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Billionaire Chase Sutton didn’t expect to meet the woman of his dreams when he did a favor for a friend. Jenna Kendall should have been off limits for the sexy doctor. She was too young for him, and a relationship with her would put his friendship with her dad in jeopardy.

But as Chase watched her cuddle babies in her volunteer position in the NICU, he knew nothing was going to stop him from building a family with Jenna.

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“Oops! I’m so sorry!”

I turned around to see who had bumped into me, and my breath caught in my lungs.

Son of a bitch.

Big crystal-blue eyes stared up at me…the most beautiful eyes I’d ever seen. Then her plump lips—worthy of a pornstar—curved up into a gorgeous smile. I was rendered speechless when my dick sprang to life with a vengeance. It had been longer than I cared to admit since I’d been interested in a woman—probably almost as many years as this beauty had been alive, back when I was still a student. But with one look at her, my libido came barreling back, and my cock was hard as a damn baseball bat.

Her long blond hair reminded me of sunshine. My gaze followed the braid over her shoulder, and I nearly choked when I saw it resting on large, round tits that pressed against her tight black peacoat. To my shock, the thought that they were perfect for feeding babies flitted through my mind. What the fuck, Sutton?

I’d obviously lost my fucking mind because as I continued my perusal of this stunning creature, I also noticed that she had wide, curvy hips. I told myself that I only took note that they were excellent birthing hips because babies were my business. But that didn’t explain away the fact that my cock practically wept at the thought of being the one to put a baby in her belly.

To make matters worse, when my eyes returned to her face, I realized she was young. Very young. Most likely too fucking young for a thirty-eight-year-old man.

Before things got any more awkward—thank fuck I was wearing a coat, and she couldn’t see the eleven-inch bulge in my pants—I cleared my throat and croaked. “It’s no problem.”

She blinked up at me owlishly, her blue eyes full of surprise…and wonder. I wasn’t oblivious to what she was seeing. My dark brown hair was shorter on the sides and a little longer on top, gelled into a current style. My eyes were chocolate brown, my beard and mustache neatly trimmed, and many magazines had described my face as classically handsome with chiseled facial features. Plus, though she couldn’t see it through my coat, I kept my body in tip-top shape and ran the NYC marathon every year.

I was used to women gawking at me, but I had never felt so compelled to have a woman like what she saw when looking at me. I wanted to see this one’s eyes simmering with desire, letting me know I wasn’t alone in my feelings.

She was so damn young and clearly innocent, but the timid hunger in her blue pools was quickly making that irrelevant.

“I should have been watching where I was going,” she said in a sweet, almost musical voice. “My family always tells me I have my head in the clouds.”

I smiled, and an adorable blush bloomed on her cheeks, making me curious how far down that pretty pink color would go when she came.

For shit’s sake. I needed to get my head on straight.

I double-blinked to clear my mind, not that it helped much. “Probably best not to get lost in those clouds while walking down a sidewalk in New York City, sunshine,” I teased.

The blush deepened, and she glanced down at her feet before meeting my gaze again, her teeth chewing on her bottom lip. I almost ordered her not to do that because I was the only one who got to nibble on her lips, but I barely managed to swallow the comment so I didn’t seem like a perverted lunatic and scare the fuck out of her.

“I’ll be more careful,” she murmured.

I wanted to ask her name and if I could see her again, but she just looked so young and innocent. Instead, I winked at her and turned back around, ducking into the nearest store to give myself time to calm down.

It took a good ten minutes to get my cock to soften enough that walking wasn’t painful, but I remained semi-hard all day. Probably because I couldn’t stop thinking about my ray of sunshine. When I went to bed that night, I decided to give in to my thoughts. It wasn’t like I’d ever see her again.

I played our encounter in my mind over and over before I fell asleep and dreamed of all the dirty things I wanted to do to her decadent body.



“Chase! Hold up!”

I halted my steps and glanced back over my shoulder to see my friend—and the owner of the building I lived in—walking swiftly in my direction.

“Justice,” I greeted him, glancing at my watch, then at the doors across the lobby. I didn’t have much time because I had a patient scheduled for a cesarean section in the afternoon. I wanted to go over the files again and confer with the surgeon.