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Alexa Riley

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Ember works as a cocktail waitress because she’s desperate for the money. But when she’s offered more in the VIP lounge, there are things that she won’t do for cash…right?

A bachelor party in Vegas is the last place Rogue wants to be. But when the cute cocktail waitress gives him sass, there’s no way he can turn down the challenge. Getting her alone is only a matter of money, but how much will it take?

Warning: Can something so hot and fast really turn into a Happily Ever After? Grab Stuffed and see if he can make it fit.
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Alexa Riley

Chapter One


“It fits,” I tell Diamond as she slides her badge over the employees’ entrance scanner. When the door unlocks, we both walk in.

“Your tits are going to explode out of it.”

I look down at the black corset top I’m wearing and see she’s right. At any moment I’m going to turn into a Pillsbury can and everything is going to bust free.

“Isn't that the point, though?” I try to adjust the top, but it’s no use.

This uniform isn't meant to cover much, and as a cocktail girl at a casino, we’re supposed to scream sexy. It’s something that’s completely foreign to me, but I know the money will be worth it.

It’s my first day on the floor alone, and I finally get to serve drinks without a shadow. No more training outfit for me because now I’m in the full uniform. A uniform that took both of us to get on. Now I pray it stays in place until my shift is over.

“I mean, it kind of is, but don’t you want to be comfortable?” Diamond pokes the top of my boobs, which are bulging up practically to my neck.

“It would be nice to breathe,” I agree, but I think I’m starting to get used to it. Or maybe I'm losing blood flow to my brain, and I’m becoming delusional.

“We’ll stop at uniforms and see if they have a size bigger for you and your tits. If not, they can order one or something.”

I grab the top of the corset and try once again to give it a good tug. I’m not used to wearing something so revealing, but the tips are crazy from what my roommate Diamond says. I might be about to pop out of my top, but I think I look pretty damn sexy.

“Hey, Mitch. My girl Ember is going to need a bigger top.” Diamond leans on the doorframe into the uniform room. Mitch looks over to her and then to me, where his eyes land directly on my chest.

“You sure you want to cover those up?” he asks as he stands from his desk and grabs a clipboard. “I mean, people pay good money for tits like that. I know I’ve been saving.”

I snort. “I don’t want to spill out of my top.”

“You’re going to be making men spill all kinds of things tonight.” He winks and I feel my face flush. As sexy as I feel, I do not foresee that happening. “Turn around and let me see what size you’ve got.” I do as he asks and then I hear him curse.

“What?” I turn back around wondering what’s wrong with the corset. Thank god I got to pick my own bottoms. The only rule was it had to be black and I was able to find that pretty easy on my own.

“I’m going to have to see if I can order a bigger size.” I stand there in shock for a moment. I know I’m a fuller girl, but come on.

“Really?” Diamond looks as confused as me.

“Sorry, but this is Vegas. They aren't used to having thick girls here, but I’ll see what I can do. Sorry, sugar.” He scribbles the note on his clipboard.

“I should just lose a little weight.” I let out a long sigh. I bet if I took a few pounds off, I could easily fit in it without tempting a nip slip.

“Now hang on a second.” Diamond holds her hands up. “When you interviewed to be my roommate, you made it clear you loved carbs. We aren't getting rid of carbs.”

That actually was one of the questions she asked. We’ve lived together for six months now, but she asked all kinds of crazy questions when I came to see her place.

“I can’t get rid of carbs, but I could work out.” I’d be hell on wheels without carbs. How can we put people on the moon but we can’t come up with a diet that is strictly carbs? That’s a diet I could get behind.

“Work out.” Diamond says it like it's a foreign phrase she’s never heard before. At six feet tall, Diamond has a killer body. She has legs for days and can eat anything she wants and not gain a pound.

“Thanks, Mitch,” I say, knowing we need to get to it since our shift starts in five minutes.

“No problem. I’ll see what I can do.”

“Let’s go before we’re late.” I link my arm with Diamond’s to pull her along.

“Work out,” Diamond says again as we go to our shared locker and put our stuff away. Her face is still filled with shock.

“There’s a gym across the street from our place,” I say as we scan our other badges to clock in.

“There’s a gym across the street from us?”

“It’s between the King’s Donuts and the travel agent place.” How did she not see it? It’s pretty freaking big.