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She’s nothing but trouble…but trouble is my middle name.


I’ve done my best to stay out of trouble the past few years. My life is finally on the straight and narrow, and I need it to remain that way.

But then I catch her trashing her ex’s house.

Lennox is a spitfire of a woman who acts first and thinks later. She needs a firm hand. Someone to guide her and keep her focused on what’s right.

I’m willing to be that man. Willing to be the one to teach her how to control her rage.

That is until her ex takes it one step too far.

Now, he’s got me to answer to.



I gave my ex everything, only to find him cheating on me. Classic story, right? Well, I took it a step further and trashed his house, his yard, and his car.

Harlan keeps me from doing too much damage, but that doesn’t stop my ex from calling the cops.

I’ve got charges pressed against me. I just want to focus on going to work and going home and minding my own business so I don’t get myself into more trouble.

But my ex is on a mission to ruin my life. To ruin me.

Only he doesn’t realize the kind of man Harlan is.

And one thing I’ve learned…when it comes to me, Harlan doesn’t play games.

Tyler is about to find out what happens when you mess with an ex-criminal’s woman.

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Rides late at night were my favorite past time. Nothing but the moon and the stars were my company as the bike rumbled down the road, eating up the asphalt.

Some men rode to clear their heads. I did it because there was something just a little bit thrilling about riding down the dark highway going damn near one hundred miles per hour all while knowing a deer could jump out in front of me at any moment and end my life.

I was a man who liked living life on the edge. I thrived on adrenaline. I needed the danger that doing shit like this could bring.

I frowned at the sight of something flying through the air in a yard up ahead and slowed my bike down, my curiosity winning out over my need to ride. I eased the bike to a stop on the side of the road and looked back over at the house, narrowing my eyes at the figure launching something else at a window. My eyes almost bugged out of my head when I saw Lennox throwing empty glass bottles, shattering glass all over the siding, the ground, and the porch. Then, she went to eggs and began alternating between the two, yelling profanities as she did so.

And fuck, the woman had a damn mouth on her.

“You fucking lying piece of shit! Waste of goddamn space! Cheating mother fucking asshole! I hope you rot in fucking hell, you fucking ogre-looking mother fucker!”

I coughed to cover my laugh.

Lennox was the assistant manager at Training Ground, a gym in Sandersville. I knew her through Mikayla, Beau’s significant other and owner of Training Ground, but I’d always kept my distance from her. She was mouthy and bossy and gave no fucks about anything. That was treacherous ground for a man like me, especially since, in my eyes, she was nothing but fucking perfection.

I didn’t need attachments, and she would definitely end up being one.

“I fucking hate you!” Lennox shouted. “You’re such a fucking dick! I gave you everything, you goddamned asshole!”


I kicked the stand down on the bike and then slid off. After checking both sides of the road to make sure no one was heading my way—because for some reason, people drove without headlights at night around here like they could fucking see—I jogged across the road to stop Lennox before her ass got hauled off to jail. There were other houses around, and eventually, someone would call the police, if they hadn’t already.

“Lennox!” I snapped, being careful not to raise my voice. She spun around to face me, her jaw dropping in surprise. Growling, I snatched the bottle she’d been ready to throw out of her hand and tossed it through the open car window that was closest to us. Then, I bent and shoved my shoulder into her stomach before throwing her over my shoulder.

“What the fuck, Harlan?!” she screeched, slamming her fists into my back. I winced. Fuck, the girl had some strength. “Are you out of your fucking mind?!” she yelled.

“Shut up,” I snarled as I marched back across the road. I didn’t set her back on her feet until we were next to my bike. “Someone has probably already called the fucking cops.” I snatched my helmet off the seat and shoved it onto her head. Quickly, I snapped the strap beneath her chin together. “Get on behind me,” I told her as I straddled the bike.

She intentionally dug her nails into my shoulder as she threw her leg over my bike and settled on the seat behind me. I bit back a smart-ass remark, and once she had her arms wrapped around my midsection, I quickly turned the bike around and headed for her place, which wasn’t far away. I’d been there once with Beau when she originally moved in a few months ago and needed help getting her furniture in the house.

When we got there, I saw her car was still parked in the driveway next to her porch, and I sighed. Of course, she’d fucking walked. Made sense since I hadn’t seen her car, but shit. What would she have done if something happened to her while walking there?

Chills ran down my spine. I didn’t like the thought of her coming to any harm. Fucking made my blood run cold.

She got off the bike and yanked the helmet off before throwing it at me. I caught it when it hit my chest. Her boots crunched under the gravel as she stormed to her porch. “Yo!” I barked, stopping her in her tracks. She spun around to face me. “Lose the fucking attitude,” I warned her, narrowing my eyes.

“Fuck you,” she hissed, her hands curling into fists. “He deserved to get his ass kicked, but he changed the fucking locks. No one gets to fucking cheat on me. And I had to find out from his ugly ass side piece through a fucking text.”