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Candy tasted like sugar-coated sin laced in ecstasy.
One look was all I needed to know that one night would never satisfy the obsession coursing through my veins. She could run all she wanted, but I’d find my sweet Candy and when I did, she’d pay for leaving.
I crossed a line with a man I didn’t even know, giving him more than I took and leaving with more than I bargained for. Running was my only option after what I’d done, so I packed up and fled town. I thought I was safe, but I couldn’t outrun the devil.

Formerly Published in the Dark Obsessions Anthology

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Chapter One


Taking my first sip of coffee of the morning settles me while I look over the legitimate deals that cover up my less-than-reputable dealings. I’m heading off to Sin City in an hour to create another profitable and legal venture with Emiliano Martín and his hotels.

So far, everything looks promising, and only one thing could ruin it. As if conjuring David’s name out of my thoughts, I lift my head up from the documents to see my younger brother coming into my office without knocking or an invitation.

“I’ve got us some special entertainment for tonight,” David says, adjusting his suit. His light gray jacket looks completely rumpled, creases visible everywhere. It drives me nuts that he doesn’t take his appearance into consideration. As the head of this organization, my brother’s appearance and conduct reflect poorly on me. It’s one of the reasons he could never be my second.

I look at my new blue-dial Breitling and shake my head. “It’s seven in the fucking morning,” I snarl.

“It’s never too early to plan on getting pussy.” All he can think about is fucking. I want to blow his fucking head off sometimes, but family is family, and I don’t want that on my conscience. There are a lot of sins I’ll pay for when I meet my maker, but my brother’s demise won’t be one of them.

“I don’t want a whore,” I answer, reminding my asshole brother that I’m solely there to talk business with Emiliano Martín, not to get my dick wet by some cheap tail. That’s why the bastard can’t focus for more than five minutes—because he’s always got his hands down his pants. I’m surprised he’s not keeling over with some venereal disease by now.

“Why not? You need to get laid.” He tosses his feet up on my desk and earns a scowl, so he quickly removes them off my expensive wood. Brother or not, I run a tight fucking organization that doesn’t tolerate disrespect from anyone.

Our mother is the only reason I let this asshole still live. God rest her soul. David pushes my buttons on a daily basis like he’s asking me to take him out. Thankfully, my men see him for what he is: a pain-in-the-ass brother.

“Mind your business, David.” My parents should have stopped with me, but what the fuck can I say? They actually loved each other and wanted a family.

David is a fucking pervert and may always be thinking with his dick, but I’m quick to drop a motherfucker. Murder and money are always on my mind. It makes me second guess having a family which isn’t a problem because I haven’t found a woman I want to rule by my side.

“Calm down, Sebastian. They’re only escorts. You don’t have to fuck them. They’re simply for arm candy—and if you want them to drop to their knees, they’ll do that too.” He wags his brows and pumps his hand over his lap like he’s guiding a woman’s head for a blow job. I scowl at him and slowly shake my head in pure aggravation. “Listen to me. These rich men expect us to have nice pieces of meat with us. Trust me. You don’t have to get your dick wet. I’ll take them both when we’re done with the meeting.”

I don’t listen to him because I have more important shit to do. There is a business deal I want. “Let’s go. We don’t have time for games.” I stand and unroll my sleeves, buttoning the cuffs before sliding on my suit jacket. Without giving him a moment to add any bullshit monologue, I leave my office. The prick is only going to delay our trip to Vegas.

“Wait for me, Bast…ian.” I spin on my heel and snarl as I stalk toward him, eating up the steps between us. He throws his hands up, trying to get me to relax. “Bro, you need to lighten up.” That makes me see red.

I’m in his face with just an inch separating us. “You need to remember that you’re speaking to your boss as well.” I’m two inches taller and at least thirty pounds heavier with all muscle, so I easily pin him to the wall, anger getting the better of me.

“We’re still at the house,” he chokes out, sputtering for air.

“Don’t push me, David. I’m not in the mood for your shit.” I release my grip on his throat with a hard push off, wanting to gut check him, but I don’t. Instead, I fix my suit again, and make my way through the house.

David knows that I’m already on edge and taking him with me is only going to make it worse, but it’s better than leaving him here and trusting him to his own devices. The man has a habit of getting himself into a bit of trouble. I’d hate to see my empire fall apart because this fucker started a war with the wrong people when I wasn’t around to clean up the mess—again.