A Foxy Little Christmas – MC Daddies Read Online Laylah Roberts

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Who wants to come along with the Fox on a Christmas adventure?You might even get a visit from a naughty Little elf . . .Catch up with the Fox, Autumn, Brody, Duke and Sunny in this holiday adventure filled with spankings, Little shenanigans, and lots of Christmas fun.

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2nd December

“Daddy, I can’t breathe.”

“What?” Duke gave her an alarmed look. “What do you mean?”

“I mean . . . I can’t breathe.” She fanned her face with her hand. She was going to pass out.

Not. Good.

He glanced around frantically. “Fuck, we’re at least an hour away from a hospital.”

That they were. They were kind of in the middle of nowhere. Just snow and trees for miles. Oh, and a few other trucks and cars in the distance, with people doing the same thing they were.

Searching for the most magical tree they could find.

“I’ll call emergency services, get a chopper in here. Sit down. Maybe you should get in the car. How bad is it?” His face grew pale as he became more worried.

“Daddy, I don’t need a chopper,” she said.

“You can’t breathe!”

“But I know how to solve that.”

“What? How?”

“Take off ten of my fifty layers.”

He just stared at her for a long moment. “What?”

“You’ve got so many layers on me, Daddy. I can’t breathe.”

“Little Rebel,” he said in a low, growly voice. “Are you telling me that you scared me to death over wearing some extra layers that you actually need? Because it is winter. In Montana. And it’s freezing.”

His voice grew progressively louder, although no less growly.



She took a step back. Then another. Drat. She could kind of use some backup right now. If someone else were around, then Duke wouldn’t spank her ass.

And he looked like he really wanted to spank her ass.

She needed an intervention. Santa. Maybe one of his elves.

Was that really too much to ask for?

“I didn’t scare you to death, though, Daddy.”

“What?” He gave her a startled look.

“You’re still alive and breathing, so I didn’t scare you to death.”

He took another step forward, and she jumped back, convinced that she was about to get dragged into the back of his truck and have her ass spanked.

Instead, her feet went out from under her and she fell backward into the snow.



Okay. Now she was kind of grateful for her fifty layers.

“Are you all right?” Duke asked worriedly.


He hauled her up.

“Your bottom?” he asked gruffly.

“It’s fine. Those extra layers padded my fall.”

“Did they? So it seems like putting on all those clothes was beneficial, wasn’t it?”

“Maybe to my bottom. Not to the rest of my body. Can we please take off some layers, Daddy?” she begged.

He frowned, but nodded. “All right. Let’s tidy you up a bit and take some off.”

Duke half-turned her so she stood sideways and patted the snow off her bottom.

Which was kind, she guessed. But he was rather enthusiastic about how hard he patted her bottom, though, and it seemed to go on a bit too long.

“Daddy! Are you getting the snow off my bottom or spanking me?”

“When I spank you, you’ll know.”


He unzipped her jacket, taking it off. Then he pulled off the woolen jumper she had on underneath. It was her favorite jumper with a picture of the unicorn on the front. But it was a relief to get it off, considering she wore two more layers under it.

Duke secured the jacket back on her. Then he reached into his truck and drew out her pale pink hat. It had two pom-poms on it.

One pom-pom was awesome.

Two was off the charts. Everyone knew that.

She already had her gloves on and the last thing he put on her was a scarf with a pom-pom on each end.

“Let’s go, Daddy!” She clapped her hands together.

They liked coming out here because it was quiet. And also because Duke wanted to chop down their own tree. She guessed it was a man thing.

And now he had a new truck to haul it home in. It was shiny black and huge. Sunny still thought it would have been better to have been pink. But Duke wasn’t really a pink sort of guy.

“Come on, Daddy!” she urged as he grabbed his axe. She tugged at his hand impatiently.

“Settle down, Little Rebel, unless you want me to add to the punishment you already have coming.”

“Me?” she asked, pointing to herself.

“Yes, you.”

“Why am I getting punished?”

He raised his eyebrows. “Were you not here just a few minutes ago? When you made me panic, thinking you were having an asthma attack or something?”

“But Daddy, you already spanked me for that. Were you not here a few minutes ago when you spanked my butt?”

“Someone is getting a bit too sassy for their panties.”

“Not me, Daddy! I am exactly the right amount of sassy for these panties.”

He shook his head, but she saw his lips twitch. She was sure of it.

“I did not spank your butt. I was getting the snow off it.”

“Then I hate to tell you this, Daddy. But you were doing it with far more enthusiasm than was strictly necessary.”

“Was I?” he murmured. “Well, you’re still getting an actual spanking when we get home. And if you keep complaining about that, then I have no issue with putting you over my knee in the back of my truck and smacking your bottom.”