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Touched In Flight - Wicked First Love

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Marian Tee

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A grocery draw…
That’s how innocent, free-spirited Ayah ends up flying business class…and seated next to cynical Dutch billionaire Nic de Konigh, whose private jet had broken down at the most inopportune time.
Girls like Ayah have never been his type, but Nic somehow finds himself doing all sorts of things to her. In flight.
And later, he also finds himself saying things he had never said before.
Things like how he loves her back…even when it’s a lie.
*Previously published as That One Time
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Marian Tee


~ One ~

All the general overhead lights in the business section of the plane were dimmed, and the only sounds in the area were the quiet murmurs of the flight attendants in front of Nicolaas “Nic” de Koningh. His eyes were closed, but he was not asleep. Rather, he was pretending he was so.

His bad mood over a bungled deal had been completely wiped away at the sight of the young woman sitting next to him, who was surreptitiously trying to reach the back seat pouch in front of him that contained magazines together with safety and hygiene paraphernalia for passengers.

He had barely paid her attention when he took the seat next to her, his temper sorely tested then. Not only was his business in danger of losing a multimillion deal, but his family’s private jet had also broken down unexpectedly, forcing Nic to take the next available flight to Amsterdam from Miami.

Nic had been ready to call security on the woman, her desperation evident as she twisted and struggled against her seatbelt, trying to reach for—-

The throw bag?

What the hell?

Seeing that all her frowning attention was on the curious object of her desire, he took a risk of having her find out he was awake by opening his eyes a little. He wanted to see what made that throw bag so special for her to try to take it.

A portion of the throw bag peeked out of the pouch, and he could see that it had a unique design, one with those cute little Japanese dolls they called ‘kokeshi’.

Nic recalled a tie-up between an accessory firm and Jaewon Airlines and wondered if this could be one of its results. If he had known such a tie up would make a business class passenger go to such lengths to try to steal one, Nic would have beaten Jaewon’s COO, Park Jin, in buying the company.


The muttered curse had Nic’s gaze swerving back to the girl next to him, who had once again failed to swipe the throw bag out of the pouch.

Feeling her gaze at him, he kept his eyelids closed and after half a minute, Nic felt her looking away and focusing on the throw bag again.

He heard the sound of a seatbelt unclipping and felt the girl rise from her seat.

Nic stirred, just to make her panic.

“Shit!” Looking at her with a hooded glance, he caught sight of the girl crossing herself and had a hard time not smirking at that.

He watched her take a deep breath and then slowly, carefully, and quietly stretch her arm out, doing her best not to touch him in any way as she tried to reach for his throw bag—-


Another passenger had shoved past her it seemed, and the next thing Nic knew she ended up face squashed down on—-

His cock.


Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God—-

One moment, Ayah Chandler had been so close to getting that limited edition throw bag and the next thing she knew, she was falling face down onto the other passenger’s lap.

Before she could fully digest what was happening, something hard suddenly pressed against her face. At first, she wondered hysterically if she had hit her face against a concealed gun, but when the hard thing kept growing and pulsing, the truth eventually set in a few moments later.


She shot up, face flaming, accidentally hitting the stranger’s chin with the back of her head.

He muttered something in a foreign language – German? Russian? Dutch? – and though she did not understand it, Ayah knew it was sure to be an expletive.

Ayah waited for him to speak, to ask what the heck she had been doing, but he did not, making her feel obliged to speak first. She reluctantly raised her gaze to him – and kept staring, her jaw dropping. She couldn’t help it.

He was...

An angel, she thought dumbly. Blond hair, blue eyes, and the most wickedly handsome face, the way he smirked at her making Ayah blush. He was an angel, all right, but the kind that sinned and made you want to sin with him.

An angel that had been aroused by her face against his cock.

No, no, no, Ayah thought wildly, mentally doing her best to shake the shockingly erotic thought away. She had never thought such a thing before but somehow, it was impossible not to, not when she remembered very vividly how—-

“Did you want this?”

Startled, she realized that the beautiful stranger was dangling the throw bag in the air between them. Ayah frowned. It was like he was tempting her with a treat—-and unfortunately for her, it was working.

She really wanted that throw bag!

Nic frowned back. It was the only way to keep himself from laughing out loud, with the way she was visibly struggling not to snatch the throw bag out of his fingers.