and when he took a step he winced. I got him hard with my knee and he wouldn’t be able to get an erection for at least a week.

I finished the pizza and left the box on the counter. It was the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten. But then again, I was just on a twelve-hour plane ride with nothing to eat but peanuts. “Damn, this is pretty good.”

His girlfriend crossed her arms over her chest and stared at Jacob. She didn’t feel comfortable talking in front of me so she just glared at him. Like that would somehow get rid of me quicker.

Jacob finally spoke to her. “Danielle, can I have a moment alone?”

“Why?” I asked. “Don’t you think she should know you’re a cold motherfucker?” I leaned against the counter and stared him down. Now that I face to face with him I wanted beat him bloody. There was no trace of feelings or compassion for this man. All I felt was hate.

Strong, furious hate.

Jacob kept his mouth shut. He knew there was nothing he could say to make himself look good. It was best not to say anything at all.

“Is that true?” Danielle asked.

Now Jacob was being attacked on both fronts. “Baby, could you please give us a moment?”

“No, not a moment,” I said. “Get the hell out. I’m about to castrate your boyfriend and I’m not sure if you want to see it.”

“That’s it.” She headed to the bedroom. “I’m calling the police.”

“Whoa, wait.” Jacob turned her away immediately, his body moving faster than the pain would allow. He cringed after the movement, feeling it deep in his groin. “Don’t call the police.”

I smiled in victory. That was as good as a confession.

“Then what the hell, Jacob?” she screamed. “Is she really your ex?”

“Yes,” he said quietly.

“Did you really sell her into trafficking?” she pressed.

I grinned from ear to ear and watched him struggle. If he lied and said no, I’d put him in his place. And if he said yes, he would lose his the sexy blonde he was sleeping with. “Jacob, she asked you a question.”

He turned his face toward me, and his expression was ice-cold.

“Wow. You have a lot of nerve to look at me like I’m the bad guy.” Maybe when she was gone he would try to kill me. That would be the perfect ending. I’d end his life with a knife through his heart and take off. Could you try a missing person in the court of law? I don’t think so.

Jacob’s voice came out more firm. “Danielle, can we talk tomorrow?”

“Oh my god.” She covered her mouth with her hand. “You did it…” She ran into the bedroom and grabbed her clothes and purse. Without even changing she darted out in just his t-shirt. Not once did she look at him as she left.