9 Soldiers’ Obsession (Love by Numbers 2 #8) Read Online Nicole Casey

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One curvy woman. Nine sinfully seductive soldiers. A panty-melting journey that will leave you gasping for breath.Living in the shadow of my military husband, David, I felt a gnawing void, a yearning for his touch, his gaze, his mere presence. But when a treacherous mission in a war-torn land offered a chance to reignite our flame, I found myself captivated not just by him, but by the rugged men of his unit.

Each of them was a tantalizing enigma - Mo, with his heart-melting kindness; Bowie, a hot-as-sin intellect; the Rogue triplets - Aziel, Amir, and Andre, an irresistible mix of brain and brawn; and the Atkins triplets - Eli, Rick, and Em, who were every shade of tempting, their dedication and focus igniting a fire within me I'd never felt before.

The more time I spent with them, the more I craved their touch, their affection, their commanding presence. Each one of them sparked a new facet of desire in me, a new flavor of love I hadn’t known of.

When David confessed his fantasy to see me shared among them—I was thrown into a whirlpool of lust, love, and uncharted territories.

But as we drew nearer to our goal, tensions escalated, and our unconventional bond was put to the test. As our return to normalcy looms, I'm left with a burning Where do we go from here?

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Prologue: David

Sweat brimmed my forehead as I pressed my back against the cement wall of the staircase, dust fluttering in the air as I looked down at the door that separated me and my unit of eight other brave soldiers from a helpless, kidnapped diplomat and who knew how many enemies. But this was part of the job.

This was part of being a soldier.

I held my hand out, silently ordering the other eight men to press their backs flat against the wall in a disciplined line.

We’d trained for moments like these so that there wouldn’t be any mistakes. When we made mistakes, people died, and Paul Harper wasn’t dying today.

Paul was a United States diplomat who got caught in the crossfire of a local conflict in the Middle East. He was captured and held hostage, dropping another rescue mission in our lap to complete with precision and expertise. This was what we did.

And we were damn good at it.

As their unit leader and captain, it was my job to take all of their skills and direct them to our unit’s advantage, and we were all highly trained in different ways. I turned my head to look at my unit’s mission coordinator, Erick Atkins. His brothers, Elijah and Emmett, who bore most of the same features as him, lingered further down the line.

“I think I hear three or four different voices in there, Rick,” I reported, the smell of stale air and heat filling my nose. My military fatigues stuck to my body, making my chest feel that much tighter as danger loomed ahead. There was always a possibility that me or one of my brothers wouldn’t make it out of a mission alive.

Erick gave me a curt nod, his lips resting in a straight line as they usually did. If he was ever captured and interrogated, they wouldn’t even be able to make him grimace. He was strong in his resolve, and he probably barely flinched when he got that scar above his left eyebrow.

“We hit hard and fast. No hesitation,” he said before turning to Aziel next to him, who was our close protection specialist. Aziel made sure to provide protection to high-value targets, so he had to step up once we reached Paul. “Your brothers will cover you.”

Aziel turned to Amir and Andre, who all made up another triplet bunch in our unit, and nudged Amir.

“Don’t let me die in there,” he said, still looking composed despite the light sheen of sweat that covered his deep brown skin.

Amir, who was precisely nicknamed Sniper, smirked at his brother and held up his scoped rifle. Typically, he was hiding on a rooftop or specifically placed out of sight so that he could do recon or long-range assault, but he could be just as lethal in close range too, especially with Andre, who was our firearms expert.

“You worry about the hostage. Me and Andre have your back,” he replied.

Andre nodded in agreement, determination glinting in his hazel eyes that differed from his brothers’ darker brown eyes. He had softer features and a gentler demeanor than his brothers, but when he had a weapon in his hands, he was one of the most dangerous guys in the room.

Bowen, our tech and communications expert, leaned forward to look at me, a strand of his reddish-brown hair falling against his forehead.

“We’re ready back here. Mo and I will take up the rear to make sure no one sneaks up on us,” he said, referring to Mohammed, our reconnaissance specialist, who was also a second-generation Pakistani immigrant.

I nodded, preparing to go for the door, but I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket. I quickly checked the screen to make sure it wasn’t my superior, but the name “Brianna” appeared instead. A guilty ache struck me in the chest as I ended the call before the vibrating gave us away.

A man never wanted to hang up on his wife. She was my world after fourteen years of marriage, but there were times when I had to put work before her. I hated that, especially the thought of making her feel neglected, but what could I do?

My brothers needed me to lead them, and there was a man on the brink of death in the next room. Once again, I had to make that tough decision and hope that it didn’t break us even more than we already were. But that was a problem to discuss when I made it home.

Right now, it was go time.

I placed my hand over the doorknob, quietly testing it to make sure that it wasn’t locked. Thanks to Mo’s recon and Bowen’s handy tech toys, we managed to sneak into the three-story, abandoned building without being seen. Our presence was about to be well-known.

Erick put his hand on my shoulder, motioning to me that everyone else was ready to go.