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Rake (Wolfes of Manhattan #4)

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Helen Hardt

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Reid Wolfe is a master of seducing women.
This time, his life may depend on it.
He’s known as the Wolfe of Manhattan. Reid Wolfe sees women as playthings, and most are happy to be arm candy and bed warmers for the handsome billionaire rake. He knows the art of seduction like no other, so surely he can get a Las Vegas showgirl into his bed in record time. He must, because she has information he and his family need to prove their innocence in their father’s murder. And Reid is at his most persuasive between the sheets.
Zinnia Rehnquist, now known as Zara Jones or simply Zee, lives her life under the radar. Chorus line girls are supposed to be invisible. The audience sees the big picture, not a single dancer, and that suits Zee just fine…until Reid Wolfe shows up and turns her life upside down. He needs her to talk—to tell the story of what his father did to her—but she’s finally put that part of her life to bed.
Reid is ready to pull out all the stops to get Zee under the covers and talking, but when new evidence comes to light, the game changes for everyone…and Reid finds he may feel more for the beautiful Zee than he ever meant to.
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Wolfes of Manhattan Series by Helen Hardt

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Helen Hardt



The Lone Wolfe.

Ha! Great pun, huh?

Within less than a month, my three siblings had all met their life mates and gotten married.

Not in the cards for me. I was the Wolfe of Manhattan, always with a new lady on my arm. Now, though, since all my siblings were off the market, I was indeed the Lone Wolfe.

The phone call I got after the wedding was from the NYPD detective on our case, Hank Morgan. Consequently, Rock and the rest of them headed back this morning on the jet.

Again, not in the cards for me.

Someone had to stay here in Las Vegas and deal with our damned luxury hotel and casino. Money is money. Words of wisdom from the bastard who’d fathered me.

Sure, all of us were being investigated for the fucker’s murder, but someone had to take care of business.

That someone was me.

Always me.

I wasn’t CEO of the company, but only I could deal with the contract mess here in Las Vegas. Story of my life. Under-appreciated to the max.

The rest of them were called back to New York for more questioning.

I wasn’t going down for his murder, and neither was anyone else in my family. Not on my watch.

Zinnia—or Zee—seemed to be the key.

I just had to get her to talk.

The Wolfe of Manhattan.

I’d never met a woman I couldn’t seduce.

So I’d seduce her.

And oh, she’d talk.



My mother was the typical Long Island “stage mom.” She’d decided as soon as I crawled out of her womb that I was going to be in show business. I spent my formative years being dragged to audition after audition. What little time left was devoted to ballet, tap, and acting classes.

I was good at the dance part. I always got top roles in all the recitals. The acting part? Not so much. I got a commercial here and there, probably based solely on the fact that I was a really cute kid. The big break my mother hoped for never came.

Then puberty hit. I grew to five feet ten inches seemingly overnight, which ended any dance aspirations as well. My mother’s answer?

Modeling, of course. I was thin, well-built, a natural blonde, and free of an awkward stage, so she enrolled me in classes. Yeah, we really did walk with books on our heads. I also learned how to create the perfect smoky eye.

You know, things you need in life.

Despite my mother’s persistence, no agent ever signed me, and by the time I turned eighteen, my modeling career—if it ever truly existed—was effectively over.

My mother was more disappointed than I was.

I wasn’t disappointed at all. I was free! Free to pursue what I wanted. I’d been homeschooled by a tutor because of my grueling schedule, so when I was a high school graduate—or the equivalent thereof—I accepted admission to Smith College in Massachusetts. I drove my car—the one luxury my mother allowed me—to college via a stop in the city to do all the touristy things my mom never took the time to show me—sights I’d been promised by my mother after I made it in modeling. Which of course never happened.